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  1. As you said they usually bore to even .01s, .025 is unusual. I would have it bored or professionally honed to .03 and buy new pistons. That way they will match in weight and last 100 years. I'm not going to say you will never hone it by hand .005 because someone will always argue. But you won't have a round cylinder that doesn't have ugly taper if you try it. An automotive machine shop can power hone it and control roundness and taper.
  2. That sucks, Rick. Are you using non ethanol gas? From what I have been reading it's probably the valves that are stuck. I am not convinced paying the extra for no ethanol is worth it. It's been acting goofy for me. Not trying to start an internet rumor but I am not convinced any of it is any good. I was washing some parts a week ago with non ethanol and it was very humid and raining. The stuff clouded up and separated just like ethanol does. Normally I would recommend Berkebile 2+2 Gumcutter carb cleaner but was just told they went enviro. It is now in a green can and doesn't even burn or clean carbs. Is the chicken traveling you this weekend?
  3. Jeepers, now I see it. Almost looked like a reflection in the pictures, good choice.
  4. Rich, that looks perfect. Can't speak for Ron but you did good on the screws, not like the screw butcher. The color green looks perfect for this car. Will it get pin striped and if so what color. I think a mint green would look good. Back to the dash plaques that were brass. MANY years ago someone gave the process on here how that is done. It is acid etched. I am sure with some research on the web it cold be found.
  5. Thanks John, so what is a bonnet other then the head covering the Amish ladies wear? I agree with guards, never did understand fenders. They are guitars. Why can't we all speak the same language?
  6. Don't build him up too much, Ron. His head won't fit under that chopped roof. Or is it bonnet?
  7. Not only does Matt do his own plating he molds his own tires too.
  8. Ron, I would never tell. Only thing I do is lay something down when the phone rings. And then I forget what I am searching for after the call.
  9. OUCH! No laughing Ron. Matt, you do realize you didn't have to tell us that? Or you could have just said you were practicing. Or that you intend to buy another Victory. You secret is safe with me. Did you see that, Ted??
  10. AT least we agree it's a fender. Or a guard. Or a wing.
  11. Hey Ron, why didn't you say it MIGHT be '27-'28 fast four too?
  12. Oops, I guess I forgot about Seniors, but no one has any of those.
  13. IF DB it would have come from a Standard, only made in 1928. Not many in the club, Tom and Cindy Myers have a coupe.
  14. Another thing that will help with thin metal is to put clamp a piece of copper, maybe 1/4 inch thick, to back of weld. It will suck out the extra heat as Matt talked of. It will also keep your gas from escaping through the crack.
  15. I agree Matt. After putting the ute back together the speedo should have been easy.
  16. When changing oil you are expected to clean out the screen, not just drain oil from a 3/8 bolt. Don't overthink DBs, they will confuse you and win.
  17. Ron, take care of yourself. My lungs are not the best either.
  18. I am not an expert but agree with others here. Don't spend money YET. Find out what is going on, you may not have to take it apart. Even then, take it apart and figure out what you need, you may need more or less then what you first thought. It sounds like you may have not been down this road before? No problem but get a good manual for your year. There is no order to disassembly just assembly. ALL heads start at the center and work out in a circular order. Make your self a drawing or use a magic marker and number the studs. At least three torque levels, starting around 20 or so. Make sure everything is clean and threads are very clean before you start. Patience!
  19. Does it run? If so determine if rich or lean, black smoke or popping. Take the bellcrank off and go ONE click on the spline THAT way. If it gets worse go the other way TWO clicks. When it gets close fine tune with the adjustment.
  20. Donn, check with George at Romar. He had several and there are different ones early and late.
  21. Matt, I go away for two day and come home to this. There is something to be said for capital punishment. We are allowed to have more then one bullet, just so we can make sure.
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