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  1. I ended up with JP and new sleeves.
  2. Just about to start reassembling my ‘23 Dodge engine after new sleeves, bores, pistons etc. I noticed when installing the lifters in the block that there is nothing to stop sump oil weeping out over time around them. They are just dropped in the hole and clamped down. I see there is a groove from the factory machined into the lifters just under the surface where they fit in the block. There is plenty of material in this area so I am thinking of increasing the depth of the groove and fitting O rings to seal them from the sump oil. This won’t interfere with the clamping area of the lifters. There will still be oil on the shafts lubricating them but this should cut down on some leaks.
  3. Where can I purchase those door rubbers. Do they compress a bit?
  4. I just received a full gasket set and there are four cork pieces. I asked if the kit had felt seals and the seller supplied two felt seals. Do some kits have felt and other have cork seals? I’d prefer to run felts as I had no leaks with them since the last rebuild 30 years ago.
  5. I understand. It was my lame attempt at humour.
  6. Thinking outside the square, except it’s round. I’m confused.
  7. Has anyone an opinion on Egge pistons for an Dodge slow 4? A good choice or any problems?
  8. Thanks for the reply. My cylinders have been roughed out to +80 thou (2mm) to remove the pin gouge. I can get JP pistons at .80 oversize. It has been running with 40 thou oversize pistons for 30 years. Going .80 is only half a mm per side over what I have been using. Who can supply sleeves in Aus just in case.
  9. Does anyone know the thickness of the cylinder walls in an early Dodge 4?
  10. I’ve always wanted to ride in a rumble seat. Let me know when you drive it to Newcastle.
  11. What’s a muffler the same as that cost? I’m thinking the 2” all the way would be better for performance as well.
  12. That looks pretty good.How do we do this?
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