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  1. I thought of those cotter pin type split rivets they use to bind papers together. I tried a couple of small brass ones; worked great but the prongs are not sturdy enough. Have to look for something similar but more substantial.
  2. The term 'antique' can be a relative term. In my statement about the truck not being an antique, as I would look at an antique, simply means that it doesn't feel like it's old enough to be 'antique' to me. While it falls into the 25 year or older category, I was a young man in 1975, purchased my first new vehicle, a 1976 Chevy p/u and started restoring my 1928 Ford p/u. So to me, a vehicle of this vintage, still feels like a 'newer' truck or just a truck. Maybe it's just the coming to grips about getting older; my kids call me 'antique'! When I was a teenager, the'50's cars were still just 'u
  3. Thanks Jim. I went ahead and made a pad for the toeboard out of the regular 'jute' felt that Restoration Specialties sells. It's about 1/4-5/16 in. thick. I think that the floorboard pad may have been cemented to the floor mat as a separate piece as there are no holes for the rivets in it. I'll probably make the floorboard pad out of the same material and glue it to the mat material that I make the floor mat from. I don't think anyone makes or sells an original type floor mat for these cars. Could you do me a favor and look at the accelerator shaft grommet on your car, that is if it's still t
  4. Not a real antique, by what I term an antique, but we still use our '75 Chevy C65 dump in our construction business. 45 years young, rode hard and put away wet, but still on the job, although, the old 427 is getting a little tired!
  5. The accelerator shaft grommet is installed in the toeboard hole, but mine are all missing and I don't have any reference as to which way it goes. The grommet has the grooved portion at one end and the body extends about an 1 1/4 . My question is, does the extended part face toward the interior portion of the car or does it face the engine side?
  6. I was fitting the toeboard in my car today and for the first time noticed 8 1/4in. holes in the pan that are not mounting holes. Does anyone know if there was an insulator mat pined to the top of the toeboard, and did it go over the entire piece or just the foot areas. I'm suspecting that 's what they were for. None of my 3 cars had anything left for reference, except one or two small rivets. I also assume that there is an insulator mat under the front floor mat area on the floorboard too. I'm also curious as to how thick a pad would be. All help greatly appreciated.
  7. Get in touch with Vic Panza on this forum, he has a nice one for sale!
  8. Thanks Pete. I did look at it but haven't made up my mind yet! Might just have it rebuilt.
  9. Thanks guys. I looked at Ebay but could not find the listing. I did , however, see about a 1000 listings for a water pump that you can buy at almost any auto parts store!
  10. I used to have a paper that had all of these listed for marques and years, I'll have to look for it.
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