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  1. 2nevets

    Very rough 1937 Zephyr 3 Window Coupe

    they are beautiful cars you obviously have a lot of talent Steve
  2. 2nevets

    Large Hudson parts lot

    need the room $5000 cash its yours
  3. 2nevets

    V-12 REbuild $$$$$$$

    My block had 5 cracks I bought a good used block I would not want my block welded my opinion is get a good used block my rebuild is going to be around 10k
  4. 2nevets

    patch panels

    Hello Any suggestions for replacement panels for a 1941 continental? looking for rockers floor patches etc thanks again
  5. 2nevets

    Going in deep

    as she stands as of today pretty solid ol girl;-)
  6. 2nevets

    1941 Lincoln steering column removal

    all out!! no worries and piece of cake I thought the gear box was like a modern one with a small stub shaft- going on the rotisserie this week
  7. Does the steering column split from the gear box? Or do I pull the whole thing thru the firewall? thanks in advance Steve
  8. 2nevets

    Going in deep

    the car was a 10 footer This was my dads all time favorite Lincoln so I am doing it in his honor I am leaving the body on the frame but dropping the suspension
  9. 2nevets

    Going in deep

    going in fellas Head first rotisserrie on the way see you on the road in about 2 years;-) progress pics to be added if you guys don't mind
  10. 2nevets

    many questions 41 lincoln

    trans is out already So I cant remove the driveshaft tube without dropping the rear?
  11. 2nevets

    many questions 41 lincoln

    Thanks in advance I need to replace my rear trans seal and spacer My question is, do I need to split the overdrive from the main drive gear to remove these? any special tools? My rear is leaking as well-what is the trick to removing the drive shaft from the car? Any special tools? thanks Steve
  12. 2nevets

    1956 Continental Mark II

  13. 2nevets

    1956 Continental Mark II

    drop to 20k