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  1. I checked, I don't have any extra. My Dodge lamps take 3 on each side, does Plymouth only use 2? If need be, I can stop at RS, as they're close to me, and see if they have any.
  2. Did you call RS as they have a lot of stuff that's not in the catalog. I may have a couple extra; how many do you need?
  3. My dad was not a car guy. While he always had a newer car, and many station wagons, he did not like working on them. When I was 17, I brought home a Model A Ford that I was excited to start restoring. That day, when he came home from work and found the car, he walked over to me and gently said "Get it the hell out of the yard'! It was just a piece of junk, and he was afraid that I'd waste a lot of time and money and end up with nothing. He did change his tune when 10 years later, he slid behind the wheel for his first drive. It brought back memories of his childhood when his father had a '28
  4. If you're serious about restoring the car, use the best parts from each and and sell the rest. You may never find another really nice parts car.
  5. I might have one from a '36 Dodge which uses a MAW-4010. Wonder what the difference is?
  6. Only a thought. I had a set for my '28 Ford roadster pickup that might work depending on the thickness of the posts. The Ford post were tapered top to bottom and flat in the front and rear. Depending on the thickness of your posts, they might work. They mount through the rear of the posts. Again, just a thought. Sorry, the photo doesn't show as much as I thought it might, but you can see them in any Model A catalog.
  7. I may have an extra, I'll have to look. I'll try to look today, if I can remember. They are out of a '36 Dodge 4 door sedan
  8. I was told that Ebay no longer allows direct contact between sellers and buyers, I guess to eliminate off site deals.
  9. As stated, it should have a builders plate on it somewhere that might indicate age. looks as though it's had an update with the brakes and rubber tires. I don't believe they used rubber tired wheels until the late 1800's.
  10. I would advise, that if you are not familiar with top upholstery, to find a good upholster to install the top for you. there are some things best left to the professionals. But to answer your question, I believe that the fabric is tacked with small nails at the top seam along cross bows and along the beltline, as are most soft tops. The nails are then covered with a matching hydem welt which is also tacked on. you may be able to find some articles online showing the process of installation.
  11. jpage

    Chrome platers

    Here's a tip for those new to chrome plating work. Most companies will guarantee their work but they don't usually guarantee fit after plating. If anyone needs parts plated that fit together or into another part like a housing, make sure to send those parts along, so the plater can fit them Also, make sure that you explain exactly what you want done and the quality of the finish you expect. This can save a lot of disappointment later.
  12. If you are looking for the seal for steering and shock components, you will probably have to buy new parts for those seals. You could , with a great deal of research, try to find alternative modern seal that will work. Today, though, this can be rather difficult. I would search different rubber manufacturers or companies like McMaster Carr to see if they might carry something that you could make work. You might also try places like The Plymouth Doctor or Bernbaum Auto Parts but most likely you'll just have to adapt something to work. On these cars, there may be no easy fix like the Ford produ
  13. jpage

    Chrome platers

    I have always used Paul's Chrome Plating in Mars PA,near Pittsburgh. Their work is very good and is guaranteed.
  14. I'm in west cental PA and they predicted 6-12 inches from 10 AM wed. to 7 AM Thursday. It started to snow about 9:30 Wed. morning but petered out about 1-2AM Thurday. We got, maybe 10 inches,but in the mountains here, totals can vary within a few miles. Looks like we might have a white Christmas after all!
  15. I would think that any good plater can repair pot metal castings. I use Paul's Chrome Plating in Mars PA and they've done excellent work on all the castings I had done, plus, it's all guaranteed.
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