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  1. You might try Carbking at 573 392 7378. He was able to help me on my 28 standard Marvel
  2. You might try running a drill bit into it to get the dried grease out. Then squirt some WD40 into the cavity and let it work to soften up the remaining dried grease . It might have to sit for several days and you may have to squirt WD40 into it several times. Replace the zerk fitting and pump some grease into it and it should break free,
  3. There was one of the generators on ebay last week. I did not check to see if it was still available.
  4. It would be helpful to know what year and model of car you are working on. More than likely your switch is out of adjustment. While working around your switch you may have moved it just enough to get it out of proper alignment.
  5. Bobs online catalog shows they have he complete gearset. It looks like you have to buy the set as they don't seem to list the parts separately The originals are prone to fracture as they are made of pot metal..
  6. I have a pit which was ok when I was 25 but now at 75 it is not so much fun anymore. I sure wish I had a lift
  7. Hello Battaglia, can you help us with more information? Accelerators may have been mounted on wood floor boards in several different ways depending on the year and model of car. Information as to the specific year and model you are working on would be helpful.
  8. That's a great looking face plate on your Gauge. Thanks for shearing.
  9. michealbernal


    There were a couple of them on ebay recently. I don't know if they are still listed. You might check there
  10. Steele used to have a service where they would reproduce an item if you sent them an original. It was a costly service and they may have discontinued doing it but you might consider taking to them about the possibility. If you need it there must be at least a few others out there who could use some. A larger order might help keep costs somewhat lower.
  11. You have a good looking original filter there. It is not all dented and rusted out the way many originals are. It still has its end support stud which has not broken loose. I would paint it and get an original decal and apply it. Then follow Mark Shaws advice and install a common filter for driving and install the really nice original filter for judging at shows.
  12. Mark, you might check with Donald Axelrod,35 Timson St Lynn Ma., 781 598 0523. He deals in early headlights. He was able to provide parts for my 1928 headlights.
  13. Maybe your temperature gauge is not working or your new thermostat is stuck open. Even though it is new sometimes they fail. You could approach this either of two ways. Get one of those inferred digital 'point and shoot' thermometers at the local auto supply. This will tell you the exterior temperature of your engine/radiator or what ever you point it at. Or, pull the temperature sensor out of your engine and immerse it in water of a known temperature to see if you get a reading on your gauge.
  14. Great upholstery for an almost 100 year old car.
  15. Beautiful car, thanks for sharing
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