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  1. I am in the process of sandblasting and stripping the car One question that I am getting conflicting answers about Should I remove the old lead and see whats underneath? That would mean I would be replacing it with plastic
  2. yours truly picking up the motor taking her home and stripping the grey finish off now she is in epoxy primer ready for whatever happens;-)
  3. what a picture!! Actually I plan on painting the engine green since I already have the paint-
  4. rockers need to be done cleaner as well as the grille surround
  5. Motor is finished-now its almost time to start the metal work now that the temps are going to warm up
  6. I might want this-paypal ok? can you send a complete picture? I would list this on uship but would need a complete pic so the shipper can get a good idea of the size Steve
  7. WOW WOW WOW If you can resurrect this they should film you 😉
  8. they are beautiful cars you obviously have a lot of talent Steve
  9. need the room $5000 cash its yours
  10. My block had 5 cracks I bought a good used block I would not want my block welded my opinion is get a good used block my rebuild is going to be around 10k
  11. Hello Any suggestions for replacement panels for a 1941 continental? looking for rockers floor patches etc thanks again
  12. as she stands as of today pretty solid ol girl;-)
  13. all out!! no worries and piece of cake I thought the gear box was like a modern one with a small stub shaft- going on the rotisserie this week
  14. Does the steering column split from the gear box? Or do I pull the whole thing thru the firewall? thanks in advance Steve