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  1. be careful the crt has a 12 volt to 120 volt convertor
  2. people did not want an Edsel but they are still collecting them today
  3. when i worked at the dealership we would send the correct part to the customer and enclose a ups return slip in the box to return the wrong part.....if the part was about the shipping return cost we advised the customer to keep it and put it in his tool box for the future......this is the correct way to win customer loyalty
  4. who drove it ? also what stable did they race out of
  5. i had one made for a 28 chrysler if its the same i may part with it
  6. so sorry about you great loss but as long as you keep him in your heart he will always be near
  7. thanks to every one on there input i always change mine every 2 years even if low mileage to prevent problems it seems now every manufacturer has their own ideas...i do know cars like vw have special fluid and if you add the wrong kind the fluid will jell up and is an expensive repair.....i like using the same in my gm.ford and mazda just so i only have to keep 1 brand in the shop to add to my cars....thanks again
  8. when flushing coolant in 90 and up gm what's your thinking of staying with gm pink coolant or changing to another type....when working for gm we had a lot of head and intake problems
  9. i found # 10 fuse was blown ...it depends on the production date what fuse # it is ...hope this may help some one else
  10. wife drove car came home and tail lights are inop....any ideas...wondered what fuse cavity i should check....or ant ideas....thanks
  11. how about a 1927 Chrysler model 50 runs drives could use some work....no rust
  12. if interested I have a 27 model 50 ...I am located in ohio
  13. I also do not believe in starting fluid that's why I am thinking timing, I ran the engine in the closed garage and did see the flame out of the carb I set the timing by putting a rod on the piston top and cranked it to #1 cylinder....since had had the control to full retard when setting I thought maybe I should have set it to full advance before setting the timing
  14. I have a new cap ,rotor points and condenser in it ,plugs were new but dirty and I cleaned them wires looked new ,when I got the car it was on the wrong firing order...thanks to spinneyhill I reset the points , plugs and corrected firing order adjusted carb.....I noticed rotor was off by about 1/2 turn reset my manual lever to full retard loosened and turned the distributor to #1 and tightened....this engine at 30 degrees out side started better than any car I have worked on...it is could natured but when warmed up is great...when I manually rev up engine the deaccelerate rapidly can see back
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