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  1. Are you interested in selling your rim spreader? I'm interested in buying a smaller one if the price isn't to dear.
  2. Looks like a great car to start with.
  3. You might want to provide a link. I just searched Ebay motors for a Cord Westchester including description and didn't find it.
  4. Hi Karl, If I recorded the info correctly I interpret it as; Style 37-4933 Series 90L Trunk Back (fenderwells) Trim 334 Grey Broadcloth Paint 504 Sudan Blue Carl
  5. Brad you better be careful even entertaining thoughts like that. I don't think that car is going to be on the market for a long, long time if ever.
  6. As you've heard Dave is your best bet. Good luck.
  7. If you do a search for Dave Tacheny on this forum you will find his phone number. He would be the best source for your parts. Btw, the parts are sometimes different depending on body style so you might want to add that to your posts.
  8. This post is three years old. You would be better off posting in the Buick section farther down in the parts wanted section. what do you need?
  9. Technically they only interchange with other 1938 Century's.
  10. They don't care about cost or ease of repair only initial cost. Dealer only parts are just extra gravy.
  11. I've purchased items from Brillman in the past and been very happy with my purchases. Your second link it states it's electronic and if I wanted to go that route I wouldn't hesitate to purchase it if I didn't mind the looks. First one I would call first to confirm if it's mechanical or electronic though. Carl
  12. Okay I'll take your word for it, just surprised they didn't mention it in their description. I know Mac's sells a cut-out diode kit for positive ground cars for $5. https://www.macsautoparts.com/ford_model_a/model-a-ford-generator-cut-out-diode-kit-for-converting-old-style-cut-out-to-solid-state-positive-ground.html
  13. Are you sure this doesn't have points? The description doesn't say anything about it having a diode in it.
  14. If you go to the 1936-1938 Club website they have become custodians of the old 1937-1938 newsletters and an index. You can find a few articles and descriptions there. I've never felt the need to do this with my 1937. I believe this is what the finished product is supposed to look like;