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  1. David this is what I did with the sedan , the cheek plates go on the outside of the frame under the bumper brackets and the cross bar goes to them between the spring and frame . you can still remove the spare tyre with a trailer on . Bob
  2. I wood say roadster by the top stay under the mans elbow and how big the rear window looks , if tourer you wood see the curve of body to rear seat and the window would be much smaller .
  3. One will need the frame number and engine numbers to begin with to establish what year first.
  4. They look as if there has been a stone hone in side the rod bearings , where are the machine marks from the cutting tool ? Like Herm111 I a little worried about the surface finish .
  5. You are right everything that I have shows magneto control , will have to find some pics of disy control . bob
  6. The 24 book of information shows both left and right drive cars linkages for both ignition and carburetor .
  7. The first badge without knowing its size looks like a 128, 1928 push in type that I have on my cars. bob
  8. Get a copy of the Dodge Brothers club magazines cd from the Ddge Brothers club and reserch it . It has the history and all the changes that the Senior car had done to it in that peroid, your answers are there.
  9. Will have a look this week , should be one or two here but dont know conduition , talk later, Bob