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  1. I finally have the reversed countershaft back from machining. Turned out good and can’t see there being a problem. To rehash, I flipped the countershaft over to bring the very good condition reverse gear teeth into the first gear position and the pitted 1st gear will now be reverse.r
  2. I already have much smoother via my rubber engine mounts. Looking at quicker acceleration and better gear changes. I am in the middle of gear ratio changes and thought while the gearbox is out I might take off a couple of kg’s.
  3. Anyone have any experience with flywheel lightening on ‘23 or earlier DB. Interested in results or opinions.
  4. Anyone lightened the flywheel on ‘23 or earlier flywheel?
  5. I could fall down my back steps roaring drunk and break my neck. If I happen to have the China plague my cause of death would be listed as COVID.
  6. The more it’s polished the worse it gets and spreads.
  7. It looks like it has been copper coated. I’m pretty sure that’s what I see through the chrome. The sides and front are perfect, it’s only the top. It looks tarnished.
  8. My ‘23 has wing nuts to adjust the brakes. I reckon yours is ‘24 +
  9. Can a ‘23 radiator shroud that I had chromed about 30 years ago be rechromed over the top? It is still in really good condition except for the top either side of the cap. It looks like the chrome was thin there and has been polished through. I can post an image tomorrow.
  10. Looking for a thirteen tooth countershaft for a DB gearbox ‘23 model. Needle roller style and must have good teeth both ends.
  11. My originals were flat. The 23 is still the original early body style.
  12. I wonder if the engine pans would fit a ‘23 and if they were flipped over would they suit a RHD?
  13. I have a couple of countershafts at the local CNC place have the flip over mod done. With a bit of luck all will be well. I will post some images when I get it back next week.
  14. I’m not really concerned with noise in reverse. Are you serious about your friend doing this mod?
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