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53 Buick Super was my first car

Mark Kikta

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I thought I would just ask this question because this car was my first and I still wonder if it's being cared for.  I just loved it.


This 53 Super 2-door hardtop was my first car and was just hoping someone still has it on the road.  The serial number was 57225659.


If anyone has the old girl would you please let me know.


Thank you,

Mark Kikta

Mark with his 1st car 1953 Buick Super.jpg

Marks first car 1953 Buick Super in 1967.jpg

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A friend in insurance or law enforcement could run a VIN search which would tell you if it's still registered anywhere. There are two caveats: 1) privacy laws which will prevent you from contacting any current or past owner and 2) most VIN research is geared toward 1981-later 17-character VINs. It may not pick up on a 1950s GM VIN.

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