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  1. Those are two different looking valves for sure. If a modern valve could be found that looked the same, or similar enough, it could be painted black to hide the modern finish.
  2. 27donb


    Dealing with mice infestation problems, I would suggest enticing them to other areas, away from the car. Fresh peanut butter on a snap trap, placed under the car or in a shadow, in a corner, is hard to resist. Check traps often, even daily, and keep the peanut butter fresh. Cover all tailpipes so they don't nest in the muffler or worse, closer to the cylinder head. My garage storage is tight and modern, with stand up attic storage above, and I still trap over a dozen mice over the winter months. Snap traps allow the poor little souls to be recycled back into nature, tossed by a tree at the edge of the property, as a meal for a fox or owl, complete with peanut butter aftertaste!
  3. 27donb

    1928 Buick spark control question

    Never found it necessary to retard spark for starting. And I do not possess the strength to hand crank the Buick 6 to try and start it that way.
  4. 27donb

    WTB Gas Gauge for 1924 Buick 6 cylinder

    I am currently sticking the tanks in 2 of 3 Buicks, but I still would like to put a gauge in the empty gauge hole.
  5. 27donb

    WTB Gas Gauge for 1924 Buick 6 cylinder

    Thank you Larry, your Standard gauge came out perfect.
  6. Looking for a gas gauge for my 24-45, mine is missing.
  7. 27donb


    Sounds great! It seems to me that if you are doing initial running, and breaking in the cam, it would be benefitial to supply the carb using gravity feed from a gas can. That way it might help rule out a carb issue, while allowing the engine to run and warm up without going lean and stalling. After the engine is run in, sort out the vacuum tank issue, if that's indeed what the problem is.
  8. 27donb


    Great progress, need more pictures!
  9. 1928. I believe 1928 was the first year for an adjustable front seat also. The other big differences that I can remember is that 1924 ro 1927 had very similar fenders, Dash, headlights and parking lights. 1923 and 1928 were different styles. 1924 was the last year of the four-cylinder engine. It was also the first year for four wheel brakes. 1925 was the first year of the master 6 series. 1926 gave you a headlight dimmer switch on the steering column near the horn button, and lowered the headlight crossbar to attach between the headlight brackets instead of the headlight bodies, which meant left and right headlights were now the same instead of having to be specified left and right. Also the starter generator was replaced with a separate starter and a separate generator. And it was 1926 or maybe 1927 when the speedometer and light switch on the dash swapped places, once they realized that you didn't need the light switch close to the driver anymore because you could dim the headlights from the steering wheel, so they put the speedometer more in front of the driver instead of way over to the right. 1927 got you a one piece windshield instead of a split windshield for open cars.
  10. 27donb

    1928 standard model 27 fuel gauge

    Is the fuel gauge on the tank, or is it a gauge on the dash? Either way, as previously mentioned, it may be the float has sunk.
  11. 27donb

    1925 Fuel tank and screen

    Sorry for the delay, I almost forgot to do this today. I think I may have trimmed off some of the screen already to get it to the right length, it was awhile ago and I don't remember. I know that somewhere I have the overall length of the tube, fitting and screen written down, but I have to find it so I can position it properly before soldering. The outside diameter is about 3/8".
  12. 27donb

    1925 Fuel tank and screen

    I bought a Volkswagen one, but haven't soldered it on yet. https://www.wolfsburgwest.com/cart/DetailsList.cfm?ID=111209147A
  13. 27donb

    1925 Buick Standard Marvel Carburetor replacement

    Hugh, I have updraft Carter BB-1'on my 27's. I recently took one apart thinking I had a carb problem (turns out it was a bad coil) and found it interesting that there are no rubber parts, just some fiber washers and a paper bowl cover gasket. Brass accelerator pump! My 27-54CC sat for over 20 years, and was started and ran another 25 years before I took the carb apart as described above, only to find there were no carb issues. It is mounted on a later riser with an adapter with riser butterfly valve removed, and carb heat blocked off. You could also fabricate a simple pipe riser with 2 flanges, like on my 24. Obviously you are giving up some originality but the drivability benefits outweigh that in my opinion. The downside is there is some linkage modification required, and the intake horn is angled, making fitting any kind of air cleaner a challenge.
  14. 27donb

    Who has had a Trans/Shifter Lock Key made?

    With pot metal levers and switch body, the ignition lighting switch is commonly swapped out for one that has survived better and may not have seized or broken levers. Yet. The same holds true for speedometer, which is why there are a lot of pictures on the net of cars with mis matched gauge faces, or even modified dashes with different gauge and switches installed. It's more likely that cars have their original transmissions and shifter lock.