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  1. Mark Kikta

    1922 Rocker arm shaft

    Can anyone tell me how to remove these rocker arm shafts? It looks like the ends can be removed to access the rockers themselves but I don't want to break anything. They look like they just unscrew?
  2. Mark Kikta

    1922 fuel guage face plate

    You are right, Meyers Early Dodge does have nice gage dial faces
  3. Mark Kikta

    1922 fuel guage face plate

    Terry, My gage actually works like its brand new, very easy and smooth. It looks like the dial would press off and the face will come off by bending two little tabs. The cork gaskets are easy but remaking the face might be a good bit more difficult. If I can find the right face then I can have one made.
  4. Mark Kikta

    1922 fuel guage face plate

    Here are some pictures of the fuel gage from my 22-45. The gage works smooth and the cork still looks great. Wish the gage face was in better shape.
  5. Mark Kikta

    1922 fuel guage face plate

    My 22-45 has a guage on the tank operated by a cork and rotating gears
  6. Mark Kikta

    1922 fuel guage face plate

    I checked out my gas tank and gas guage yesterday. Gas tank looks like new underneath and looks very clean inside with the exception of some flaking paint. No sludge at all. The gas guage works great too but the face plate is very difficult to read. Anyone have a picture of what the 21/22 guage faceplate is supposed to look like? Thanks, Mark Kikta
  7. Tinindian, How much do you want for them?
  8. Tinindian, All of mine are style 1 and 3 3/16'' long. I'll buy whatever you can spare. Thank you. Mark
  9. I have all style 1 and they seemed to have not damaged the wheel any but they are all stripped in varying amounts.
  10. I have been unable to locate a supplier for new carriage bolts to hold the Rims/Tires on my 22 Buick wheels. Anyone else located these? Thank you, Mark
  11. Mark Kikta

    Accidently deleted my topic on 1922 Split Rims

    Hugh & Larry, I finally located the engine number of my car. Looks to me like this could be a 21 engine in a 22 car. Did they mix them up near years end? car serial # = 772608 Car model # 22-45 engine serial # = 735691
  12. Mark Kikta

    Accidently deleted my topic on 1922 Split Rims

    I have the turn down style with the round cap nut.
  13. Mark Kikta

    Accidently deleted my topic on 1922 Split Rims

    Hugh, I'm a bit confused on this but where did you say I could find this short style saddle? Thanks, Mark
  14. Mark Kikta

    Accidently deleted my topic on 1922 Split Rims

    Larry and Hugh, Thanks for all of that information. It seems like I'm worrying about details when I have so much BIG stuff to get done. But I am hoping to retire in the next 3 years or so and I want to get all the parts to make the car whole now if I can. Also I feel like the top bows etc are all together and I don't have a great place to store them for now. I think on the car would keep them safely out of the way, but I need something for them to rest on. My plan since the front fenders are already off, is to get the old gal mobile (New tires) and then take that water pump off before I do anything else with the motor. I looked in the gas tank which looks like new on the underside and looks super clean inside also. No sludge or crud of any sort that I could see.
  15. Can anyone tell me where to find the engine number on this six cylinder?