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  1. This one came from a friend who knew a guy who knows a guy who had it parked in an underground lot for about 8 years...... Last officially licensed in 1983, a few temporary permits since then and it has not moved under its own power since 2012. I had some trouble getting spark to the plugs, traced the problem back to the Field wire on the voltage regulator on the firewall. It was very badly corroded right at the terminal plug that screws to the regulator. Drained about 25Lt of old gas out of the tank, cleared the line, cranked the motor and pumped it all the way to the carb, remove
  2. So with the pandemic making life difficult, Lucy is now in storage..... and I have started work on a new project. 1954 Chrysler Windsor Deluxe.
  3. Fun ride yesterday with our oddball "car club" 2 Mini's an AMX a 28, Lucy and a Supra.... mismatch made in car heaven.
  4. Made a new addition to old Lucy, now we have a space to document our travels. My wife was absolutely 100% against putting the stickers on the car.....
  5. Time to grease the 4321 grease nipples under the car AGAIN!!!!! But I take comfort in the knowledge that the extra "work" we all put into these old cars will keep them on the road for a very, very long time! So yes, they need more maintenace and attention than modern cars, but it is worth it. For myself I have found it is just easier to jack it up and take the wheels off than try to squeeze in and around the tires to get to it all. I'm sure if I had a giant lift in the shop it would make my life easier but hey, we do what we can with what we have. Also a battery opperated grease gun with
  6. Just to be clear, I don't have cooling problems under most conditions..... just a few times things got a bit hot on stupid steep and long hills. Most normal hills and regular roads don't pose a problem, steep slow twisty mountain passes with a heavy trailer is another story.
  7. The AC condensor has been there since before the trip started, tucked right up to the rad was a recent development, it actually works better there than further away. I towed the trailer from Flagstaff to Albuquerque like that and then drove it all the way home, no heat issues at all. If the condensor did not hamper it there then a few extra square inches for the oil cooler wont do much? but I will keep an eye on it. I have thought of mounting it all under the car but could never find a good spot. Lots of road grime and stuff gets kicked up around the fender wells and that general a
  8. Gave the old girl an oil change today, also had a small oil cooler lying around so I popped that in as well (for the engine oil, just put it after it leaves the bypass filter. It just dumps right back into the sump) I have lots of space so if it works at all I might upgrade to a bigger unit. As for cooling, well it works 90% of the time. When you are going really slow up a long hill with almost no air moving over the rad from the forward speed of the car it gets a bit "warm" there are a ways to keep it from going nuts but its still not right. (running temp is usually between 180F and 210F
  9. "Standing on a corner in Winslow Arizona....." Then on to New Mexico, we left the trailer in Albuquerque and headed home
  10. On the way to Albuquerque, there are more abandoned places than you may think
  11. Grand Canyon and the rest stop at the crossroads. We heard on the news a few days after our visit that they were wanting to close all the parks. This is around the time we were seriously thinking about heading home.
  12. He was every bit the gentleman and was a really cool guy to talk to!
  13. From -282ft below sea level to Sunset Crater Volcano and SNOW at 8000ft in Flagstaff AZ the car is a beast.... it just runs. Yes its slow, yes it's brutally slow up long steep hills, yes it tends to get hot if you push it too hard uphill, yes it loses performance above 5000ft, yes it uses more gas than a modern V8... WHO CARES????? It's 72 years old!!! and still going! Working on another small cooling mod, adding in a small engine oil cooler and will look at getting a high altitude carb kit to swap over next time we are up there!
  14. Day trip into Death Valley.... even in early March it was hot and windy!!
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