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  1. Just line up the ,O, son crank gear and cam gear with chain pulled tight with generator gear, very simple.
  2. The car is a 1928 series 128 Fast Four Dodge brothers Sedan with two wheel brakes and all steel body , very good car to restore and very reliable.
  3. More coming over the next few weeks as we have a 1900 Tabolt, 1915 Alldays Onions, 1915 Swift, 1926 Mercedes Benz to be repaired .
  4. The frame of the radiator is of cast bronze , soldered to the cartridge honeycombe core with stainless steel top tank and side plates ,lots of time had to be spent on the soldering to the core as it is of very fine copper and very heat sensitive to heat.
  5. The car in question is a 1936 Rolls Royce , the core was made in New Zealand by Replcore , there work is outstanding and to date we have put more than 30 hours of work in re coreing this radiator , still more to do before it is finished .
  6. Yeah i agree as I am repairing one in the radiator shop at the moment . bob
  7. David this is what I did with the sedan , the cheek plates go on the outside of the frame under the bumper brackets and the cross bar goes to them between the spring and frame . you can still remove the spare tyre with a trailer on . Bob
  8. I wood say roadster by the top stay under the mans elbow and how big the rear window looks , if tourer you wood see the curve of body to rear seat and the window would be much smaller .
  9. One will need the frame number and engine numbers to begin with to establish what year first.
  10. They look as if there has been a stone hone in side the rod bearings , where are the machine marks from the cutting tool ? Like Herm111 I a little worried about the surface finish .
  11. You are right everything that I have shows magneto control , will have to find some pics of disy control . bob
  12. The 24 book of information shows both left and right drive cars linkages for both ignition and carburetor .
  13. The first badge without knowing its size looks like a 128, 1928 push in type that I have on my cars. bob
  14. Get a copy of the Dodge Brothers club magazines cd from the Ddge Brothers club and reserch it . It has the history and all the changes that the Senior car had done to it in that peroid, your answers are there.
  15. Will have a look this week , should be one or two here but dont know conduition , talk later, Bob
  16. Richard the air cleaner mounted in up right is the way i have seen on many cars through the years , when I got the first car 40 odd years ago it was mounted that way ,so i guess its up to what you like . Aust adds from the 20s show up right . Bob
  17. Richard every frame that I have seen or had to any work on{ over 20 plus in 40 years } has these holes and nothing ever been seen in them, they all have them , good question ? Bob
  18. Richard the frame has come up very well and was what you heeded to get things in order , glad to see the car running , its a very good feeling at this stage to see all your work turn out so well ,it stands square on the springs , very good work Bob