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  1. I think that I have one from a '36 Dodge. What all does he need. Does he need the brake wheel too or just the band and levers?
  2. You're welcome! Please let me know how you make out!
  3. Check with Jeff at Restoration Specialties, he may know what you need. A sample or photo would help as many of these WPC clips are no longer available.. You may have to send him a pc. of trim to fit a universal clip to it. Many types of trim use more than one type of clip too.
  4. The knobs are about the same except that they don't have the letters in them. I had mine made to fit a modern element that went right into the original dash unit. The knob just screwed onto the element.I'm pretty sure that the element I had was a more modern replacement so something picked up at NAPA or similar store may work. Here are a few pics of my knob. The brown knob is the pattern that I used and stole the jewel from.That little thing cost $40 twenty years ago! The single white knob is an extra that you may be able to adapt . The ring has been rechromed but the hole drilled in the one end is off center, It could be filled and redrilled or a small stud could be epoxied into it. The one shot shows how the new knob is broken down and how the unit goes together. Hope this helps.
  5. I have several original windshields that I have used for patterns but none fit my one frame right. Had to return to the glass guy several times to get it fitted to the frame. I can make a paper pattern for you which you can transfer to a piece of cardboard or 1/4 luaun plywood. I would cut out the pattern on the plywood and pre- fit it to the frame before getting the glass cut. Make sure there is some movement both sideways and up and down and no pinch points or you will run the chance of breaking the glass upon installation. Send me your address and I'll mail a pattern to you. Some of the original glasses were cut so short that they hardly fit into the frame and no 2 glasses are the same!
  6. I doubt that we will ever hear from this guy again.Feels more like a fishing expedition for suckers than a real ad, but that's just me.
  7. I think that the lighter knob is similar to the dash knobs but it may have a jewel in it to indicate that it's heating up. I had one made for my '36.
  8. That's true, but it used the '29 style cab. I've only seen a very few of those vehicles. he may not know what he really has.
  9. I need several door latches for a 4 dr TS. Can you post some listings and photos on what you have. It's rare to have someone say they have a lot of NOS parts for '36's. Where are you located?
  10. Restoration Specialties in PA also carries new ones. Just have to change the screw to a slotted type.
  11. Guy needs to make up his mind..'28-'29 are different than '30-'31
  12. There's a forum member near Pittsburgh, PA with a beautifully and authentically restored 1937 Dodge pickup. Licensed,titled and running. Nice truck, not cheap but nothing really nice ever is. If you are interested I'll PM you his name and number.
  13. I used Krylon high heat silver on my Model A system and it lasted fairly well, although I would touch it up every year. It was just plain unfinished steel and the Krylon did not burn off, even on the manifold.Try to get it at an industrial store. There seems to be a difference in the paint from the big box stores.