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  1. You can try; L&L Antique and Custom Auto Trim 401 North Spruce StreetPierce City, MO 65723Phone: (417) 476-2871 Carl
  2. Not sure how long you have, but the National Motor Museum is at Beaulieu. Quick trip will take a day. https://www.beaulieu.co.uk/attractions/
  3. I think you pretty much would need to change the ring and pinion. Not sure if a 1937-60 will work in a 1939-40.
  4. By that logic an oil change does not include putting the drain plug back in the car. Drain the oil, change the filter and put oil in without the drain plug and you changed the oil and oil filter?
  5. If you are interested you should check out terms etc on the website. Quick glance looks like a 10% buyers premium.
  6. I'm reluctant to speculate on value as it's been many years since I paid attention to prices. I'm sure others will chime in. Agreed I would say it was "restored" years ago. Yes, it has a wood structure that is covered with sheet metal. If I was serious about buying it I would have the car inspected by someone or make arrangements to check it out myself. In my opinion to much money to buy sight unseen. Good luck.
  7. Message Seller Charmaine Sue Go to parrottauctions.com. go to current auctions Hide or report this PARROTTAUCTIONS.COM Parrott Real Estate & Auction - Parrott Real Estate & Auction Company Parrott Real Estate & Auction - Parrott Real Estate & Auction Company Charmaine Sue This car is all original and runs. Beautiful car
  8. I first saw the post on the ACD Club Facebook page. Charmaine Sue 4 hrs forsale Contact Seller 31 Auburn forsale on parrott auction high bid Message Seller Carl
  9. I can't seem to enlarge the pictures, but some observations; front right door handle doesn't have a keyway, running board mat looks worn, ride control lever is up side down, does have the two speed control lever but could have gone to the factory for an update, the shifter lever looks like a 1931, also has an 80# oil pressure gauge, looks like a 1932 draft tube, don't think the steering column should be plated, interior material does not look right, not sure but the speedometer needle doesn't look correct, ac fuel pump, and modern radiator core.
  10. Supposedly runs well according to a post on Facebook.
  11. I don't know anything about this car, but thought I would post it here so you can check it out yourself if you're interested; http://www.parrottauctions.com/auction/357988/luxury-automobile-motorcycle-camper-online-only-auction/#ignite-image-gallery-215591 Supposedly original and runs well.
  12. I've bought hoses and fan belts from Rock Auto and never had a problem and they didn't look that old. Not saying it can't happen, just saying I've never had an issue.
  13. Admittedly they have gone up in price over the years but I prefer the WIX over Fram which are also available. https://www.usafilterstore.com/napa-1121-wix-51121-l-d-oil-filter.html Also readily available at Rock Auto; https://www.rockauto.com/en/catalog/buick,1954,century,5.3l+322cid+v8,1320039,engine,oil+filter,5340 By a dozen at a time and you're good to go for a long time.
  14. I would suggest you post your question on the ACD Club website. I'm sure someone there would know. It looks like they are different depending on the wheel. Carl
  15. Sorry Jack, but same here. I clicked on the link for the BOD 2019-07 teleconfrence call and was sent to a webpage DNSRsearch.com. Carl