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  1. R 32 , yes up to speed for the most part on the ONLY, but who knows what else might turn up? In fact I contacted you last year and you provided some great info. The Metropole is a bit of a bug hunt so far only one poor quality picture and some general text on the cars, Richards last car design? A few sources says he built another car in Cleveland. Some info that left over FRP parts were built into working chassis in Bridgeport, CT , bodies added than sold as Porters by a NYC dealer of sorts . I found a bit of info on the company that did the work, American British Manufacturing Co. They were
  2. Trying to track down the FRP that was in the Great Race , I believe it was in Europe than sold at a show or shortly after according to the dealer. I have contacted Curtis , was not able to correspond with him much. I am trying to build a photo display of Port Jefferson, NY built cars for a local history project
  3. Looking to find an American car that was at Retromobile in 2002, according to dealer who had car, the car was sold shortly after the show. Assume still in Europe, but after 19 years be could be back in USA, or GB. An internet search has not worked . Any suggestions as to European based "car finders" appreciated.
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