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  1. Try calling George at Olcar Bearing. Olcar Bearing Co More Contact info PHONE (910) 693-3324 Call ADDRESS 135 James Creek RdSouthern Pines NC 28387-6833 Business Owner? Take control of your online business listings with Yext
  2. Sorry, I misunderstood your post. Financially it's always best to buy the best car you can afford rather than restore one needing work. Even if you can do the work yourself it's easy to end up with more money in a car than you could have bought a better one for. That being said frequently it is tough starting out with a "nice" car not needing any work.
  3. Are you sure that car can be bought for around 18,000, that's quite a price drop? He has it advertised for $57,500 on the site you provided.
  4. I assume this is the Electra you are referring too; https://www.ebay.com/itm/1959-Buick-Electra-Electra-225-Conv/123769293834?hash=item1cd1398c0a:g:USAAAOSwxelc3CaO&frcectupt=true
  5. Before trying to change things to make it run cooler try and find out why it's running hot. As stated above try and clean the crud from the inside of the block (I've heard some people swear by Evaporust). Not familiar with the later straight eights, but if it has a bypass make sure it is functioning correctly or modify it as frequently it is blamed for older straight eights running hot. Good luck.
  6. I hope your surgery goes well and you look back on this thread not as a criticism but as a possible learning experience. I've been following not because your car is my ideal car or because I'm ready to sell any of my cars, but the time is getting closer to selling even though I still get tempted to buy another. I'm following for my own sake and wish you well in the upcoming surgery and the sale of one of your cherished cars. Carl
  7. Bob I was just amazed you were taking on such a massive project. Carl
  8. I do not have any experience with this company, but it might be another option. https://emblemagic.com/emblem_types.htm
  9. They can generally be found on Ebay. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Oil-Filter-Adapter-Olds-Buick-Pontiac-GMC-49-50-51-52-53-54-55-56-57-58-59/173866414774?fits=Year%3A1956|Make%3ABuick&hash=item287b3ef2b6:g:DugAAOSwKIpWDL-T&frcectupt=true
  10. Matt that was something that confused me as well. You however posted a link to Robert's Rules For Dummies which stated something to the effect you cannot vote not to accept minutes unless you offer a correction which was a surprise to me. Seems to me there were a couple corrections requested that were changed prior to the vote. Then when it came time to vote some members voted against accepting the minutes because they wanted dialogue added to the minutes which isn't so much of a correction as it is an addition. Minutes as a rule generally are not a verbatim conversation of everything that was said at a meeting consequently it wasn't considered a correction and their votes consequently ruled null and void. I'm not agreeing or disagreeing with any of the actions, but that is how I understand it. If I'm wrong hopefully someone will correct me. If the board members want a conversation added to the minutes perhaps if they make a motion to have something added that would be the proper way to include more information or dialogue.
  11. Learn something new every day. I've been using pliers with acceptable results for over 25 years because I didn't know there was a special tool.
  12. I understand how a plain black 54 Special could score higher than a red 54 Roadmaster convertible. However if both are equal in authenticity, condition and workmanship why would the Special score higher? Carl
  13. Morgan I believe the starter switch on the carburetor was first used by Buick in 1939, possibly some 1938's depending on the carburetor. The 1937 used a vacuum starter switch that was in the manifold, connected to the carburetor by a rod and was activated by the accelerator pedal. Carl
  14. Actually that is correct and yet not quite. According to my Delco book a 1932 6 cylinder Franklin Series 15B used a distributor cap number 824987. 824987 is correct for; Auburn 1928-1930 Chrysler 1926 to 30-32 Dodge Truck 1930-34 Franklin 1932 Packard 1927-28 Pierce Arrow 1932-33 Reo 1927-31 As Paul Harvey would say now for the rest of the story. However the covers are different depending on the firing order; Firing order 1-4-2-6-3-5 uses cover 820133 Firing order 1-5-3-6-2-4 uses cover 824728 Carl
  15. The 1937 does not have a vacuum switch on the carburetor. It does have a vacuum switch in the manifold.