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  1. I also do not believe in starting fluid that's why I am thinking timing, I ran the engine in the closed garage and did see the flame out of the carb I set the timing by putting a rod on the piston top and cranked it to #1 cylinder....since had had the control to full retard when setting I thought maybe I should have set it to full advance before setting the timing
  2. I have a new cap ,rotor points and condenser in it ,plugs were new but dirty and I cleaned them wires looked new ,when I got the car it was on the wrong firing order...thanks to spinneyhill I reset the points , plugs and corrected firing order adjusted carb.....I noticed rotor was off by about 1/2 turn reset my manual lever to full retard loosened and turned the distributor to #1 and tightened....this engine at 30 degrees out side started better than any car I have worked is could natured but when warmed up is great...when I manually rev up engine the deaccelerate rapidly can see back fire from carb.....does seem low on power in 3rd gear....have orderd an adaptor for my compression tested so I can check it any other ideas ?
  3. spinneyhill….thanks for the great and detailed helps a lot......the car starts a lot easier and sounds better but I can see a backfire thru the card when I increase then decrease the rpm....I know it has the wrong carb on it it has a tillitson jr5a replacement could this be it ?
  4. does anyone know the tune up specs for a 27 Chrysler model 50 flat head 4 cylinder ?
  5. be careful working on the screen it has a convertor that changes voltage to 110 advice is to talk to a factory tech or a service advisor at a buick dealer ship near you
  6. thanks for the cheap $ I can get it for I think I will gamble....if it don't work I will have more books for my collection
  7. what is the difference between a 1927 Chrysler model 50 and a model 52....will the owners manual on a model 52 work with the model 50 ?....thanks
  8. sorry it took so long to get back had surgery on right hand....on the 4 cyl flat head I am working on I put a straw in #1 cylinder to bring up to tdc ...the ignition rotor is apx 1/16 inch off when I used my light to check for static spark which I have.....engine is running but can hear a slight backfire worse when cold I have never pulled on of these it just gear driven that I could pull it and reset it ?...I am using the 1-4-3-2 firing order...any other ideas?
  9. early 20"s car only had owners manuals..... I found a early chevy book but it did not show it.....thanks for the info...I really do appreciate this
  10. this is why I enjoy dad could fix anything he even bought an old airplane fixed it tried to fly it and once he was in the air he realized he did not know how to land was really upset then...….memories are kept in the heart with all you good feelings
  11. how to adjust the ignition timing on a 1927 Chrysler model 50....what is the best way ….thank you for help
  12. I have a 27 Chrysler model 50 in good shape,no rust need to sell because of health reasons can send pics if interester...thanks
  13. I have a 27 chrtysler model 50...runs no rust need to sell because of health...let me know I can send pics