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  1. definitely not....after months and months of work when you first start your dream car it sounds like a new baby making its first crying noise....nothing can beat that not even your first car show and everyone watch's you pull in and comes to see your work...... restoring or building a vintage car is a labor of love not a kit you buy in a box and install
  2. thanks for the great thoughts....i also like the real thing because i enjoy finding out all the history the car has and what it went through
  3. what does everyone think about a shay reproduction car....is it considered a collectible or a replica maybe a just a fun toy..... i am just curious and have not formed any ideas yet
  4. i can still type 40 words per minute......as long as all 40 words are a
  5. thanks for the tip guys i just removed mine and sprayed contact cleaner and paper as you suggested....works like new....thanks again
  6. up date on dash.....did a hard reboot....disconnected battery cable let set 15 minutes restarted every thing ok...car set for 2 weeks dash was inop....put on a battery tender for 45 minutes every thing works great....i am scratching my head now any new ideas
  7. thanks can you tell mr where the elastic straps secure to
  8. can any one tell me or of pics on the correct installation of this.....found one in the corner of the trunk and would like to use it....thanks
  9. i replace the headlight switch in my 90 reatta every thing was ok for 3-4 days wife let car set in sun for 4 hours started and drove noticed dash cluster was not working....any ideas....switch was purchased from a reputable company and looked almost new i dont think it is the switch but i am lost
  10. i am afraid people like me who enjoy purchasing old cars and fixing them up would cost a fortune....i like the chase and hunt to find a gem.....travailing and meeting people to buy parts driving for a short time looking before the next adventure.....my wife laughs because i enjoying just setting in the garage looking at the car until i sell it then moving on... i hope i dont need a license for every car because i enjoy driving them with the grand kids evey week
  11. if it is a wiring or a complicated situation i like classical music to keep me calm
  12. be careful the crt has a 12 volt to 120 volt convertor
  13. people did not want an Edsel but they are still collecting them today
  14. when i worked at the dealership we would send the correct part to the customer and enclose a ups return slip in the box to return the wrong part.....if the part was about the shipping return cost we advised the customer to keep it and put it in his tool box for the future......this is the correct way to win customer loyalty
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