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  1. Although the advertising literature says the car will go 65 or 70 mph that does not mean you should drive it that fast. The car is almost 100 years old. It is long past it's "best if used by date." It has mechanical brakes. and wood spoke wheels. Remember you have to get it to stop and sometimes that may be in an emergency situation.
  2. I doubt that you have 10 foot pounds, more likely you have 10 inches of mercury or 10 inches of vacuum. Vacuum is read in inches of mercury not psi. When the engine is running it should develop around 18 inches possible somewhat less depending on how worn it is.
  3. I applaud your decision to return the car to original condition. There are more than enough street rods out there already. This is the place to find the parts and expertise you need to build this into a beautiful car.
  4. Bobs Automobelia 3352 El Pomar rd. Templeton California 805 434 2963 has many of the parts for the older Buicks. He was able to help me with my 1928 Standard and had many of the parts not listed in his catalog.
  5. You might try Rand Broadstreet at Vintage Carburetors Ltd 440 786 8141. He was able to help me with the Marvel on my 1928 standard Buick and it was in bad condition, missing parts ect.
  6. I think there is an original canister and fittings for sale on ebay. You might check it out.
  7. I am missing one of the clips that hold the headlie lense in on my 1928 Standard Buick. Does anyone have a clip they would be willing to part with for a fee?
  8. One of the previous owners of my 1928 Standard Buick installed Glolight lenses instead of the original Tiltray lenses in the headlites of my car. I have found the correct lenses but what holds the lense into the headlight rim. The Glolight lenses were retained in the rims with two large 'W' shaped spring wire retainers. Are those correct for the Guide lenses? Any info. appreciated.
  9. This is a "mechanical" temperature gauge. They do not require any electrical power input. They work on the expansion or contraction of a gas or fluid in the tube linking the sender bulb with the gauge dial. There are several people restoring these gauges. You might try Williamsons Inc 479 369 2551, John Wolf 440 942 0083 or The Temperature Gauge Guy 802 862 6374
  10. You might try Carbking at 573 392 7378. He was able to help me on my 28 standard Marvel
  11. You might try running a drill bit into it to get the dried grease out. Then squirt some WD40 into the cavity and let it work to soften up the remaining dried grease . It might have to sit for several days and you may have to squirt WD40 into it several times. Replace the zerk fitting and pump some grease into it and it should break free,
  12. There was one of the generators on ebay last week. I did not check to see if it was still available.
  13. It would be helpful to know what year and model of car you are working on. More than likely your switch is out of adjustment. While working around your switch you may have moved it just enough to get it out of proper alignment.
  14. Bobs online catalog shows they have he complete gearset. It looks like you have to buy the set as they don't seem to list the parts separately The originals are prone to fracture as they are made of pot metal..
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