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  1. Oops.. Can't seem to upload the pic or the wheels.
  2. Hi All again... I'd just like to say a big word of thanks to all who have replied to my post. There is a tremendous amount of tasty info to savour. If those lists of colours and formulae were for ice cream I'd be obese(er.) Ive looked at the firewall and the rhs door pillar and can't see any numbers stamped in. Various parts I've paint stripped have revealed a very dark blue or black lacquer colour. I've attached a couple of pics of the firewall and the wheels which I've already painted. Regards Kevin
  3. Hi All.. I've got a CM chrysler coupe that seems to have been painted a black colour in the factory. Would anyone know what this colour would be. I'd like to keep the colour as close to original as I can. Regards Kevin
  4. Fab looking car Mike.. I live in New Zealand down under (the home of the Kiwi bird). Unfortunately we don't have a True Value hardware here but I can get any number of paint colours made, it's just that there are soo many of them... A colour chart from a Chrysler archive could be asking too much. Regards Kevin
  5. Thanks for the info keiser31, narve and gunsmoke... I've put my gazelle in a safe place and can't find it just yet but I know it's here somewhere (dooh) Will it a measure up soon. Regards Kevin
  6. Hi keiser31.. Thanks for the info.. And yes the radiator cap is for a Plymouth. I have a Gazelle but it's too big. For the next size up Chrysler imperial I suspect. I read somewhere that the Gazelle is the same size and it's only the base that's different. Any thoughts on this? Regards Kevin
  7. Hi All.. I have a 1931 Chrysler CM coupe coloured black and I need to paint the wheels. I noticed that they seem to be a yellow mustard type colour. Can anyone advise me of the correct colour please? Regards Kevin
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