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  1. I need two of these thumb screws to hold my top down if anyone has a couple they can part with. I need them for my 1922 Buick model 45 6-cyl.
  2. I found this chart somewhere that I use a lot. I'm currently running Blue Crown 75-com plugs.
  3. The ID plate attached on the frame above the gas tank is correct for 1922. Here is a picture of my 1922 model 45 when I found it
  4. On my 22, the bottom lip fits over the cowl aluminum lip on the outside so it can only tilt bottom out otherwise it becomes a funnel for rain.
  5. I installed mine on the bottom glass with lip on the inside so I could tilt the bottom out if I wanted and/or the top could be tilted out also. If you put the lip on the outside, then the bottom glass becomes only stationery unless you tilt the top glass inward. That doesn’t seem right to me.
  6. I changed my bearing to permanently greased type and don’t have to worry about them getting lube any longer
  7. Brian, Check my brakes here and didn't see any cracks.
  8. I think I read in the Dykes manual that at 15 MPH, you should expect to stop in 20 feet. That's a long way at only 15 MPH
  9. That is some very nice work. Thanks for sharing.
  10. OK thanks I'll check that point out. I owe you a beer Ha Ha
  11. Brian, Is this the part you are talking about? I didn’t see any cracks.
  12. They seemed OK but I’ll check them over again. Thanks
  13. I used hylomar blue except in the corners of the front seal. It’s the best thing I have ever used. I will never use anything else again. Stays flexible so cleanup if I ever do this again will be very easy.
  14. I finished installing a new oil pan gasket and re-installed the oil pan. Appears to have no leaks, finally.
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