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  1. Great Larry, that's perfect! Thank You!
  2. My 24-45 is missing this banjo fitting. Looks like it's 11/16 ID, 3/8 (?) thick, hole for 3/8 OD fuel line to be soldered in. Anyone have a spare they could part with, or a source for a new one in brass or bronze, that I could weather and make look old?
  3. My switch was created from parts by me, and I used a spare 27 back plate instead of the worn 24 one. Gauges complete! Now after this thread, nope! I never considered the difference to be an issue, and certainly never thought what Glenn suggested would happen. So glad this thread came along before I got to the point of starting my car! Looks like I have more work to do, cleaning and reinstalling the 24 back plate. Thanks to Hugh and Glenn!
  4. Thanks for the reply and information, Jon! Go get those fish, before THEY retire! (but make up some Marvel kits before you do)☺️
  5. What comes in a kit that has that long of a lead time?
  6. On a car with a wood framed body especially, with an engine that loves to leak oil, and using lube juice, on the fuel side of the engine, I would avoid any use of a torch.
  7. And Tootsie Toys... The touring car is an example of what happens when you drive around with loose axle hubs on their tapers! And Lubrication wall chart for 1927 120" and 128" Wheelbase.
  8. Buick playing cards, double deck and holder. You know...for picnics! No idea of age.
  9. And in other non paper ad "stuff" Buick watch, unknown age or origin. Daily Reminder, with 1927 calendar.
  10. Aside from paper advertising, here is a chalk board and cork board. About 3 feet long x 1 foot wide. I have no idea of the age or origin.
  11. I liked these, just because of the great colors. I think they are 1926 model cars.
  12. 1924 Model 45 Six Cylinder 5 Passenger Touring
  13. 1927 Buick Touring...Now, other people, experts if you will, who know far more than I, have said that by this time, the ad for the Buick Touring was a compilation of features from more than one model. It was my understanding that the Standard Six Sport Touring, which I own, was in the color scheme shown. But, the car in pictured is clearly a Master model, with nickled headlights, but should have a brown upper body. So there is the combination for the ad, and I agree with the experts.
  14. My apologies for the pictures below. I wanted to share more of my ad collection, but they are framed and hanging in my modest "Buick Foyer" entryway of my house, and trying to get a good non reflective picture of them without me staring back at you is nearly impossible. I took them mostly at an angle that would minimize the reflection, so think of it as a walk through instead of scanned pictures that could be shared. 1927 54CC Convertible Coupe And here is a painting my late Grandmother did of her son in laws Buick (then my Dad's, now owned by me)