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  1. The Crawford Automobile Museum in Cleveland has this one;
  2. I agree with above. Like TexasJohn55 I start with farthest from the mc and work my way forward. Have SO pump and hold, open bleeder and bleed into a hose submerged in brake fluid so you can see air bubbles easier. While holding pedal down close bleeder and repeat until no air bubbles are seen. Move on to next wheel. Make sure mc never runs out of fluid or you will need to repeat everything all over.
  3. You are correct they did make some concessions.
  4. I think it is long over due. I had stock in General Motors Corporation and when they went bankrupt the government got it's money back, the workers kept their wages and pensions, management got bonuses and small stockholders like myself didn't receive so much as an old used sparkplug. I for one will not buy any GM product made after 2009 and believe they should have change the logo when they changed their name. "In 2009, GM had renamed itself as General Motors Company, creating its former appellation: General Motors Corporation."
  5. I hope tubes are better now, but I've had the same issue as mentioned above. Tubes I bought from a big name in the old car business steadily lose air. Offset stem might be a different story however as I would be afraid if the stem was rubbing against the wheel with pressure it might sever. I'd discuss them with the installer as only he really knows how it looked when he installed them.
  6. Hi Jakes, I finally got around to digging out the two cups I have. Not off of a coupe, but most likely a 1938 model 41. Pretty sure they are all the same and no matter which one you want comes with original rust. One is a little rustier. I also have a lock with key if you are interested. I will provide more pictures of both or of whichever one you are interested in if you would like. Carl
  7. I'm the third owner of my 1937, I have owned it since 1975 and it has never been restored. It was built in May and doesn't have the outer holes in the bumper. Pardon the quality of the pictures, but I just ran out to the garage and wasn't going to pull the car out. If you look at the centerfold of the Bugle from the 2012 Concord meet you will see a better picture of the front bumper. Perhaps it was a different bumper manufacturer or more than likely a running change (cheaper to put two more holes in the bumper than weld on two brackets).
  8. Welcome to the forum. The more information you can give the better people can help you. Pictures, does it run, condition of interior, paint, chrome etc. If you're looking for offers, location.
  9. Mr Earl you snooze you lose you should have hooked up the trailer and gone down with some money in hand.
  10. Here's my car nicely accessorized. Sorry but it's aligned properly on my computer, but I can't rotate it here.
  11. Try the ACD Museum in Auburn?
  12. For the money that Century sounds great! Fortunately for me I'm using distance as an excuse to not get excited about it.
  13. Not sure where I copied this from, but somewhere somebody had published this on how to remove the vacuum wiper switch. My gratitude to whoever wrote it out. " You have to remove the switch from the dash, no way around it, to clean and seal it up again. The shorter tube on the unit goes to the vacuum source, the longer one to the pump. First, undo the headlight switch from the dash, and it will set to the side without removing any wiring. It will lay off to the side, just enough. To remove the wiper/washer control, disconnect the cable at the wiper motor, and feed it b
  14. I don't know anything about the "online sharing" but the 1937-1938 buick Club which went defunct in about 2002 had a great magazine and can be found here. http://www.1937and1938buicks.com/The-Torque-Tube/The-Torque-Tube.htm Might make for some good reading for you this winter.
  15. I missed the earlier discussion and see that you are correct. Seems cars over 20 years of age don't have Ct titles. My bad.
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