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  1. The gaskets came from Olsen’s.
  2. Maybe I don’t need the gasket just some gum gum ?
  3. This picture shows insert left in and new gasket
  4. What would you do ? my exhaust manifold has some inserts in the end which line it up with the engine block. I have brought some new gaskets to go between manifold and engine. should I remove the inserts or leave them in?
  5. The sump, note somebody has added a dipstick, which was to long.
  6. Rebuilt, checked oil pump today. All working ok. reassembled on to car. Then I noticed the small holes in the cross pipe are facing downwards! This part looks newer, guessing someone has had a go in the past. Am I right in thinking these holes should face inwards/upwards to spray oil onto bearings? Whats the point of spraying oil downwards into the sump. Can I just drill some new holes on the top side?
  7. Ok she’s going back together slowly. live attached some pictures. new pistons all seems fine.
  8. Ok the head is back on. Need to adjust tappits. what clearance should they be?
  9. Thanks guys, so what do I ask for ? mild steel bolts ? or Stainless ?
  10. Great advise thank you. Yes I have a new gasket and intend to put copper gasket Sealant on it. I think my bolts are 100 years old and soft. If I replace them what should they be, High tensile steel..?
  11. My 23 Buick I am About to put my 4 cylinder head back on my rebuilt engine. Any good tips or advise? do I need new head bolts? how tight do I do them up? thanks guys
  12. Just rebuilding my 1923 Buick engine, do I put some sealant (hermatite blue) on the head gasket ? There is also a thin 0005 paper like gasket between short cylinder block and crankcase. Should I put sealant on that as well?
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