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  1. Oh well.... It was a happy thought while it lasted. Now I don't need to make a trip to the Dodge Garage this weekend. While my D2 buckets aren't terrible, the P1/P2 parts are much better. At some point I'll need to track down all the parts to convert my headlights back to 1936 spec. The sealed beams may work better but they just destroy the beauty of that D2 front end. They gotta go!
  2. If the headlamp buckets are, in fact, exactly the same for the P1/P2 and my D2 I will be very, very happy. The buckets on my D2 are rusty inside, probably because they were off the car for some unknown period of time and collected water. Also at some point turn signals were mounted to the top of each bucket. Meanwhile, I have a pair of excellent headlight stands and buckets from a P1. They were converted to sealed beams but are in much better condition than my D2 buckets. I'll have to put the two parts side-by-side for a close examination. The P1 parts:
  3. AS promised the tail lamp stands arrived yesterday. They are exactly what was promised in the auction so that was a relief. You never know... Left and right side stands were being sold as a pair so that's the way I bought them. I only need one side but it doesn't hurt to have a spare since so few body styles used these particular parts. It seems pretty clear that the stands came from two different cars. Or, more likely, they came from the same car but one of them was a replacement part installed who knows when. One of the parts was from a car that was originally painted yellow. The other is from a black car. Both have a lousy top coat of black paint. The passenger side stand is in perfect condition so, naturally, I don't need that one. The driver's side is slightly damaged as I showed in a previous pic. I'll post some pics later today. What's weird is that the driver's side casting seems to me significantly thinner than the passenger's side casting. They both have part numbers embossed on them so they're correct parts. Just a variation in the casting process? I'll weigh them on my postage scale to see if I'm imagining things. I'm heading to the Dodge Garage to gather all the tail lights and tail light parts I have on hand. I know I'll never need the 36 Plymouth touring sedan tail lamps and that's a real shame since they're in such great condition. I'll ebay them and make someone happy. Then there's the oddball LH stand that a PO of my car bought to repair the car but it turned out to be the wrong part. Close but no cigar. I'll also ebay that and hope that someone is looking for one.
  4. The new year is off to a good start in the "finding parts for my D2" department. In a random search on ebay I discovered a seller in Kentucky who listed several different pairs of tail lamp stands. One of the sets must be from a D2 slant back because the embossed part numbers match those on my car. One of the stands has a small damaged area and naturally it is the side I need (the left side). No matter. I bought the pair. They should arrive on Monday. I'll see how bad the damage is and then decide what I want to do about it. Maybe I'll send it to forum member potmetalwelder and see what he can do with it. Or maybe I'll send my mangled original to him now that I have a usable spare.
  5. Sounds like interesting reading. At least to me... I just sent an email to the DBC asking to start an account and will soon join the DBC as well.
  6. I haven't been on the forum since before Christmas. Lots of life issues going on here with my mother-in-law. I see some new posts that I need to read thoroughly but wanted to post s pic of the robe rail ends on my early production (Thanksgiving of 1935) four door sedan. I made a trip to the Dodge Garage to snap this pic a little earlier today. Happy New Year to everyone!
  7. Can you post a pic of that 797919? I'd sure like to see what it looks like.
  8. A recent thread on this forum got me thinking about the rusty floor panels on my D2. They're pretty badly rusted through, probably from a leaking windshield gasket or roof insert seal. I can't remember where I heard about the guy but I found the Plymouth Doctor Restoration Parts website and was happy to see that Wayne offers floor panels for my car. The aol email address, however, doesn't seem to work. Also I see on the web that there are more than a couple people frustrated by long, long waits for parts. I'm fine with waiting for floor panels for a few months because it'll give me time to get my car into a shop, remove the seats and carpeting, etc. in preparation for metal repairs. If I take it apart and never receive new floor panels, well, that's a problem. Does anyone here have recent experience with Wayne?
  9. The jury is still out on whether the accelerator pedal I found is from my D2 or from the P1 parts car. I'm now leaning towards D2 because I haven't found another accelerator pedal in the boxes of P1 parts. I did find brake/clutch pedal pads and a starter rod/pad from the P1 though. If anyone is interested I took some closeups of the gearshift lever boot and the parking brake lever boot from my D2. Those parts are in about the same condition and the accelerator pedal having readable part numbers. I can post those pics in this thread or start a new one (or two) where we share info on those parts. LMK.
  10. Remember guys, I'm not sure whether the pedal I posted pics of is from the P1 parts car or my D2. I need to head back to the Dodge Garage and do some digging around to see if I have another pedal. Looking at some pics of my D2 interior I *suspect* that the pictured pedal is from the P1. Looking at the shop of my D2 below it seems as though the extreme RH edge of the accelerator pedal is worn and I don't see that on the pedal I've posted pictures of.
  11. FWIW here are a few pics of the pedal that I mentioned in an earlier post. It's in decent condition. Certainly useable. I wonder why there are so many part numbers for such a simple part and if those parts are interchangeable (non-coupe parts, that is)?
  12. I'd have to say that at least 2 big factors affected survival rate: 1) cars that weren't thoroughly closed to the weather must have been more impacted by exposure to rain and snow. More of that nasty stuff got inside and negatively affected longevity. 2) any commercial vehicle would have been worked to death over a series of owners leaving little worth restoring (or so people thought back when it mattered) Factor #2 was probably amplified by the Great Depression
  13. Yeah, I'm seeing a D2 prefix as well. I know that the engine in my car is original to it because the microfilm record I got from Chrysler Historical tells me so. I wonder if Chrysler Historical has build records for Canadian production vehicles. Jim? Now that I think about it, my car was built exactly 84 years ago tomorrow; November 26, 1935 according to that microfilm record!