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  1. Things are wrapping up gentlemen...... The house has been rented for January 1st. So major disasters not withstanding, the end or START is near.
  2. I would be mortified if I broke down like that
  3. I am sure there will be a few of you who can weigh in on this next one..... the DISTRIBUTOR!!!! YAY!!! oh joy, oh joy, oh joy!!! So, in my relentless quest to get the old girl running as good as can be, and because I'm far to stupid to leave well enough alone... I had a friend hook the old girl up the a proper "timing scope fancy machine thing" (technical term I'm sure).... and he duly told my my engine timing is "inconsistent" Really? well what do you mean?? she runs just fine.... right? Turns out that all is not well inside the "rebuilt" distributor from a major online parts store for old Chrysler's... so I start down the road of trying to rectify the problem. And that only led to more problems... allow me to explain.. First off there was excessive wear on the guide plate that holds the weights that advance the timing on the distributor. One had worn such a groove that the weight no longer moved but was essentially getting stuck in one spot, and when spun fast enough I guess it would be forced out rapidly instead of smoothly... hence the inconsistent timing. So I fix that with a new plate (best one I could find out of an old distributor) and it runs EVEN WORSE than before....aaaaggghhhhhh!!!! So more digging.... And here is where you smart guys can have your say... Turns out, somewhere along the way someone had put a distributor off a 1949/50 onto my 1948.... why is that a problem? I'm glad you asked... turns out that the 1949/50 inline 8's ran a higher compression ratio and the distributor uses a different timing curve than everything before that. 3 degrees v 1 degree on the vacuum advance and so on and so on..... not much but enough to make a difference. I am in the process of building one that would match the lower compression on my 48 right now, taking it easy and driving without the vacuum advance hooked up on the 49/50 distributor.
  4. Getting lots of miles in, making sure she's good to go... even using the roof rack.
  5. So the other day Lucy just starts running like poop, pop the hood and the air-filter bracket broke... go figure it's the $15 part from the local auto store, you get what you pay for I guess. I put my new found welding skills to the test and just made one myself! Only problem is that there is one tiny part of the old bracket unaccounted for...... it's about as big as a grape seed..... most likely down the carburetor.... not sure where it ended up, or if it will cause me grief down the road...
  6. Cooling is serious stuff down south so I have been told, $20 Home Depot garbage can and a few bruised knuckles later... home-made garbage can cowling...
  7. Getting closer.... new revised date of departure... January 2020. West Coast mirrors installed to tow the trailer!
  8. So.... I just did another 750km round trip with Lucy (440 ish miles) and the "on demand" downshift really helps! Granted my solution to this problem is not nearly as elegant as yours and is downright redneck but it works!!! It ait stupid if it works right? Form over function and all of that? not pretty but it does the job? I can go on....... Vancouver to Kelowna over the pass in the summer heat.... all good! I have done roughly 6500km (4000 miles) now and we are actually getting close to our departure date! Time for fresh oil & filters, I am going to switch to straight SAE30 and not a blend this time, I will let you know if the oil usage drops a bit.
  9. I really like that idea, I must admit though that I took the gearbox out, cleaned it up, put it back in and replaced the wires running to and from with new ones, that is the extent of my knowledge about the entire system. How did you go about setting that up? I know there is a kick down switch on the carburetor, do you use that?
  10. Also finally got to meet Tevie and his Termite Taxi - 1947 woody. 80 year old legend around the Vancouver area and all over the states as well, he won an award at the 2014 Concours d'Lemons under the "American pile of crap" category! Mechanically the car is maintained really impeccably and he has well over half a million miles on the car, as for the bodywork.... well... that's another story!
