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  1. I ran my "A' for 16 years without an air cleaner with no problems! If a design lasts for 70 or more years why change it!
  2. What some may not realize that in the aftermarket business, not all vendors actually make all of their rubber parts. Restoration Specialties has been supplying several large rubber vendors with bulk profile rubber, rubber bumpers, grommets, rubber replacement kits and beltstrips for many years. Many of the smaller items are made in house. It is true that you get what you pay for, but having worked for them I can vouch for the quality of their parts. Now keep in mind, that many reproduction extrusions and cast rubber parts are designed from old samples that may or, in most cases, not be true to the original parts, so consequently, the reproduction parts will not be exactly like the original. You can't define quality by price, and that's true in all business!
  3. Check with Restoration specialties in Pa. They have many rubber profiles available at a much more reasonable price than Steele. They will send you samples. Good luck!
  4. Lying...imagine that! They've been doing it a long time!
  5. You may be able to repair it yourself if it comes apart. Restoration Specialties in PA used to have some repair parts but you may need to send a sample.
  6. I might have a couple around here. I'll check.
  7. Still available, open to offers.
  8. I really think that they were to protect the passengers heads from hitting the studs if one should try to stand up. They are positioned right over the passengers heads.Thanks again for the info!
  9. Just looking at the car I see that there are 6 bolts so they must go the whole way across.
  10. That's the little buggers! Maybe there are only three as I might have saved them from another car. Thanks, I kinda figured that's where they went but because I have 6, I couldn't remember. The little things like this, that you think you'll never forget about are the things that you usually forget about! Pays to log everything, but I never dreamed it would take almost 30 years to finish this car! Thanks for the photos! Jim I noticed that your car has the 1 piece rear retainer rods. I had 1 car that had the 1 piece rods and another that had 2 piece rods. Curious! I had three cars , 1 built early, 1 built about mid run and 1 built late and I found several changes and discrepancies between all 3. Interesting..
  11. I have a really nice set of skirts for sale from a '36 Dodge. See the main ad under the"Parts For Sale" section.
  12. I have for sale a very nice pair of Mopar fender skirts that came from a '36 Dodge car. I was told that they were a dealer ordered item specifically for a new '36 Dodge car. I think they fit all the passenger models. I don't think these skirts were on the car very long because there was no rust or damage and were complete when I bought them. The skirts have been sandblasted and primed in gray lacquer primer. All brightwork has been beautifully triple chrome plated. All other hardware has been replated in cadmium. Included are new cotter pins, 2 sets of springs, stainless screws for the speed wings and a length of skirt to fender rubber seal from Steele Rubber no.40-0279-44.Only parts missing are the 2 castle nuts for the cam bolts, which I will try to locate. The cam plates and pull rods have been punch marked to aid in assembly. Asking $2,900 USD plus shipping. Here are some photos.Sorry, they are not as clear as I had hoped. For questions or info please PM me.
  13. Thanks Bob for the reply but there was nothing on that thread showing what I need.
  14. These bumpers go underneath the top along the seam. I think they are to protect one from gouging their head in the mounting studs if one should get to close to the top edge of the headliner. That, or the help give support to the headliner. I just can't remember where they go anymore. You have to have the headliner off to see them.
  15. I think that the trucks share the same shields with the cars except they are shortened or lengthened according to the style of body. You might just cut off a pair of the car shields that match the year of your truck.Good hunting!