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  1. Master Parts Book lists brake lever as 1925 and date stamp on pinion carrier is also 1925. Bob
  2. dodge brothers , " DB " casting on brake lever. Bob
  3. Richard I will have a look at my spares ,may have one , should have more than one , just got to find them in the mess at the moment, I know there is one on the kitchen table at home ,dont know which way the needle goes , will let you know tomorrow . bob
  4. Richard you have recreated the most original coach work for these holden body cars that I have seen ever when compairing it to the original body work , a lot you see patched and some a total loss in translation , thank you for this post and there will be a lot of future restorers use this as a guide to there cars . Yes you have to paint it to help preserve and weather proof them as our climate is hash on open cars . Good work mate , talk soon Bob
  5. The car number is located above the right spring shackle rear, letters and numbers about 3/4" high and spaced about the same , also if right front mud guard is off it is on the top of the frame above the same point. Bob
  6. He has two to go on with , the Air Stream in the background . Boy have I got a book on them that you will go crazy over , haha
  7. 30 Dodge , The little truck is a 1996 Toyota Hilux ute with a 2.4 lt motor and it had no trouble towing it home , only 20 miles or so. Ron your not supposed to tell the would that about the Ford and it was 4 years ago, you now i have lost memory since than . ha ha ha . Matt I think the boss has ideas of that , don"t know yet, my be .Will load more soon when I start getting it ready for rego . bob
  8. A closed delivery ute Australian style. This one I done a mechanical rebuild on about 20 years ago and since has done very little work , runs well and will need some small work before being on the road again , bob
  9. sintered bronze bushings NOT BRASS , they hold oil in them to lube the shaft . bob
  10. Ron its starting to look to much like a car now , you know you will have start driving it soon and you know you will never stop doing so and wonder why you didnt do this years ago ,ha ha . Its only been ne on 40 years for me and i cant ever stop , they are just so practical for every day use , good work mate . Bob
  11. Just line up the ,O, son crank gear and cam gear with chain pulled tight with generator gear, very simple.
  12. The car is a 1928 series 128 Fast Four Dodge brothers Sedan with two wheel brakes and all steel body , very good car to restore and very reliable.
  13. More coming over the next few weeks as we have a 1900 Tabolt, 1915 Alldays Onions, 1915 Swift, 1926 Mercedes Benz to be repaired .
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