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  1. Here's a shot of what I believe to be the original pump from my car. Not getting much done on my D2 these days due to increased work hours and house projects.
  2. Not mine and I have no interest in it. Looks like a beauty. Anyone here? https://houston.craigslist.org/cto/d/houston-1925-dodge-touring/7153542346.html
  3. I got the front mount, a Mopar NOS part, from forum member Jim (36 D2 coupe) who lives in Canada. He had a spare one and also a spare coolant distribution tube. Shipping took forever but the parts were well worth the wait. I have seen front mounts for sale on ebay but can't remember the details anymore. IIRC a lot of later mounts are incorrectly listed as being 36 mounts so you have to watch out for that.
  4. The weather here in SE PA has been spectacular for the past few days. Sunny in the high 70s/mid 80s during the day and drops down to the high 50s/mid 60s at night for good sleeping without A/C. Low humidity too. Time for some quality D2 time! My son and i went to the garage on Friday and got right to work replacing all 3 engine mounts. I thought it would be easy and boy was I wrong! Those back mounts are a SERIOUS PITA to remove/install. Removing the lower fasteners is easy but the top ones... Ugh! And then when you have all the fasteners removed you can't jack the engine high enough
  5. After weeks of unusually cold spring weather we've had a few very nice days here in SE PA. I hear things will cool down again soon and stay that way for awhile so my son and I decided that we had better act quick and we headed to the Dodge Garage. First order of business was to drain the block of the cleaning vinegar that has been in there for a few weeks. Actually 2 batches of the stuff over the past few weeks. The first batch went into the block clear and was drained as very gritty black coffee-colored stuff. The block was then immediately refilled with fresh cleaning vinegar. So ye
  6. Very, very nice! Looks like some scary close garage clearance though. Maybe it's the camera angle.
  7. I talked to Mike Sisco about it and, while he's an expert on D2 pricing, doesn't know much about P1/P2 prices. The P1 part definitely isn't as large or heavy as it's D2 counterpart. Also the P1/P2 part is just formed sheetmetal and was painted to match the body color (as was the whole center section of the grille). No plating or other brightwork on the Plymouth part. Here's a shot of the black P2 coupe I saw at Hershey a couple of years ago. The guy who wants to buy my P1 parts pointed out the grill indentation just above the bumper line. Interesting. I had not noticed it before and m
  8. Oh I found a buyer. I just need to know what it's worth. So I can buy more D2 parts!
  9. I found a buyer for some of the P1 parts that came with my D2 Dodge. I have no idea how to price the P1 crank hole cover. How scarce are they. What's the price range for a decent driver quality part? Here's a pic or two.
  10. Just for fun here's a pic my dad sent to me today. I'm standing in the car and my grandmother is holding my brother. The car is a 56 Dodge Coronet. Best guess on year? 1965
  11. Yeah that occurred to me. But with this COVI-19D thing raging my hours have been cut way, way back and my wife got laid off. This been the first time in either of our lives that we've been un/underemployed. I usually adhere to the "It's easier to get forgiveness than it is to get permission" philosophy but I really think I'd be pushing my luck doing that right now. LOL
  12. Yes, I'll definitely wait until, at the very least, I have removed the seats and floor covering. Then I'll have a much better idea of what I'm up against. I should probably order both sides from Wayne sooner than later so I'll have them on hand when I need them. I seriously doubt that will be this year though. By the time I get the whole front of the car back together correctly, have functioning fuel and cooling systems, and maybe even have the brakes working the summer will be over. I'd like to at least go for a few drives the car before pulling the body for floor repair.
  13. Taking another look at pics of jpage's parts car gives this hint of what I'll be dealing with. Looks daunting to me.
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