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  1. I don't know that there are actual calculations for that. A friend that owned a radiator shop for 40 years used to eyeball the flow. He would hold the bottom pipe closed and fill with a garden hose. When full he would let it empty while still filling with the hose. If the level went down in the radiator it was good enough. Not very scientific but he worked on everything from modern to antique to tractor trailers and farm equipment and it worked for him.
  2. Before you get all wound up get an answer from George himself whether he ships out of the country. I know and deal with both companies all the time, both very good for our hobby. As has been said they are both very busy. Right now they are getting ready for Hershey.
  3. It is that time again to send your money for a place at the table for the DBC dinner at Hershey. $22 for each adult. The notice was in the last DBC newsletter with the address and drop dead date for reservation. The business meeting will take place after the dinner. Sit down and write the check RIGHT now if you have not already done so. Doug Walters
  4. What Mikefit said is true. There is a special fitting for the top of the vacuum tank where the vacuum line attaches. It has a small hole about .03 in it. DO you have that fitting? It should help with this bad idle problem.
  5. No gasket, no seal, no pressure, finger tight.
  6. If you don't have an owners manual, called a Book of Information, you certainly need one. The dipstick is a float behind the starter, there are two marks cast into the block to indicate level. You disconnect the copper pipe from the front on the oil pan to drain the oil. Locate the edition of manual printed just before your car was built to get the most accurate information.
  7. The vacuum wiper used on '25 DB's was a Trico unit.
  8. That type uses one gasket. The older ones have a flange on the inner tank with the holes in too. That one uses two gaskets.
  9. The crack is probably from freezing with water in it. I would recommend getting a donor, may need other parts too. Pay very close attention when buying one as they all look similar. The throttle plate could have come from the top of the carb, some people refer to it as a manifold. You need the reprint of Stewart carbs from the DB club store, give thorough instructions for them.
  10. Every DB steering wheel I have seen has two keys, hole is 7/8. The '21 would not have a horn button on the wheel, didn't happen until '22 when polarity was changed to positive ground.
  11. If the carb overflows when you open the vacuum tank valve the problem is in the carb. Take the float bowl cover off, two screws. MAYBE the float has a hole. DID it have water in it over winter and freeze? MAYBE the float is stuck. MAYBE the linkage on the needle valve is out of position.
  12. Dan, you really NEED a manual, before you get into something that bites you and you get frustrated. Disconnect your cableS at the battery. Turn the engine over slowly by hand until you find the master link. Attach a small piece of wire to each end of the chain so you don't lose the ends and tie them off. Remove the master link. The generator is held in by a giant nut on the inside and brackets on the outside. You need a piece of brass to loosen the big nut. After you get the big nut loose there is a cam to loosen the chain . If you drop the chain down the rabbit hole you are in trouble.
  13. Yes, business coupe and pretty nice looking one to boot. It looks like it will clean up nicely. If you don't have a Book of Information, the owner's manual, you should find one. It will tell you most everything you need to know. The AACA library stores the DB club's literature. The 17th edition is the manual you want for your car, printed in March of '24. If you call or email them they will copy and mail it to you for a few bucks, either digital or paper copy.
  14. Disc wheels were starting to be used more around 1924 then before. Cars could still be had with either. The difference in coupes in the back seat. The Fisher or four passenger coupe is a wood bodied car like a Chevrolet. If you open the trunk the frame of the lid is wood. The doors have wood frames. And it should have a Body by Fisher tag on the right side of the cowl at the bottom. The business coupe only has one seat. I tried to google it but can't find good pictures that would show you the differences. If you can figure out how to post pictures here I will help you ID it. I have a '24 Fisher coupe. As to the vacuum tank the reprint above explains it very well, BUT can be confusing if you have never seen inside one before. Ask questions if you have problems with it. They can be very reliable. DO not go the electric pump direction.
  15. Does your coupe have a jump seat for the passenger and 3/4 seat in back? If so it is called either a four passenger coupe or Fisher coupe. If it only has seating for two it is a business coupe. DB never made a Dr.'s coupe or Opera coupe by name. There should/may be a pipe plug in the top of the vacuum tank. You can fill it with gas there. If not, take the lid off of the float chamber on the carb and fill it with gas.
  16. If you run with your headlights on a lot you may want to set the cut out with them on.
  17. I am still wading through the production papers. Tonight I came across an ad for the Dodge Brothers Motoring magazine, 1930. It was printed for owners. Have you heard of it, 35cz8? Might have marathon info in it? Ebay for old copies?
  18. Your safest thing to do is go to ebay now that you have an idea what you have. All you will get here is opinions while there you will see what they actually sell for. The approximate 50,000 number is well known from Jan. 1915. We think it was done to stop confusion with the serial number. If you look at the DBC website there is a list of car serial numbers and build dates to check for yourself. The engine numbers are not listed anywhere I know of.
  19. The engine number is usually ABOUT 50,000 more then the car serial number. Using that this engine came in a car built about Mar. of 1926.
  20. Looks like it MIGHT be a '25 or early '26 DB engine, not Chrysler. What is the number stamped above where the carb should be? Does it run?
  21. Take a look on the DBC website in the production papers listed in the garage section. In the 1930 papers there is several letters to dealers about the marathon car.
  22. One of my old bosses was a Marine in WW2. He said every night they pushed stuff off the side of the ship on the way home because they knew it had to be inventoried before they were going home once they hit NYC. JBed, if I have never told you before I learned a lot reading your articles from the MVPA magazine. I only joined a few years ago but looked through the back issues and bought all of your articles. THANKS for your effort.
  23. I would call it a '17, but that's me. I think you should call it what YOU want. DB did so many crazy things it is hard to say what they were thinking. The more I read the less I understand.