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  1. Not mine. https://www.ebay.com/itm/1937-Buick-Grille-Headlights-With-Radiator-Frame/224011968992?hash=item34282761e0:g:27IAAOSwzYVevxrx
  2. I hope you get your car and trailer back soon and in good condition. I have shared your FB post, hopefully others will as well and they can catch these POS!
  3. Yes, there are members that live by the museum that live near and in Auburn who also volunteer there. Instead of trying to contact them it seems to me it would be easier to just contact the museum. https://automobilemuseum.org/contact
  4. I think Northfield Forming does the rubber mats. http://www.northfieldltd.com/runningboardmats.html
  5. Not sure how much this will help but this is what it looks like in the accessory book. I would suggest you post on the ACD website now that you are a member, and welcome.
  6. Instead of recycling the magazines I offer them up free to car friends. When they are done picking through them I give them to people in the hospital or nursing home. Sometimes forgetting one at the doctor's or dentist's office. My next step will be to offer them up at cruise ins. I hate to throw them out.
  7. This is very true. A few years ago I helped clean out a stash of old Buick parts. The family wanted rid of the stuff but wanted reasonable prices. We bought the parts we needed at a fair price which we could use or possibly sell. But the problem is few want to pay anything reasonable to "hoard" spare parts anymore. In less they need the part they want the parts for 1960's prices if then. I hated to see it but in the end a 40 yarder was filled with body and mechanical parts from the 30's to the 60's. Sell the parts? Sell them to who? The friend who was with me goes to Hershey every year and brings back many of the parts. His prices are fair and he does sell enough to make a little but not enough that most of us would waste our time and storage space to hoard these parts. He's older and does it because he enjoys it. I'm afraid when something happens to him the same will happen to his hoard. I've tried selling some parts and I've actually had a restorer pay me more than I was asking because my price was to low. I've also tried to deal with hobbyists who are a pain in the *** who are now on a blacklist. When I downsize I may well hope scrap price is higher and do the same as it's not worth dealing with some of the present so called hobbyists and much of my "hoard" obviously isn't worth the time or effort to bother moving it. Not really bitter, realistic. My point is don't blame it all on the hoarders who have stored the parts for 40 or 50 years.
  8. Agreed they might look better, but out of my price range. I'm just happy to have a lowly 4 door sedan.
  9. If you're going to do that why pay extra for a convertible sedan or phaeton? I have a sedan, and that's what I do. Between the windows, cowl vent and not having the sun beat down on my poor bald head it's generally comfortable.
  10. Differences are one of the things that makes the world go round. My 1932 has wood wheels and I like them. On the other hand anybody trying to sell me a convertible sedan or phaeton would have to seriously discount it as raising and lowering a top of that size is more of a pain then I would want to deal with.
  11. This might aid you in your search, but like John said it will probably be a very long search.
  12. I've never even tried using the low range on my 1932. My car will climb Hinckley Hill although about halfway up I have to downshift into second. Admittedly I do try and get a running start but even without a running start I believe my car would climb it. Hinckley Hill was used for hill climbs until around 1910. From an old newspaper article; "The center of attention was Porter Hill, also known as Hinckley Hill, a vertigo-inducing half-mile slope with a grade of nearly 20 percent."
  13. The freewheeling was activated by a short lever on the floor.
  14. Both very nice looking Auburns. They did have cut-outs and had a pull knob on the floor. I'm pretty sure some 31's were sent back to the factory to have two speeds installed. Some also went back to have a kick shack installed also. Another option is putting in the two speed and just leaving it in high range. I've never used the low range in my car. However it would be noticed if you were ever to have the car judged but does that really matter?