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  1. When I was in the Navy and our aircraft carrier was in dry-dock, I asked the guys painting the hull what they used to combat/prevent rust. They told me they used Ospho to treat the metal first then painted it. The phosphoric acid in it changes the rust (iron oxide) to iron phosphate and paint sticks to it very well. So in 1979 I was painting my 39 Chevy which had some large paint/ rust blisters about the size of saucers on the roof and trunk. I wire brushed the rust and painted it with ospho. The next day I did that all over again. It turned the rust a black color with some white powdery residue. I brushed the powder off, lightly sanded the area and primed and painted it. To this day not one of those blistered areas as bubbled or cracked. I swear by Ospho.
  2. I purchased 4 Lucas tires and tubes. They seemed quite nice. I purchased everything I needed including the brass stems.
  3. Ratfink255, I used a rim tool also to pull the rim in and make it smaller. It was relatively easy with that tool.
  4. There is a little bit of surface rust in this tank but I think it looks very good for its age.
  5. Tonight I removed the fuel tank. I need to get it to my radiator shop where they are going to clean it and check it out for me. I was quite surprised how clean it looked. I hosed the dust off and it looked great. It looks pretty good inside too. I don’t see any rust inside at all.
  6. Hugh, I looked in both parts books I have and there are no pictures of this part. The only thing I found was the drawing in Dyck's unfortunately. I'll give Jason at AER a try. Thanks, Mark
  7. MISSING DISTRIBUTOR PART Somehow in the process of taking apart the Distributor portion of my starter-generator, I have lost a piece. I assume it was buried in the tons of petrified grease I removed from the inside and was accidently overlooked in the mess. I can't believe it could have happened but it did. The part I am missing is called the advance yoke stop, Buick part number 26038 and it is used in 21-22 6 cyl models. I hoping someone has a carcass that they would sell or one that has this part inside that they would sell. Any suggestions welcome!
  8. I have a 1922 model 45 touring car that had one broken clip on the distributor like those show below. I ordered one from Tom Vanmeeteren at He sells vintage Buick ignition parts. Very nice gentleman, try him.
  9. Today I bolted the distributor case onto the starter generator and assembled it. It all went together relatively easy. During assembly I lubed everything with grease. I left the points and cap off for now since I’m still waiting for one of the distributor clips to show up because of mine was broken.
  10. I decided to tackle this oil pan drain issue today on this rainy day off work. So you can see the brass plug that I removed and the first thing I noticed was there was no good place to try to insert an o ring. Since the oil pan is already on the car I was afraid to break out the valve grinding compound for fear it might make its way into the oil pan. So tried the sand paper option. I cleaned the plug if all oil and grease and then used spray glue to glue a piece of 400 grit sandpaper on it such that were no overlaps. I pushed it into the drain and kept rotating the tapered plug by hand. After a while of rotating, I removed the plug and cleaned everything the best I could. I reassembled the drain and was pleasantly surprised. So far it has been about 6 hours and not a drop has leaked onto the floor. Hopefully the problem is finally solved.
  11. I don't know much about this subject but the radiator company that did my 22 radiator also does fuel tanks. They told me the POR product (which I thought I was going to use) eventually cracks because it is a very hard coating and thin and then it's hard to get it all out when you try to clean out the mess. They also told me that they put a rubberized coating in all of the modern and commercial tanks they work on. Has anyone heard of that? I guess there are a lot of ideas on this subject and makes you wonder what the right answer is. Likely more than one answer that works????
  12. Yes I had the pan professionally cleaned and repaired and I cleaned the brass/bronze plug. It is tapered and feels like it fits well but leaks a good bit. I may have to try the O ring approach or just take it off and make my own fix for it. I have rotated it all directions to see if that makes a difference, no better in any position. I'll stretch the spring but it does feel like there is some spring in it's step still.
  13. Does anyone have an idea on how I can stop this oil pan drain from leaking. It leaks with a steady drip. If I can’t stop the leak I will have to design my own. thanks, Mark