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  1. I believe it’s in the turn signal switch. If I move the tilt wheel around when the brakes are applied the lights will come on. Do you need that special tool to push down on the plate under the air bag clock spring to get the retainer off or is it possible to do it without it?
  2. It’s a 1990. And yes the indicator on the dash works.
  3. This problem started the other day. My third brake light, hazards and turn signals all work but the brake lights do not. I replaced the brake light switch and played with the adjustment and they still do not work. I have turn signal synchronizers installed but they have been on the car for a few years and never gave me any problems. Could it be an issue with the turn signal switch?
  4. An old post recommended BBA Reman for instrument cluster repair. Recently all they have are bad reviews that their service has gone down now and do not use them. Is there another cluster repair company anyone would recommend?
  5. I cleaned mine with paper and Radio Shack contact and control cleaner. So far it works great.
  6. Thanks for all the help. Larry
  7. Thanks. I don't have a manual. What is involved in getting the dash surround off around the climate control display?
  8. I am trying to get my a/c working on a recently aquired 90 Reatta. The climate control temperature will only go up and not down. I pulled the battery cable and it started at 78 degrees but will only toggle up from there. I guess the climate control is bad and cannot be fixed?
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