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  1. Wow Roger, that is amazing. I think we all can really appreciate your skill, attention to detail and tenacity to complete a project 9 years in the making! I wish that I had 1/10 of your knowledge and skill! The car is beautiful! It's sad to see this project end in a way but we can look forward to the work on the Avanti. Would there be any way to keep this thread active , other than continuing it, so it can be shared with others? Again, great work and thanks for sharing it!
  2. jpage

    1932 Ford Model B Pickup - $15,500

    Yeah Dave...forgot about that! Brain fart I guess.
  3. jpage

    Dodge 1935 v.s 1936 frame

    My March 16, 1936 parts book states that all frames are the same except the 7 passenger sedan. This is an early edition, maybe the convert. frame was strengthened later in production but I'm not aware of that.
  4. jpage

    1932 Ford Model B Pickup - $15,500

    If this is an early truck, it might be possible to have an "A" engine from new as Ford liked to use up extra parts on trucks. It's possible but unlikely. Still a great looking little truck. Don't see many of these around.
  5. jpage

    Dodge 1935 v.s 1936 frame

    The frames are not the same shape even though they might appear to be in pictures. You would be wiser to find a '36 frame. All frames for all passenger car body styles are the same except for the 7 passenger sedan. Of course there are the LHD and RHD options.
  6. jpage

    Beltline molding fuzzies

    If you have the old ones, Restoration Specialties can make new ones for you if they don't already have them. Since it's a Ford try Dennis Carpenter.
  7. jpage

    Murphy Color Samples

    I was searching for paint for my "36 Dodge, the Avon Green color. I had old Murphy color samples but was told that the codes no longer meant anything.The modern colors that were said to be a match were too dark with too much metallic. I did have an inner fender with a lot of the original paint and took it to some paint companies, but all they could do, even with the computer, would be to match it to the closest existing color. I did find a Valspar dealer near Pittsburgh PA that took the time to match it by eye. Took almost a month but his mixture was spot on. I sprayed some right onto the panel along side the original and you can't tell the difference. It is, however, a little darker than I expected, as the original samples on the body and charts looked lighter. Out in direct sunlight though, it looks great, so I wouldn't put a lot of faith in those old color charts. I was glad to find someone who took the time to do the work that most places couldn't. Good hunting!
  8. jpage

    To use undercoating inside or not

    Thanks for the advice. I really didn't want to use anything that has a silicone base as silicone is difficult to remove. Interesting idea for mold making too!
  9. jpage

    37 cab interior color

    Check with Vic Panza. It a light gray color and he may know what number .
  10. jpage

    1933 Ford AA Engine

    Having the crank ground into the cement doesn't help either! A Model AA truck engine is the same as the car version. I believe the AA was stamped to signify a heavier clutch spring for truck use .
  11. jpage

    A strange question...

    Wow, great work on the painting. At first I thought it was a colored reprint of the photo! Amazing what bringing color to an old picture will do!
  12. jpage

    To use undercoating inside or not

    I need to deaden the insides of the doors and floor in my '36 Dodge. I was thinking of using the bed liner but without multiple coats it's rather thin. Spray undercoating,as mentioned , is also not a good idea. I thought of the Dynamat, but the windows on this vehicle are not sealed to the weather originally, and the old paper mat lip held the water causing rusting. I'm afraid that the Dynamat might do the same thing. I was considering something like Flex-seal since it's rubber based and can be built up.
  13. jpage

    Please help me identify safety glass

    Ford first started using safety glass in 1928 in windshields only and later started to use it as standard practice. Many other makes may have also used safety glass in the windshields while continuing to use plate glass in all other windows.
  14. jpage

    1936 dodge pickup grille wtb

    You might look at J.C.Whitney as they used to sell cheap repro grilles for older cars but they didn't amount to much. I had one that I sold to a guy years ago but it wouldn't fit right and, quite frankly, didn't look much like the original. There are a few places that sell replacement grilles for street rods that might suffice but they won't be cheap either.
  15. jpage

    Please help me identify safety glass

    Look at the edges of the glass for a very fine line in the center. This would indicate the plastic sheet between the glass if it is safety glass. Also look for any fogging or bubbling around the edges under the glass as this show delamination of the 2 pieces. In any case, you'll want to replace it with safety glass for your own personal safety. No one will be able to tell the difference . In fact, I'm not sure that glass companies can sell anything other than safety glass for automotive use unless it's OEM modern glass. Aside from that, you'll know for sure if you break it!