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  1. I've done 1 local shop, and 2 kits. Local shop is difficult when the car isn't running or registered and there is no trailer available.
  2. Try Waldron Exhaust http://waldronexhaust.com/cart/index.php?main_page=index&cPath=61_31_98
  3. Beautiful work Gary! Your car is so awesome, I did not want to criticize, but I'm glad you moved the cut off master switch and hid it. The engine compartment seemed perfect and the switch detracted from it, in my opinion. And as you said, popping the hood to flip the switch every time can be a drag. I added a similar electric pump to my garden tractor because in the winter when I use it to clear snow after sitting for weeks at a time, the carb was dry. I found that fuel would not flow freely through the pump, but I didn't try to push it through the original vacuum p
  4. A volt meter, directly on the battery, can reveal a lot. Battery voltage before starting, at idle, at high idle, with lights on, and compare to what the dash gauge indicates.
  5. I'm not familiar with your vintage of Buick, I see one line on either side of zero, I assume with a generator max on the gauge is 20 amps in either direction? My 27 generator is always putting out something even at low idle, but due to the ignition and electric fuel pump, it can be a discharge of a few amps. At fast idle or over the road with a hot generator, I'm charging about 9 amps. Cold generator, over 15 amps. Under any condition, my amp gauge is never maxed out either charge or discharge. It looks like your gauge is close to pinned o
  6. Yes, fill to edge of filler hole.
  7. I'm happy the simplest solution was successful!
  8. First of all, I sincerely wish the best of luck to the simplest and easiest solution to remedy the stuck clutch. That being said, those methods did not work for my 27 clutch when it stuck. The clutch on my 24 is somewhat "out it the open" and can be accessed somewhat through the access cover. I can see the possibility of playing with the clutch plates and trying to loosen them up in the car. By 1927, Buick had improved the clutch design to be stronger, and enclosed the clutch plates inside the flywheel. No such access is possible when assembled. I don't k
  9. Yes I have searched ebay also, and the ones on there are buy it now, but not really selling, you know what I mean? In other words, if that was a good price, someone would have purchased it. It just sits there, with that buy it now price, with seemingly no one willing to pay it. I like auctions, that determines a more accurate market price, it shows what people are willing to pay, today. I'll probably hold unto them and put them on this winter at auction and see what they go for. Thanks to all that replied!
  10. These are NOS, but likely not unique enough for a collection. I have a box full. Going to the scrap yard tomorrow, they may end up there.
  11. So helpful, as always. A simple "throw them away" might be more helpful, if that's a more educated opinion than mine. I just don't know.
  12. I'm not the best searcher, or researcher, so does anyone know what these fit, or have a good resource I could use to find out what they fit? Globe full spark plug 27-18mm
  13. Terry, can you elaborate? My 24-45 horn tag is barely readable...
  14. UPDATE: Roger McGinnis has delivered a new water tube to me for my 24-45, which he fabricated from scratch, in copper. It looks exactly as the original pattern lent to me and Roger by a friend. The work is excellent, and I appreciate all his time and effort and skill in producing this part, that I could not make, for my car. It dropped down onto the cylinder head studs perfectly. Next stop, plating! (as time and funds allow)
  15. Still looks tight there... Did you have to swing the block around the column box? If I tried to swing my engine to the side, I would run into something for sure.
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