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  1. Let me know if they are legit and i'll check with them for a few things. I also have a name of a guy in Texas that may have some stuff. I'll pm you with his number.
  2. I can't imagine that the coupe window can be that much different than the sedan. Maybe it's just in the size. It might be possible to cut down a sedan set if the coupe window is smaller. Anyone know specifics?
  3. Wow! you're's too nice to eat. Happy Birthday!
  4. Unfortunately, the coupe windshield is different than the sedans so the moulding is different too. I don't understand why there coupes are different with so many coupe specific parts. I have extra mouldings for the sedans but that's won't help you. sorry! Good hunting.
  5. Does any one have any left over dash decals for the '36 Dodge cars? I'm needing one for an ash receiver cover as I'm deleting the radio plate. Darin doesn't furnish them anymore. Don't need the set just one or a pair for an ash tray. Thanks.
  6. In an effort to save electricity, the city has refitted the new electric fire truck with a 100 ft. extension cord!
  7. I've talked with them along with several others but the prices are really high for that stuff. One mold for the board mats would take 7 gallons of mold silicone! If I may ask, what product numbers did you use. Just curious.
  8. Boy, that came out pretty nice. what brand and type of material did you use for casting. I've looked at several but they are way too expensive to do the running board mats! I made new kick panels and the firewall pad for my Dodge also. Came out good and look like the originals! Actually sold a set to Uptown Dodge for his '36. I wonder if the Dodge and Plymouth firewall pads are the same, or they must be close.
  9. I had been contemplating casting a new pedal as I haven't been able to find one either. I have a new pedal, although the front face has some defects, that would make a good pattern but I'm not sure how to cast the core in it. The sockets for the rod and balls would have to be repositioned to fit. Going to have to cast the steering column rubber seal at the firewall since no one makes the correct one. Still keeping a lookout for the pedals.
  10. Ron, if you can't locate a lens have you given any thought of casting one from clear resin? There are several good videos YouTube showing how. Might be worth a try if you still have one good one.
  11. At first glance I thought they might be MOPAR. I know a guy that needs a set for a '36 Dodge.
  12. I have checked that sight and they do list production colors but have not seen ant info on accent, or pin stripe colors. Thanks though.
  13. Does anyone have a color chart or photos of the mid '30's Chrysler trim and accent colors. A friend is trying to match the accent color on his '36 Chrysler. Would they be similar to the Dodge and Plymouth colors? I am still trying to find out what Dodge Whirlpool Green looks like. Thanks for any info.
  14. I don't personally understand what the big deal is about "patina". Personally, the rust and wear only looks like an old ratty car to me! Nobody ever describes a worn, dirty , paint peeling house as having a "nice patina"!