  11. Hello to all, its been way too long and I apologise for that. As the car is almost done and I'm driving it around all over the place I dont seem to have much to complain about! My attention is now elsewhere to get things ready for the trip. The trailer is coming along and we are getting the house ready to be rented, man we have a lot of crap to get rid of or put in storage before we go! Toss into the mix that the in-laws are going to England for three weeks at the end of August and they want my wife to go with to help them (they are 80 so it really is necessary) and all of a sudden the amount of stuff we need to do before October is quite daunting.... Nevertheless we persevere. Dam car has one problem though, if you start in 1st gear, it will upshift as it should. If you start in 2nd gear it also upshifts as it should, it also downshifts as it should coming to lights etc. BUT if you start in 1st, shift into high and then clutch for second gear it goes directly to 2nd high and skips 2nd low, and that is at all speeds. Does not matter if I'm crawling or gunning it. So what I have been doing is just jabbing the pedal in 2nd high to get it to downshift.... but that is just silly. I have cleaned the contacts on the gearbox etc. Any ideas?
  12. OK here we go! I'm back! So, updates.... After the very successful trip to Banff I spent a lot of time working on the trailer, we kinda need a place to stay as we travel around right? Anyway I'm not posting any pictures of that because this is not the right place for it. BUT I was driving around town with the old girl and it started making a very loud noise every time you pull away from a light, it was a loud clang, clang, clang, consistent intermittent sound that sounded an awful lot like metal on metal banging together..... I searched high and low to find this awful noise and had no luck, I got listing devises, my buddy sitting on the fender with the hood open while I drive and I just could not pinpoint this bloody noise. I was coming from the rear of the engine kinda by the bell housing area but I could not say for sure. It happens only on acceleration and after you get up to speed it stops.... and then it does NOT do it accelerating in reverse.... at all... until you hit the brakes... then it makes a noise... just dumbfounded... It also does it when parked as soon as you give it gas in neutral, only when you give it gas, as soon as you let off the throttle... it stops. FML. Not seeing anything else wrong I started taking things appart. I pulled the transmission and the bell-housing and started it up again to see if it was more noticeable. Sure enough it was tossing SPARKS out the bottom of the bell-housing!! Turns out that the starter solenoid spring had failed, causing the starter gear to slide on the shaft hitting the ring gear! That's why it only did it under acceleration and under braking in reverse... it would slide and hit the ring gear and get tossed back & forth as it hit the teeth, that's why it was consistent but intermittent and not a steady clang clang clang. I obviously did not drive it much while it was making that noise so there is very minimal damage to the teeth on both the gear and the ring gear, just slight shiny corners all round! So I replaced that small spring after pulling the starter and the problem is now solved.. And as a side note, let me just tell you that it is ALMOST impossible the install a 48 Chrysler gearbox by yourself crawling around on a garage floor with only a jack and some hand tools... almost impossible, but I managed. It took a few tries and lots of very savory language and some busted knuckles but its in! She runs once more quiet and smooth I also finished installing the speakers and a second antenna for the 12v radio, the car's original radio is using the existing antenna so I ended up getting a side mount one from a VW Bus! I like the look of it but some purists might frown on it I guess... both radios now work and get great reception! CD player works and we are ready for the road soon!
  13. I never saw any smoke and it was too dark to see behind me going down the hill... but I'm not surprised you saw the puff of smoke, its going out the tailpipe for sure! Just not enough to see all the time. Spinneyhill suggested a 20W-70... I like that idea What, if any is the difference between a diesel 20W-50 and one made for petrol engines? Would the diesel be more heavy duty and perhaps work better?
  14. Wow... that happened right after the long weekend? NICE! Sounds very much like the motorcycle trips (4 times) I have taken from here to Laguna Seca in Montery. I have done a few of those stops, It will most certainly be on the cards as my family was not with me for those trips!
  15. Wow that does not foster much hope for my multi thousand mile trip...... I might have to sell the house to pay for the fuel! I mentioned that the fuel usage was excessive simply because I drove the car all over the place before pulling it apart and although I don't have exact numbers because the odometer was known to be a bit off I just never used this much fuel traveling around in her before! Vancouver to Seattle, Vancouver to Whistler, Vancouver to Harrison Hot springs... and it never hit me this hard. It has the single barrel carburetor on it so someone already switched it from the double to save fuel... this has to improve! Can you say engine swap? Crate motor LS3 if I win the lottery or I will have to settle for an old Ford inline six with a 5spd manual box....hmmm I'll be able to swap everything to 12v then.....