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  1. Do you have a catalog and price sheet? Nice work Hugh!
  2. Thank you for the clarification. I understand what you mean, like a spring wave washer, the plate itself has high and low spots. Those pages from a 1929 shop manual show what appears to be the same basic clutch as my 27. To me, the plates all look flat, no wave. My 27 clutch has all flat plates as well. I could be wrong on your application. It just seems that if some of the plates did have high and low spots by design, those spots would overheat and blue due to the concentrated friction on such a small area. I think all the plates, are flat.
  3. I'm confused as to what "radial waves" in a driving disk refers to. Is that term from a manual? I thought multi disk Buick clutches had driven disks and friction disks. What are radial waves?
  4. I thought these caps were one piece castings. I suspect the threads stripped out of your cap and someone turned a threaded ring and as you said, glued it in. 1928 might be a one year only cap. I know 1927 caps are different and one year only. Here is one with cracks on ebay, so you can see what you would get if you bought another one. The listing is wrong as I don't think they had goddess caps in 1926, and 27 was different. Goddess caps came out for sport models or master models with dash engine temp gauges (motometer not needed) : https://www.ebay.com/itm/224515274217?chn=ps&norover=1&mkevt=1&mkrid=&mkcid=2&itemid=224515274217&targetid=1403035015427&device=m&mktype=pla&googleloc=9001651&poi=&campaignid=14357537471&mkgroupid=126242665837&rlsatarget=pla-1403035015427&abcId=9300642&merchantid=8530694&gclid=EAIaIQobChMIr-X5p6fX8gIVBKjICh23eQa4EAQYASABEgK4tvD_BwE Sometimes you can find reproductions, but they can be expensive too. Or, you could see if you could have it recast, but with machining and plating, again, expensive. If you can clean the mating surfaces, maybe it could be glued again. I'm not sure of the best epoxy to use, maybe someone else does.
  5. Cernak Buick closed last year after 80 years in business. Great people all around. This car was in their showroom, excerpt from an online article is below: "Jennifer Cernak says there’s an intriguing story behind the 1922 Buick, model 22 37, parked in the showroom of the dealership her grandfather, Samuel, opened on Route 10 in Easthampton in 1940. It turns out the car was a trade-in, a key piece in a deal the elder Cernak clinched in 1962. “It wasn’t worth a lot of money, but my grandfather really wanted the antique, so he took it in trade,” she explained, adding that it’s been front and center, in one respect or another, ever since. It’s been driven in various parades over the years, for example, and it’s been put on display at several classic-car shows across the region. But while it still runs fine, it hasn’t been out of the showroom much lately, Cernak told BusinessWest, because it doesn’t easily negotiate the ramp used to bring vehicles in and out of that room." Full article: https://businesswest.com/blog/auto-industry-poised-for-another-solid-year-of-sales/ Pictures found on google:
  6. Did he tell you what the clutch problem was, and what he did to fix it?
  7. Modern master cylinders need to be bled on the bench before installation, are 1940 master cylinders similar?
  8. Looks like the plug that goes under the distributer. It covers the adjustment bolt that is loosened to set the ignition timing.
  9. Ok, now THAT I would have a fear of. "ok the transmission's all set, but the customer said his spare tire carrier wasn't bent when he came in"
  10. Laws in different states vary I'm sure, but I was told when a car is completely restored and refurbished, it is acceptable for a restoration shop to set the speedometer to zero again, because the car is essentially new again.
  11. Great (mileage) moment to capture! Happy Anniversary! ☺️
  12. 1928 may be different, but for 1927 the top of the gauges has a shroud to direct the dash Guage lighting, and at the bottom there are just simple brackets to hold the gauges in place. Again for 1927, the starter pedal return springs on my cars in the housing on top of the transmission was rusted and broken, so I replaced the original spring with a stainless steel spring from McMaster Carr to prevent a repeat failure, since the spring does not show.
  13. It's very inspiring to see progress being made. Beautiful outside pictures Hugh!
  14. We're the Buick engineers trying to regulate flow with those different vane designs, as in too much flow and the coolant doesn't have time to remove the engine heat, and too little flow and the engine runs hot?
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