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  1. While you are looking, I need a gas pedal for a 1936 Dodge sedan orig. part no.495993 superceded by 797919. I need an original in any color. Repros and later originals are marked with no. 745978 or 745979 and said to fit '35-'38 but they don't. Thanks Jim
  2. It's hard to see as the detail is not real clear. Looks like they may have a lock ring and punch dimple. Might be a job to get them apart. i'd almost have to see one.
  3. I've looked at the photos and they are a little different than the '36's. Without closer inspection, I have no real idea of how to disassemble them. I really doubt that you could have handles plated for $30 today and have a quality job. I would expect at the very least between $100- $175 each depending on condition. The ones on Ebay that Keiser posted, look very nice, not perfect, but very nice and I think it would behoove you to consider them, especially if your car is a driver. Sometimes, you get a seller who will allow you to return them if you're not satisfied.Good hunting.
  4. These parts were never designed to be repaired or taken apart so there would not be any instructions on how to do so. Post some photos of the handle from behind the escutcheon so I can see if they are the same or similar to the '36. They may be completely different but I don't know that. The shaft is cast or fastened into the handle so it cannot be removed, only the escutcheon needs to be removed. You could cement the pins in the handle, mine were just a press fit.the photos would really help.
  5. The medium brown material has been sold. However, the other colors, to the best of my knowledge, are still available in the bulk rolls. If anyone has interest, please don't hesitate to inquire and we'll see what we can work out. Thanks Jim
  6. You'll notice that on behind the escutcheon plate there is a sleeve that is dimpled into the main shaft. This sleeve hold the handle together. There should be 2 dimples. What I did on my '36 was to take a small Dremmel cutting wheel and carefully grind away the part of the sleeve that is recessed in the dimples. Mark the very end of the sleeve on the shaft for reference to reinstall it in the same location.Carefully tap the end of the shaft while holding the escutcheon to start the sleeve moving and it can be worked off of the shaft. You should find a spring and a small washer inside.At the mark on the shaft, using a drill bit to fit a small retainer pin, I just used a small finish nail. carefully drill though the shaft. After reinstallation of the parts and sleeve, insert the retainer pin and this should hold the assy. together. Hope this helps. I have to assume that the handles on your Plymouth and my Dodge should be almost, if not , the same.
  7. Hope it works out for you, The express truck is one style I would have really liked to have. Found one years ago, in very poor condition and I passed.
  8. I have acquired some unsold, automotive grade, high quality mohair upholstery fabric manufactured for LeBaron-Bonny. I have approx 30 yards of a Medium Brown (chocolate brown) color for sale by yardage. Material has a short nap with a latex backing and has very little "grin"; the showing of the backer when bent. Nap is very tight, does not pull out easily and does not seem to rake when rubbed like some mohair type fabrics do. I have an old LB sample, No.30-15, which is close to this color but just a tad lighter. The material is sold by the linear yard and is 54 in.wide. Samples are available upon request. This is the last of this color, and very limited amounts of the other colors so when they're gone, they're gone! There are several other colors available: Brown(darker), Green Brown, Dark Green and Burgundy Red, but only in bulk rolls of 50 yards. I also have samples for these colors. Price is $55.00 per yard plus shipping.This was a private purchase between myself and the manufacturer and has nothing to do with the Lebaron-Bonny company. For more info please PM me for details.
  9. Notice the bottom mount in Pete's photo is almost straight across, the one on mine is at about a 20 Degree angle and the top connection is higher too.
  10. Call Restoration Specialties in PA as they have the correct material. It's a 1/16 in. thick treated webbing used for that purpose. It comes in several widths. I just replaced mine. Just cut it to length,mark and punch the holes. i glued mine on with upholstery glue to keep it in place. Originally, I think it was riveted in places to the board.They also carry the correct hoodlacing and nails if you should need those. Their number is 814-467-9842 and ask for Jeff. They also carry a good bit of rubber and other trim items that you might need. If you have any questions or need help, PM me as I used to work there. Incidently, if you have any issues with the windows rolling up and down, I can rebuild the special channels that are in the front doors and make new window sweeps. You'll get the car going in no time!!
  11. The pins are actually riveted to the toeboard and they could be relocated. Threaded pins can be purchased for replacement. For me though, I'd have to repaint the board, which I'd rather not do. The other issue is that the plug on the top of the pedal to receive the throttle control rod is too high and the way the lower mounts are it's too far to the right to fit. There's a large hole in the board for the throttle rod seal, so in the hole would have to be moved, which would mean a lot of work or the pedal throttle mount will have to also be relocated.
  12. I have a Motorola 60 for sale with mounts and cables. Does need a little work and I have no idea if it works; i was told that it was rebuilt awhile ago. Pm me for details