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    Shipping/Postage costs

    People never think of the most sensible service. The post delivers everywhere. Couriers deliver on demand. We are rural; NZ Post adds $3.80 per parcel for rural delivery but courier companies add from $5 to $15 for rural delivery and give it to NZ Post to deliver. Try shipping from US to NZ! Luckily, NZ Post offer YouShop where they have a bureau in Portland OR. I can get stuff shipped to there (often free) and NZ Post will deliver it from there at a reasonable rate (about 1/3 of US prices) when the container is full.
  2. 1930 Dodge 8 has almost every nut, bolt and screw cad. plated. My radiator tap is plated with a "T" handle, although the handle is made from a thin piece folded into a U rather than just a flat piece of steel. You might not find much cadmium plated automotive stuff now; the chemicals and hence the waste are pretty toxic. I think it is mainly the aero industries that do cad. plating.
  3. Spinneyhill

    radial tires

    Which they most definitely are, else how could they design spark plugs for all types of ignition at all voltages and speeds, for injected and carburetted engines, for 1500 rpm and 15000 rpm machines at different temperatures and compression ratios. In addition, they must know about combustion chamber design and flame propagation and other things of which I am completely ignorant. And for Hunter to design testing equipment, they must know all about what they are testing. They don't make these things in isolation by poking a stick in a black box and churning a sausage machine.
  4. Spinneyhill

    radial tires

    1963 Avanti is a bit different to a 1935 Lincoln or Buick or Chev or Studebaker or whatever, pre-war car. 20 years more technology, better metallurgy, more engineering mathematics known and so on.
  5. Spinneyhill

    European radio frequencies

    Maybe it would be useful to know where you are and what market the radio was made for? The MW band is generally from 530 or 531 kHz to 1602 kHz or 1700 kHz. Short wave is 2.3 to 26.1 MHz.
  6. Spinneyhill

    Trumpet horn mounts ?

    These are on the same web site.
  7. Spinneyhill

    1941 Dodge "Power Assist" shift option

    Here is what MoToR's Manual 1947 says about it.
  8. Spinneyhill

    1930 Graham Standard Six

    Here is the model list: http://www.grahamownersclub.com/identify-my-graham.html Some history: http://www.grahamownersclub.com/history.html Price and body styles from http://classiccardatabase.com/search.php?year=1930&make=Graham&series=819
  9. Spinneyhill

    Heat riser on DA

    Xclnt news!
  10. Spinneyhill

    Heat riser on DA

    Is that a crack between the 0 and 4 in the casting number?
  11. Spinneyhill

    Senior Six Conrod

    That would be fun. But the first page of web sites for LeJog was for cycling!
  12. Spinneyhill

    1920s Spark Knob & Cable

    We have a winner! 1931 Buick: https://www.uniquemankato.com/vehicles/866/1931-buick-coupe
  13. Spinneyhill

    Does Anyone Know The History Of This Place?

    I notice all the wheels are gone. My guess is that they all were taken off during WWII or the following few years (even into the Korean War) when there was a shortage of tires. The tires were worth more than the car!
  14. Spinneyhill

    German photo: Is this a Horch... or?

    Also, Leif's car has a side light on the mudguard or fender or? while Fordlandia's does not.
  15. Spinneyhill

    German photo: Is this a Horch... or?

    No images come up with side mounts or external running boards nor that flat, vertical back?
  16. Spinneyhill

    German photo: Is this a Horch... or?

    I don't think so. The radiator surround is not chromed. The rear axle looks to be further back. It looks shorter making the side mount sit higher.
  17. Spinneyhill

    What is the circa 1930 sedan in the middle.

    Which one? The '36 facing us on the right has a white shape on top: that is a pair of shoulders with head in a hat on top! I have a card offering a seven seater Studebaker car for hire. It is No. 41. Era is hard to know without research, but I would guess the late 1920s perhaps.
  18. Spinneyhill

    What is this sleek relic?

    Where are all the girls in this walking or hiking group?
  19. Spinneyhill

    Senior Six Conrod

    OK, I'll ask. Where is that and what was the event? Nice car, BTW!
  20. Spinneyhill

    Pilot bearing lubrication

    Oil is best put into a sintered bronze bush (e.g. Oilite) by putting it in oil in a vacuum. Can you really push it in with your fingers? Heat (e.g. from friction) causes the oil in the bush to come to the surface and lubricate the thing (shaft) causing the friction.
  21. Automotive radiators loose heat by forced convection. A little is lost by conduction (it heats up the front of the car by conduction away from the shell) and very little by radiation (it doesn't glow). As long as the metal the air is flowing past is in contact with the coolant, they will cool. As has been said, if the fins become disconnected from the tubes, there is less cooling because there is less surface area for the rushing air to take heat away from. The surface colour has pretty much nothing to do with heat loss through forced convection. A tarnished surface probably doesn't do much either. I don't recall reading anything about surface texture affecting the efficiency of heat loss by forced convection but I expect it does have an effect. Blockage will reduce heat loss because there is a smaller hot surface area. The main effect of scale is to restrict the flow of water from the top tank into the top of the tubes, hence it is really a blockage. I haven't found anything about paint affecting heat loss by forced convection either; gloss and colour probably do affect radiation.
  22. Spinneyhill

    Pilot bearing lubrication

    "Oilite" came on the market in about 1930. It seems it was commercialised (the name trademarked) by Chrysler or a division there-of. If your car is later than that, it may have an "Oilite" or similar sintered, porous, oil impregnated bronze bush.
  23. Spinneyhill

    What is the circa 1930 sedan in the middle.

    I think that is the corner of Swanson St looking up (south on) Queen Street. This was the view when Google drove up there a year ago: The building with the red arrow above is above the convertible in the OP. Many of the old frontages are still there, although some of them are tied to a "new" tall building behind. Swanson St (on the left at the lights) is now a pedestrian street.
  24. Spinneyhill

    DB display at Boyertown museum

    Has the link been broken? I am getting "Video Unavailable".
  25. Spinneyhill

    Starting Dodge Four restoration.

    Xclnt. Glad it all went well.