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  1. I believe that the cars and trucks are the same and also fit '37 Dodge trucks. There is a spring type retainer riveted to the top of the cover and they just pop into place. Always a good idea to secure it with a small wire tie so it doesn't fall out.
  2. Be prepared to pay at least $500 for a decent one and maybe $1000 or more for a really nice rechromed one. Getting very hard to find. Good hunting! If you do find one, make sure all the parts are there, like the retainer spring and both retainer pins. Broken ones can be fixed if all the pieces are there but at a price! alot of grille parts that show up on Ebay are really beaten up or are old aftermarket and the prices are rediculous!
  3. That was a spray can finish that I bought from Eastwood many years ago. Don't know if they still carry it. It's darker than it should be but does add some protection.
  4. Pete, I saw floor pans and some other parts on thee internet at some hot rod parts guys and also The Plymouth Doctor, but I'm not sure that he is still in business. Usually the pans are the full left or right side. If it's just the fronts you may be able to make some patches for them. My driver's side in front of the battery was shot too. Google floor pans for '36 Dodge or Plymouth to see what comes up. Remember that all these new replacement parts are handmade and will probably not fit right and may need extensive work to fit, but they may be better than nothing. I have some extra seat tracks, they too need a little work and are missing the lock lever springs but I think that can be remedied. The windshield seal, on the body, will probably have to come from Steele Rubber. If your toe boards are bad I have a couple that may need a little work. Be glad you don't need rocker panels, they're a whole other story!
  5. The EXV-2 is the original carb for the '36 Dodge. I have a couple of these carbs and some parts. I made a new insulator from a piece of industrial brake lining, seems to have worked okay. Float setting is important too. I had made all new linkage from stainless welding rod. The original type retainer clips should still be available from NAPA or a good parts store. I've also figured out how to restore the original sealed Burgess air cleaner. Here is a couple of pics of my carb.
  6. Thanks for the info. today, everybody seems high! I think this hobby would have a good shot in the arm if everybody came back to earth on pricing! Prices on Ebay are out of this world!
  7. As far as I know, there are no new tanks available. You'll have to find a good original as they are also part of the firewall. A good usable tank should be easy to find. Check with the Ford Barn, MAFCA or MARC clubs too.
  8. I know of them, but I also contacted Mrs. Maxwell but haven't heard anything yet. Maybe she isn't doing it anymore.
  9. My cousin's son recently moved into inner city Philly. One day he went to his bank...during a Brinks truck robbery! I don't think I'd like to live in any city today! I got the creeps just walking down the street last time I was in Philly! Hope you get your pipes soon, today one never knows if they will ever receive the parts they order! I've contacted a couple of companies to repair my emblems and still haven't heard back! That was last week!
  10. I agree with Steve9, if the guy isn't confident stay away! The poly tank will probably do the job and you really can't see it unless you're under the car. Besides, the price looks good. If you don't like it, you could always send it back.
  11. Either a timing, condenser or mixture problem. Check all three.
  12. jpage

    P2 Steering gear

    I believe that's to accommodate the curvature of the sector gear so it doesn't bind in the straight position. I also believe that these parts were matched and I'm not sure it's a good idea to mix different gears, but I could be wrong. Did you try adjusting the end play shims and the sector adjusting screw? I also use 600 wt. oil in mine.You may always see a little more play in the straight position than in the far turned positions.
  13. There's a place called Tanks Inc. that lists a poly tank for '35-'36 Mopars for $250. If push came to shove that might be something to consider.
  14. I would venture a guess that the answer is no. Biggest differences in the AR cars are the different E-brake system, brake drums and wheels and the straight hood louvers. I'm pretty sure that the bodies are the same save the slot for the left hand brake.