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  1. The build card should tell you, but since the Chrysler Historical Society site closed awhile back, I don't know if you can still get that info!
  2. Take a look at Paul Shin's Model A videos on Youtube. He's found some LED bulbs that have the yellowish light, which looks more period correct but still has the brightness that you're looking for. I think the guy that was selling them is a Norman Wells. I don't have any issues with certain upgrades like bulbs, how often are the lights on anyway!
  3. You're most likely looking for 600/650x 16 tires and tubes. I recommend the Goodyear tires as they look period correct. They come from Lucas Tire which is also owned by the Coker company. I think the T15 stem is a standard rubber offset stem. Lucas only showed 1 tube in that size. I don't think that those drop center rims require a rim strip, I've never used one, and I believe that the strip is to cover the welds on spoked wheels so they don't rub through the tube. Again, I've not used any, and I don't think that you'll need those with those style wheels, but I'm no expert. On my Model A, I just ran some duct tape around the center to cover the spoke ends and it worked fine for as long as I had the car. Caution, there has been some talk about really cheap and lousy tubes lately, so make sure that there is some guarantee on them when you purchase. Ask questions, I'm sure the tire folks will have some answers for you.
  4. I anyone is interested, I know of a '47-'48 DeSoto Club Coupe for sale near me. Car looks complete, and in fair shape but needs a complete restoration. Garage kept and probably could be had for low money! Located in Johnstown PA. If interested, please PM me for more details.
  5. Call Restoration Specialties in Pa at 814-467-9842. They have a good stock of nice material and are currently making new windlace in house. Ask for Jeff, he'll send you samples.
  6. I don't know...Looks like a pretty solid and complete car to me and a good candidate for restoration, if you like Chryslers, especially for the price! I'm restoring a '36 Dodge that was much worse than this car! In the hobby today, you can't see every car as a money maker!
  7. Restoration Specialties carries a stock of "cowlboard" which has a painted grained finish on one side' It's fairly flexible and could probably be moulded by slightly wetting the back. See online or call 814-467-9842
  8. Check with Restoration Specialties in PA at 814-467-9842. First photo looks like their numbers 1360 and 1355 respectively, but you have to call for availability. You can also check online. Ask for Jeff. Good hunting
  9. I may be wrong, but I think you can only register a car as a regular car, antique or classic, but not more than one. If you register it now as a regular car, you'll pay the standard fees for title, registration and licensing. Later , if you want to change it to antique status, you'll be required to retitle it as antique, which will cost around $100 I think, and apply for an antique plate, which is also around that figure now. I still think, that you'd be further ahead to go the antique route. Good luck in whatever you decide! Where is McKean county, I'm not familiar with it. I live in the Johnstown area.
  10. Bottom line is that if you are going to use it as a daily driver, in PA, it must be registered as a regular vehicle, which means it will have to pass inspection and be insured. You'd be foolish to just get liability insurance and then risk having an accident that could destroy the car with no coverage . All lights, turn signals will have to be brought up to modern standards and in some areas, it will have to pass a pollution test. As far as I know, there's no way around that. I really think that you'd be further ahead to buy yourself a good modern car as a daily driver as a '36 Desoto, while being a nice car, will not suffice as your only car, both in reliability and traffic speed. These cars can be hard to find parts for and even harder to find someone who will be willing to repair it if it breaks down, unless you are mechanically knowledgeable. Enjoy the car as a hobby car and insure it with one of the collectable car insurance companies. They will give better coverage at a much lower price. As far as PA antique tag restrictions, I found out that they really don't watch that closely, as I used to drive my "A" alot. Then one must ask, define one day a week and you still have to have modern lights to drive at night. Still, one has to follow the guidelines. The state does not limit mileage. I've found that the insurance companies put far more restrictions on the vehicle than the state, including mileage. Where in PA are you located?
  11. Bob Giles, a forum member is selling some wool fabric that might look pretty good in your car. He has a thread for this under the "parts for sale" section> Check it out!
  12. The fittings should be obtainable from any good parts store!
  13. Tom, when click on the reply button or start a new post, look at the lower portion of the block, it will say add attachments. Click on the choose files, then you can pull a photo from your files and attach it to the post. You have to do this for each photo. I'm not familiar with the DeSotos, but my '36 Dodge uses steel lines from the oil filter. Would it be possible to replace the hoses with steel lines? i just made mine out of brake lines. Just a thought.
  14. Yeah, thank you for your service. sounds like an interesting but dangerous job!
  15. You may have some broken piston rings causing the compression loss, or, and this is highly unlikely, maybe the rod cap came loose and fell of so that the rod is not moving in the cylinder. the knock you hear may be the crank slapping the rod end. Sounds to me, that you may have to pull the head and pan to check. This is not a big job. Here's a picture of the original air cleaner. I'm sure Ron Lyons will have one.
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