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  1. Weirdbeard, Thanks for the good wishes. It looks like you have acquired an excellent original starting point for however far you want to go with it. A much better starting point than I had. MUCH better. The interior looks especially good. I see that you car did get teh sealed beam headlights conversion which is too bad. As far as I'm concerned it totally changes the look of the front end and finding the parts to undo that conversion is difficult and expensive. I wonder how much better lighting was with sealed beams? I see from looking at a map that you are about as far from me as is possible while staying in the same State so a meet up isn't too likely. However my son and I did make a road trip a couple of years ago to visit Jim Page in Mineral Point/Johnstown which isn't too far from you. I'd like to see a shot of the rear end of your touring sedan to compare to my regular sedan. My D2 project is kind of stalled right now. Too many other things going on in my life to spend much time on it.
  2. I seldom visit this site these days as I'm very busy at work and progress on my D2 has stalled. Now that my son't school has ended for the year we will probably head to the Dodge Garage for some fun. I'll send you a PM on this matter.
  3. I truly used to believe that was true if only subconsciously. However in the last 10 years or so I have come face to face with hard evidence that it simply isn't so. It's hard to accept it but it's undeniable.
  4. I have only one 1936 Dodge, a 4 door non-touring sedan. The story of how I obtained it appears in one of my threads but, basically, it fell into my lap several years ago. I am more of a mid-1960s Mopar guy with a few land barges in my fleet. 65 Polara convertible, 66 Fury convertible, 66 NYer 4DHT, and then a 72 Duster Twister, 70 Imperial LeBaron, and 75 Imperial LeBaron. I've had most of these for decades and it will soon be time to thin the herd. I was sitting on my deck having morning coffee and a neighbor started waving his arms and trying to strike up a conversation with me. As it turns out he wanted the 36 Dodge in his garage to be gone. He had married a woman, moved into her house, and the car belonged to t he woman's ex-husband. It was a long, long, long stalled project. I had never before been involved with such an old car but believed the car was in good enough condition to make it mechanically sound and drive it just for fun. It has been much more of a project than I expected and that project is kind of stalled at the moment but I still intend to get the car driveable and reliable. After that? Not sure because I have a 61 Continental convertible project I'd really like to get started on and I'm not getting any younger.
  5. Robert (Dan), If you're talking about my non-touring sedan project, well, it's still a project and proceeding very slowly. I haven't done squat for almost a year. Life has been tumultuous with the loss of a couple of storage spaces, changing jobs, and the complexities of daily life during Covid. For almost 2 years I've been essentially a mobile mechanic carrying whatever tools I think I'll need in my van. I'm also in the process of buying my own 3-bay repair shop and that is proceeding about as well as everything else in my life. Parts for the D2 are out there but you have to be persistent and follow all the leads you get. Many are dead ends but a couple will pan out. My next step forward will be to install the NOS fuel tank I got last year followed immediately thereafter by the radiator and hoses. I just have so much other stuff going on that I can't find the time to take that on.
  6. Notice the hacksaw blade and small pry bar in my pic. The large container of patience isn't visible. LOL
  7. Do proceed with caution when attempting to crank open that windshield. Getting the windshield to open on my car was an epic multi-day struggle. It was tightly sealed by some sort of thick foam weatherstripping that had hardened to something rock-like and bonded to both the windshield frame and the opening.
  8. Congratulation on acquiring such a neat car. Here's a thread about another recent D2 discovery. I listed production numbers for D2 models in the thread. And here's my own thread on my D2 four door sedan project.
  9. The guy I bought my D2 from somehow learned about a P1 touring sedan sitting in a field in NE PA. He couldn't remember the details but the car had been sitting outside for many years. Anyway he went up there and stripped everything worth saving from that P1. Headlamp buckets and stands, tail lamps, carb, radiator, hood halves, starter, generator, instrument cluster, knobs, handles, etc. The main reason the tail lamps don't fit my D2 is that I have a non-touring sedan and that body style has the tail lamps mounted to the rear fenders. Touring sedans have the tail lamps mounted to the side of the body. Totally different setup. The parts for a Plymouth and a Dodge *of the same body style* may also be differnt but I don't know about that. It won't matter in this case, though, because the parts I have came from a P1. The tail lamps have part numbers molded into the stands where the stands fit against the vehicle body. Here is what I have.
  10. I had a brain fart and said that the spares I have are from a standard sedan. No idea why I said that LOL because they are from a P1 touring sedan. I’ve corrected my earlier post. Beautiful Plymouth you have there. I like the color a lot. I’m surprised by how low on the the body the tail lamps are mounted.
  11. FWIW the windshield in my D2 sedan was cracked when I bought it and the good spare that came with the car came from a P1 touring sedan. At least all the other loose Plymouth parts that came with the car came from that P1. The project had been stalled for so long that the seller couldn’t remember.
  12. Left and right side stands are different. Is this a 4 door touring sedan (with trunk lid) or a 4 door "standard" sedan? Big difference in how the tail lights mount to the body (or fenders). I have a pair of very nice P1 touring sedan tail lights. They came with my 36 D2 and don't fit that car.
  13. Did you find a starter motor? If not I may have one from a P1. I know it CAME off a P1 but don't know if it was original to that car. Might be able to see the part number on it. Let's see...
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