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  1. Here's me taking the original owner for a spin!
  2. Did you check both with a magnet? Steel housing might have been brass plated first as part of the chrome process so that is what you are seeing under the old chrome.
  3. What years was the Detroiter Series G -25 carburetor used?
  4. I found this transmission in an abandoned junk yard and it was marked 30-U Plymouth but it is different than the transmission in my 30-U. It appears to be in decent condition and I have the emergency brake components as well. Can anyone identify it?
  5. Great car! Very similar to my early 30-U. The engine in my car is now in the process of a rebuild but the odometer stopped working years ago at a bit over 93,000 miles. A wrist pin knock forced me to take it off the road. Now, after years of storage, I am finally doing a total restoration. The paint on my car was original and in reasonable shape as the car was always garaged. I don't know what these cars were painted with but it is tough to remove!
  6. Thanks so much! The pictures and the drawings really put it all together for me.
  7. I am registered and use it often but for some reason information on the floorboards was not forthcoming.
  8. Those pictures are great! Just what I needed. Thanks again for all the help. There is so little information available for these cars. The few original examples are the only reliable source.
  9. Thanks for all the help. I am almost positive that the floorboards for the roadster were the same as the coupe . Could you post pictures of the battery access cut out on your roadster? Also, could you let me know if the kick panel rests on the main floorboard or does the main floorboard butt against the kick panel? I think I am finally on the right track here and just want to get it right.
  10. Wow, I wonder if the 30-U is actually like the PA? There is no evidence of a raised metal piece ever having been set over the transmission on my car. Does anyone have a picture of a 30-U coupe with the floorboards in place to confirm that it is set up the same way as the PA? I know the floorboards in the car when I got it in 1962 were flush without a hump in the middle but I suppose it is possible that there once was a metal panel there that was discarded before I got it.
  11. I know the ones I have are not even close to original as I replaced the original ones with plywood back in 1970 after I put my foot through the original ones. Back then It was my daily driver and I just threw scraps together to get back on the road. Now, fifty years later, I cannot recall what the originals looked like but I want to get it right now that I am doing a total restoration.
  12. Here is the opening. The body is on a dolly now while I finish the chassis. Hopefully the picture came through.
  13. Mine is a early 30-U but it is the all steel version. There is a large one piece board over the battery with a cut out for access to the battery and another piece under the cowl where the pedals and steering column come through.
  14. Does anyone have pictures of original front floor boards? The ones in my '30 coupe are poor plywood replacements and it's time to get them right but I can't find any information about what the correct ones look like. Thanks.
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