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  1. Thanks for the replies. Both cars are 31 Auburns. Both are in need of full restorations so its not nearly as exciting as it might sound! I know the plated brass set are original to one car; the painted set belongs to the car that came in boxes so I can't discount that they might be off a later 32 or 33 car which had the same headlights and therefore steel might be a running change. I'll follow up with a plater or two and see what their preference is. Thx Brad
  2. I'm currently working on a 30's car that offered an upgraded trim level that mostly involved adding chrome plated light buckets . The parts manual shows a different part number for the the painted vs plated buckets. I have on my bench an example of each type of bucket. They appear to be identical in shape and construction. Both have a heavy mounting bracket riveted to the bucket ( no separate part number listed ) . This bracket is painted in one case and plated in the other. The rivets are painted in one case and plated in the other So here's the interesting part ( t
  3. Here's some more examples ( Cadillac and Dodge) from a discussion on Roger's amazing modelling thread. It's toward the bottom of the page. https://forums.aaca.org/topic/145354-construction-of-a-continental-mark-ii-model-scale-112/page/68/ Looks like most manufacturers modified the left front in some fashion. Nash had to be different I guess!
  4. Not sure if this is what you are looking for Here's the kick shackle set up on a 32 Auburn. Front spring rear shackles are the same left and right. There is only one front spring part number listed so presumably they are the same length . The Auburn design locates the 'kick' springs up inside the frame channel They fit above the vertical bolt. It's design also effectively locates the front spring eye at the same position; left and right. Do your springs measure the same length left and right?. Do they have the same arch when off the car
  5. Frank Picked it up at my local auto parts store. It was a rebadged offshore gauge for one of our local offshore equipment vendors. Likely neither would be familiar to you since I'm in Canada. Pep Boys, O'Reilly's , Rockauto etc should have them. Just make sure it is a 'mechanical' gauge . They are getting harder to find BTW since everything post 1960 is likely electrical . Here's an example https://www.rockauto.com/en/parts/dorman,7123,temperature+gauge,641 Just try to make sure your soldering operation is as far away from the bulb as possible. I made th
  6. If your temp gauge needs no other work, the www.ply33.com instructions are simple and easy to follow. In my case, the donor gauge was about $29 and so far it was the easiest and cheapest thing on the car to restore myself. Just used regular ice cubes in water and moved quickly. The only issue to be mindful of is that the donor bulb and its fitting dimensions match whatever orifice is available on the engine. Oh, and use the solder sparingly, the ID of the tubing is tiny.
  7. Another consideration in the above analysis of the one wheel burn out is that static friction is stronger than sliding friction. On a perfect roadway with perfectly distributed power to each wheel , they will always break loose at the same time leaving a perfect pattern on the roadway but the real world doesn't work that way! Once one tire breaks loose , the differential works exactly as designed , not desired! As Joe points out , driveshaft brakes are only as good as the downstream connections. Not just the axle shafts but there is also also a very important pinion to ring g
  8. I sure hope the bugs are gone ! Haven't seen any activity for a long time. No fresh piles of powder . Rescorcinol. Did the WIkipedia thing. From acne cream to resin! Read some of the instructions and cautions. It does sound pretty fussy to use , especially the required min working temp of 70F. and the acceptable moisture content of the wood https://www.christinedemerchant.com/adhesive-glue-resorcinol.html Could also just use a high quality carpenters glue for laminating. Most are water- resistant if not waterproof.
  9. Thanks for the info. The Kwik Poly comment was definitely tongue in cheek! Most of what I have is definitely far,far beyond rehabilitation. I think about 10% of the original wood is usable as is I'm going to use white oak for the sills/platform and ash for the rest. The lumber has been waiting its turn for awhile and this thread has helped to confirm my original decision. Sourcing eastern wood species on the Wet Coast is difficult and expensive . What makes it more interesting is that is that the majority of the original wood pieces are actually built up from thinner stock . Mos
  10. I was going to make you guess but it might be difficult if you don't have one in your shop to stare at everyday! 1931 Auburn cabriolet 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle .
  11. A very timely thread and some great discussion for options for my future project. Given how my vehicle will likely be used I'm much more concerned about bugs getting in during storage than I am about water related issues. So the little bore holes are only the tip of the iceberg. It's when you see the inside that it gets interesting ! I'm thinking some KwikPoly should do the trick 😁. The 'fresh' damage occurred while it was being transported on an open deck truck and I made a series of really ill-considered decisions; starting with temporarily attaching the body to t
  12. I'm no fanboy of the man. Lots of warts on the the man and his products to be found. Kind of like old car guys and their restorations! His timelines are always optimistic ( so are mine) but the difference between him and most of us is that he eventually delivers . Like Henry Ford and his assembly line, Musk doesn't always invent the technology but he is either the first to apply it or apply it effectively.That he does without appearing to be anti-Semitic ( like some of the historical icons) is a plus; although admittedly, that could be tweet away like his misguided COVID opinions.
  13. The fridges were made by Servel and are fascinating pieces of technology made simple. ( Einstein and Szilard worked out the basics of the absorption fridge and held patents) Unless they are direct vent appliances ( combustion air and exhaust to and from the outdoors) ALL gas appliances need provisions for outside makeup air A properly functioning Servel is nothing to be worried about provided you 1) allow for make up air and 2) properly maintain them and 3) install a properly functioning CO detector as backup. The problems arise when the burner is not maintained and people ru
  14. Hugh comes through again. I knew there was a reason I hadn't put our engine back together yet! DIY'ing new rollers and pins in the tappets was a nightmare. I did get that far! I'd love to know how Buick did that on the production line! Hugh , if i can ask one more favour, can you email me the Word document ( if you have it saved as same of course! ) ? Brad
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