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  1. Since it sat so long it might be good to use a little Marvel Mystery in the gas. 50 is good. There's explanations of the carb in another thread. The dashpot, looks like a mushroom, is known to stick. COULD be the source of being rich. If you didn't get the Book of Information, owner's manual, with it you should get a copy. There is a list of them and edition numbers on the DBC site. You want the one printed right before your car was built to get the most correct info. Some years have 4 or 5 different manuals as DB did not have year end changes. You can either look for an original manual or ge
  2. That serial number says mid July 1925, which would make it a '26 series. The engine number should be about 50,000 less then the serial number. There is also a number stamped on the right half of the firewall. It is the body number which usually means the sequential number of that body style. It would be like the 199 station wagon built that year? Touring cars start with T, sedans with S, roadsters with R. I forget what the station wagons have, if anything. Let us know. It is pressure feed mains and dipper rods for the oil. Getting them running is the most fun! Be cautious. If you manually fill
  3. I doubt 20 lbs. of oil pressure. Most four cylinder DBs are lucky to have about 3 or 4. Not sure where you found the car but if NY or Ohio I scanned a bunch of new car invoices and orders and they are posted on the DB club site. The sales contracts are from close to NYC. The orders are from Ohio. MIGHT get lucky and find the serial number and original owner. In the NY batch there are lots of station wagons, which is what this is called.
  4. When you say " boiled out", exactly how did they do it? That is a lot of crude for being done the right way and rinsed out. I think I would empty the tank and use a hi pressure washer to clean it again. You can take the drain plug out and catch the junk in a cloth in a funnel to see what is in there.
  5. Look at the website coachbuilt.com Looks like it may be a Cantrell station wagon.
  6. The hubcap is a rear post '18 cap. The hub is a front.
  7. I have never heard of a state requiring heavy modifications on an antique. The two wheel brakes were designed by engineers, not just something added without knowing consequences. And they work quite well when maintained correctly. How do you plan to marry mechanical rear brakes to hydraulic front brakes? I'd sure like to see how you added power steering.
  8. The DB club has an invitation signed by all the wheels that attended a dealer party. It is at AACA library with our other literature. As I recall that chicken scratch doesn't look authentic. And how could it be in "new condition"? They died 100 years ago.
  9. John, that looks like Bill's car, now Dale's car. Good example to follow.
  10. Matt, that gear shift ball is pretty clever. I will have to try that. Could you show a few more pictures of how you made your steering wheel?
  11. Matt is making this whole project look easy and I know it's not.
  12. Not sure about your Senior, but a SB Chevy fits in a '29 DA perfectly. Drill a 1/8 inch hole in it to bleed air out.
  13. Don't screensides have side mount spares? If you google dodge brothers screensides there are lots of pictures.
  14. That's what I was thinking. I have seen freshly painted engines that plugs would not ground. Or a little rust where the plug seats keeping it from grounding. OHM meter.
  15. Ron, do you really think this car will ever see a hand crank?
  16. Easy-Peasy to make. Have the slots water jetted. Shear the rest and bend.
  17. What is the edition number of your buddy's manual? I am guessing he has the wrong one. DB went from negative to positive in mid '22 about the time the horn button moved from the door to the steering wheel. Had something to do corrosion on the contacts.
  18. I completely understand the desire to have a filter. But it's a by pass filter, not much better the a screen like the four cylinder cars have. I would not waste the effort. Besides, as has been said, the right filter elements are difficult to find.
  19. I am going to take a different approach to this. DB decided this engine didn't need an oil filter and they knew the truck was going to be in use every day, or at least they hoped that. You will probably put on about 500 miles in a year's time. Why not leave it the way it is, change to your favorite type of oil and finish the truck and have fun with it? It's kind of like lifting a touring body from the frame. It MIGHT weigh 100-150 lbs. Two guys can lift it off. Some times you guys think too much.
  20. Is the body rusted that would weaken it? If you remove the windshield , fenders, and doors there is just about no weight there. It should not be a problem.
  21. The puller is the same for DA and four cylinder DB. I think it's 2 1/2 diameter, forget the pitch.
  22. There is at least 4 different DB models in 1928. Can you narrow it down a bit?
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