1927/1928 Tourer body

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Hi all,


I’ve almost finished the engine and running gear so time to start on the body.  The body was in pretty good shape and solid with no rust but taking a look underneath some of the wood work looks like it’s been replaced and not very well.


Problem is I don’t know what’s right and what’s wrong so before I get too far in I wanted to see if anyone has anything similar on theirs - some pics below:


LHS bottom edge by door pillar - protruding like that doesn’t seem right to me but maybe that’s how they were?


LHS lower edge from front door looking forward - I would have thought the wood would fill out to the side?


Under the scuttle


LHS front foot well



LHS rear wheel arch area - seem to be a few bits of wood here that don’t look right.



many thanks:)

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