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  1. Please see the attached photo of my 1928 Buick top. There appears to be a part missing - i.e, it doesn't look quite right. What are these supposed to look like? What can I do? Any help regarding my situation, greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  2. ok, thanks for the info. I will take one each of the best front and rear you have. If you can determine shipping to Mike Bernal at 16860 Oak Glen Ave Morgan Hill Ca. 95037 I can send you a check for that amount or is there some other way you would prefer payment? You can call me at 408 623 8017 if you prefer. Thanks Mike BCA# 49743
  3. I could use one front and one rear for spares. Are the spokes tight? Hub caps included?
  4. Are any of the wood spoke wheels still available?
  5. The passenger side door is fine. So if I put a shim under the drivers side sill is that going to throw the passenger side off? Thanks for the information.
  6. I checked the hinge pins and they are tight. All of the door hinge screws are tight. Tomorrow I will have to check for loose body bolts.
  7. The drivers side door on my 1928 Standard 4 door is sagging about 3/16 of an inch on the latch side. This has caused the striker to wear significantly. I examined all of the hinge mounts, striker and latch but I did not fine any obvious points for adjustment. Can someone please tell me how to adjust the door.
  8. How do I remove the interior door and window handles from my 1928 Standard 4 door? The prior owner had the cars interior reupholstered but he neglected to have the handles replated. I would hate to mess up the interior while trying to remove the handles
  9. the head lite lenses on my 1928 standard 4 door have the words "glolite " cast into them. The parts book says that they should be part number 209579. Can some one tell me, are "glolite" lenses originals or are they some type of aftermarket replacements. Any info appreciated.
  10. NAPA has a black woven slip on wire covering that is very close to the original material in looks. It is available in various inside diameters.
  11. I bought some clamp on side view mirrors that go on the wind wings, that way you don't have to remove the hing pins. They are the same size as the ones that go on the hinge pins.
  12. Before throwing more $ at this problem you might consider calling the manufacture of you current coil for it's specifications. What type of spark are you getting at the spark plugs? Is it a hot blue spark or something else? I think there was an original coil on ebay a couple of weeks ago. It may still be listed.
  13. They appear very similar to a Smith and Wesson or Peerless hand cuff key. I wonder if one of those would work until you found an original. Hand cuff keys are like fifty cents at a uniform shop. If you have a police officer acquaintance ask to borrow his/her hand cuff key for comparison.
  14. As it was explained to me a long time age " oil is relatively cheap, engines are not", change it early and change it often. All those small pieces of metal and grit you could not clean out of the engine when you rebuilt it are floating around in that oil. Drain it out and get rid of them.
  15. Does any one out there have a starting crank for a 1928 Standard that they would be willing to part with for a fee?