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  1. My radiator shop told me that the square finned cores were available from Japan only for about 4,000.00 so I opted for the honeycomb because it at least looks period.
  2. I re-cored my 1922 radiator for about $2300.00 with honeycomb core
  3. Very Nice Hugh! Here is my cover
  4. I buy most of my interior supplies from Fabricfarms.com, online Fabric store, Sailrite, and Albrights supply.
  5. I know I got the spring from fabric farms.com. I’ll have to look back to see where I got the clips. I think on eBay somewhere.
  6. Today I replaced the one broken spring I discovered in the seat bottom springs on the driver's side. First picture below shows the broken spring that I found. I almost missed seeing it, they are sometimes difficult to see. First I had to pry apart all of the crimped sections of the frame and spring clips that were holding the top and the bottom of the spring in place. There are also wire attachments that connect the middle part of the broken spring with the middle of surrounding springs. Most of them were either unconnected or broken on this spring. These are used to keep all springs in position at all times. I installed new spring clips where needed and re-crimped the frame sections that hold the spring in place. I also made some of the wire connections required and I used ferrules to connect the new wire pieces to the original sections I saved. I had to buy 200 of the spring clips so I have a supply to last all of us a lifetime! Finally I covered the springs with Burlap and Jute.
  7. Thanks Terry, I can't decide whether I want to use black or chrome finish. Mark
  8. Today I tried my hand at making the new rear door check straps from leather. I used 3 1/2" wide webbing to cut the proper length and fold it over on each side to make it 1 7/8" wide as the originals were and then sewed it in place. I cut a piece of leather so that I could cover the ends and wrap the webbing to cover both sides. I used spray glue to hold the folded ends of leather in place until I could sew it. After the ends were glued in place I wrapped the leather around both sides of the webbing and then sewed all 4 edges in place. As you can see, there were no metal trim ends on these straps in 1922 so I will just use wood screws and trim washers to mount them to the door and pillar as they were originally.
  9. Have the front seat cushion springs cleaned up and painted. Still waiting for my new spring to show up to repair the broken one.
  10. My 1922 has two holes in each corner and I used these corner pads and split rivets
  11. Before I went any further, I wanted to test the seat cushion/spring assembly fit with my (test) back cushion that is still temporarily installed in the car. I picked up the springs from the blaster today and fit checked it in the car. After all checked good, I took them outside to spray them with Ospho so after that dries, I will spray them with Rustoleum semi-gloss enamel before covering. I will also need to repair the one broken spring I found first as soon as my spring arrives. I have the same broken spring that Hugh found in his seat (third spring in from the edge on the drivers side in the last row of springs).
  12. I got my tire cover back from the embroiderer today. Here are some pictures of my final product front and back and installed photo.
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