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  1. Apparently there is lots of information online.🙄
  2. Any opinions out there on increasing the compression on an early Dodge 4? Any advantages or maybe added strain on the bottom end?
  3. I was just going to paint the top of one front door then.....
  4. When a couple of touch ups gets out of hand.
  5. Could someone please post an image of a 1923 rear hub puller or have the dimensions? For the first time my rear wheel is jammed on and I cannot release it.
  6. Bought a new nut and worked it onto the manifold thread with valve grinding paste as suggested. New header pipe, packing and copper crush rings and it’s nice and quite. Sure makes a good difference.
  7. That’s a 1923. Same as mine.
  8. Is the packing used on the manifold thread like a thread tape and is it like a ribbon or rope?
  9. I was just reading your previous post and thought what the hell is he talking about, lol All good suggestion. Thanks everyone.
  10. The nut has not came loose. It is I cannot use a ring gasket between the manifold and the first pipe because the nut doesn't grab the manifold at the start.
  11. Yes, mine has the large single nut. The nut I have seems ok but the threads on the manifold look worn down. The nut slips on half way up the thread before it grabs. I thought I might take it to a machine shop and have them build up that area with braze then recut the thread.
  12. Does anyone know the size/pitch of the large thread at the exit of the exhaust manifold of a 1923 Dodge?
  13. I fitted a downdraft Stromberg carb to my '23 and the difference it made to performance is terrific. Most hills where I used to have to downshift to 2nd it now accelerates up in 3rd. Starts easier, idles better, all round happier.
  14. Would there be set specs for my '23?