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  1. You guys have incredible attention to detail.
  2. John, the master parts book says '23 is different. I did hear a rumor today someone else is thinking of making pans for a '23. AND, they are different then my '24. I don't think they made two DBs the same. BTW, a friend has new pans for 1915 and '16 DBs, it takes a small modification for them to fit 1916 after the mag moved. And I have right side tail light brackets for 1915 with cast mounts. look just like left side but opposite hand. You can add brake lights or have two tail lights, they are $30 shipped.
  3. Let me see if I can figure it out by the parts book. I THOUGHT these were only up to '18. My '24 has several raised areas to fit around things, also welded together. These are completely flat with many cutouts.
  4. No John, I would think '23 would be more like '24. '17 and '18 are completely flat.
  5. I have new engine pans for 1917 and '18, laser cut. They are cut exactly like originals, same thickness, for $60 a pair plus shipping. I also have rubber cushions for 1924 roadster rear deck. They are like originals, 3/4 X 1 1/4, four per car. $10 each plus shipping.
  6. OK, that's better. I do not have any to get rid of, try Myers or Romar. They should both have them. I'd have to check parts books but I THINK they changed length in '16 when the wb changed.
  7. 140 L&R is correct for '14 to '19. Bair is cast in the flipper along with the patent date.
  8. Matt, I have a local buddy with PP if I have to use it.
  9. Matt, I am sorry I do not take PayPal. A personal check would work. It has to be drawn on a US owned bank to clear though.
  10. The rusty car in the bone yard looks like a '28 Standard. Probably no parts will transfer.
  11. Thanks Matt, they are different then DA and Victory. As usual DB could not make two cars alike. The DA and Victory does not have the recessed area.
  12. Oops, disregard the two that are alike.
  13. These are the three shift pad or steering column pads I make if that will help you. I can not put the metal plate in them, could be bonded to the back I guess if necessary. I get $40 each plus shipping.
  14. David, I have a copy of an email from a friend that requested research of a build card. It says at this time they are not able to do it by company guidelines.
  15. Kevin BC, could you post a closer picture of the shift pad?
  16. Not sure why you would say that we should not have access to this information. We would only be interested in '14 to '38. I am told this info only starts in '30 so it would not be that much. It is obvious from as far back as 2014 that FCA has no real interest in their history. The ONLY logical place for it to be if we had it would be with our other literature at AACA library. Very few of the members or even the public use the literature we already have. I see many opinions it should all be online as people are too busy or CHEAP to use the system. I doubt that it will all be scanned online.
  17. Sorry, I missed your last comment. No pics that would be helpful. And from others that have tried recently the build cards are no longer available. Guess Fiat isn't interested.
  18. It would help to know if you want cloth in either deluxe or standard, leather or vinyl. All were available. And body style.
  19. John, I agree. Last time I saw this car was Wisconsin. It needs some road miles on it, then the drip won't matter so much. Dennis, you done a great job with this car, love the colors.
  20. You guys down under have too much time on your hands. Must not have any grass to mow or weeds to kill. I still have not gotten much time in my shop this summer. Nice colors Ron. You are doing a bangup job. I think I know of only one Senior roadster in the USA, not saying there aren't more.
  21. JayG, your '25 roadster should have 191 by my notes. I have said this before, but here's a good place for it again. If anyone ever sees a catalog for top irons I would like a copy or original for the DBC collection of literature. The manufacturer name was Bare or Bear, or Behr.
  22. I'm not sure how to follow this comment Ron. Just wanted to say how impressed I am with your car Ian.
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