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  1. I like the idea of something in the yellow spectrum - and I may have a set of beauty rings I could try too. I like the look of them on that Dodge - that looks like a '37 hub cap - I have a '37 Business Coupe
  2. Hudsy I like that idea - not sure what color it would be ? Body color ? Red ?
  3. Thanks very much for that idea - I also have had success with them in the past. Amazingly I guy in CA replied that he had one used that was in good condition and it is on its way to me now. Thanks again for your suggestion
  4. I have the engine apart for my 1935 Airstream C-6 - 242 engine. The oil pump is marginal so i would like to replace it if possible It is, of course, hard to find. The number on the pump body is 619078 which I am told means the oil pump part number is 617671 This form was very helpful to me in a recent search for main bearings for this car - so I am going to the well once again. What I am looking for is either a replacement pump or a rebuild kit for same. If anyone has one or can send me in a recommended direction - it would be most appreciated. Thanks Bill Stanley wjstanley@cox.net 203-215-8585
  5. I am guessing that if you have one of these engines you already know that it is a two year only engine and finding parts for it is big trouble. Mine is torn down at the machine shop and they are having a devil of a time finding the right rod and main bearings - if anyone has any thoughts on places to look for these bearings I would love to hear from you it also has two copper oil lines - one from the pick up to the block (suction to pump) and the other from the block to the middle main bearing cap (pressure from pump). one of them has a very tight bend it it. Mine have seen better days and I would like to replace them - any experience with finding someone who can make pretty tight bends in copper with out kinking it ? Thanks Blue Collar Bill wjstanley@cox.net
  6. I have a '35 Airstream c-6 Convertible coupe It has a later model transmission (we think its a '39) side case numbers on transmission transmission and a manual overdrive unit OD unit side case numbers on OD unit top case numbers on OD unit We would appreciate it if anyone has any insight into these units - particularly if you have any spare parts or experience working on them. We believe we have figured out how the OD unit works - but have no information on adjusting it before installation Thanks in advance Bill Stanley wjstanley@cox.net 203.215.8585
  7. I will get some pictures of the numbers on the case and post them - thanks for your help !
  8. I have a '35 Airstream coupe - c-6 - with what appears to be a '39 transmission with overdrive. We have the three speed transmission apart and it appears some of the components may need to be replaced - would appreciate any leads on where to look for replacement bearings, gears etc. for a '39 Chrysler Borg Warner transmission. Thanks Bill Stanley wjstanley@cox.net 203.215.8585 Connecticut
  9. I need to replace the hood ornament on my 1935 Airstream coupe. It looks like the easiest way is to remove the radiator. I am not sure how to attack this job - looks to me like the hood has to come off and then the fan - looking for any advice or tips on how best to go about this Thanks
  10. I am looking for a hood ornament for my 1935 Airstream Coupe. There is a hood ornament for a 1935 Airflow currently on Ebay that looks very similar to the one on my car. does anyone know if the Airflow and Airstream shared a common hood ornament in 1935 ?
  11. I have a '35 Airstream c-6 Coupe. one of the wings on the hood ornament is broken - and I am looking for a replacement - any thoughts on where to look ? I have had no luck with on line searching thanks Bill wjstanley@cox.net
  12. I appears this old flat head would breath a lot easier if it had dual exhaust. I am kind of new to the flat head and woodie game - but I do see that there are dual exhaust manifolds available. I am wondering if there is a kit to install dual exhaust or if there are reasons that I am un aware of that make this a bad idea. Thanks for your input.
  13. I will be attending Hershey for the first time this year. I saw and appreciate all the good advice given to the "Hershey Newbie" on a previous post about how to prepare. I will be staying in Harrisburg and it looks like Rt 322 will be the best way to get to Hershey. Do you veterans have any advice about back roads or short cuts to get to the field or parking suggestions for when we arrive ?? I am assuming getting an early start is important. Many thanks for any insight you might have.
  14. I am looking for help in identifying the car that goes with this wheel (see attached photos) - it has a five lug 5 1/4 " bolt pattern and it is an 18" wheel. It was found at a flea market in CA - and not much else is known about it. The "B" on the hub cover does not appear to be right for Bentley - but perhaps I am wrong about that - any information you can offer would be most appreciated. Thanks blue collar bill
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