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  1. What I find really interesting is to be able to see how the various technologies evolved/developed over time. Look at how the speedo drive developed from chain to cable to electronic.
  2. 17 in to 21 in Hg at sea level is normal vacuum. It also going to depend on whether you are using the vacuum fuel system. That will cause it to fluctuate some. If you go to Greg's Engine and Machine web site they have a detailed article on what the various vacuum readings are telling you about your engines performance
  3. Coolant may be leaking into the oil thru the same type of pin holes in the block casting that were causing your exhaust issues. Since this is a non pressurized cooling system I would try one of the ceramic block sealers that you add to the coolant. You can find ceramic sealers at the auto parts store. Also I am not sure if your engine block does or does not have core plugs in the oil galley. You might consider that a core plug in a oil galley may have rusted out and need to be replaced. Also you may consider "bumping" your posting to the top of the forem every four of five days unt
  4. I wonder if the valve lifters may have seized in their boars. Prior to going any deeper into this I would make sure the lifters are free.
  5. What a piece of history. It looks really good for almost 100 years old. You are to be commended for preserving it.
  6. I have bought a fair number of parts from Bobs for my 1928 Buick Standard. It has been my experience with Bobs that it all depends on who you get for a sales person. If it's the older gentleman he has always gone out of his way to be very helpful. If you get one of the younger sales people it's a crap shoot and sometimes they act as they are doing you a favor by answering the telephone.
  7. I would just replace the spin on filter with a new one, install it correctly, start the car with out the canister in place and see what happens. I would let the car run until it gets good and warm to make sure it is not leaking prior to putting the cover back on.
  8. It was some time ago that I changed mine out but as I recall I used my original top and Bobs internals, the of278a
  9. I got tired of trying to stop the one on my 1928 Standard from leaking and replaced it with one of the spin on filters that goes inside the original cannister. I got if from Bobs Automobilia. It works great, has never leaked a drop, replacement elements are readily available,it is easy to change and appears original.
  10. Hi Crazyfamily, there is one on ebay but the add does not state what year ir fits. You might check it out
  11. Thanks Brian, I downloaded the info and took it to him. Thanks again, Mike
  12. Thanks Mark, all it needs is the plastic insulators/rollers on the brush arms Is someone out there reproducing them
  13. My friend has a 1925 Master and needs some parts for his starter/generator unit. Is the a source of parts for these units. Any info appreciated. Thanks
  14. Looks like someone did a decent job of welding the broken cylinder head. It dosen't appear to have been leaking. I would be tempted to leave it alone.
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