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  1. I have a 27 Chrysler model 50 if interested
  2. I have a 27 Chrysler model 50 in good shape,no rust need to sell because of health reasons can send pics if interester...thanks
  3. I have a 27 chrtysler model 50...runs no rust need to sell because of health...let me know I can send pics
  4. I have a running 1927 Chrysler model 50 in good shape,no rust that I am going to sell due to my health and age if interested...thanks
  5. the only other # I can find is the right side of block by the oil vac shows 41069-2....and below that has 11.4 does this help...upon rechecking the number below the left side of cylinder head it is definitely a B number
  6. I don't know but what a great thought
  7. the motor number I got was stamped in the block just below the head dead center , I completely cleaned head because my book does not show a "b" #...I thought it should be an f or I # but my wife rechecked me to be sure....thanks
  8. I will take a picture it is on the far left some one put in a light switch there for lights that was added at 1 time but the number on the tittle does not match book showed an engine # that starts with a b was a 6 cylinder that stumps me....if I cannot find the tittle number what serial # should I use?
  9. I see where this should be but its gone
  10. I have a 1927 Chrysler model 50 and I cannot find a serial number....I think it was removed...the engine number is stamped b31697a ,i found a casting # h 41156-1 on left side under car by motor mount cylinder head cast # 41070-3 it measures 19 " long 7 1/2 " wide with 14 bolts a stamped # on firewall of 9053 intake manifold # 9071-14 exhaust manifold casting # 41063-3 and a till0tson jr5a....with all these numbers and books I have I am still not sure what I have.....any advice would be appreciated.....thank you
  11. thanks to everyone for the great information I will help anyone when I can
  12. yes my 1297 is a model 50 which is the base model, I saw a 1924 with mechanical rears.....funny enough is that I saw a 1926 model 60 with hydraulic brakes.....I think they changed about this time and the chepo mdels got hydraulic las
  13. working on a 1927 Chrysler, mechanical brakes on rear only
  14. can anyone tell me the best way to adjust rear mechanical brakes ?....thanks
  15. I see where it was to be placed on the dash but nothing is there.can I order a new serial # plate or do you know what the letters and numbers mean ?