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  1. I always wanted to go to SpeedWeek at Bonneville. I figured that if Burt could travel from down under, the least that I could do was travel from Pennsylvania to Utah. so in 2010 I finally made it. Big mistake, I was hooked. came home and built a 56 Corvette Landspeed racer and raced it for the next three years at Bonneville and other Landspeed events. It was Burt Monroe’s fault.
  2. The worlds fastest Indian and Ford VS. Ferrari
  3. I understood your first post perfectly. It must be the way we grew up.
  4. 1982 Mercedes Benz convertible top and hardtop convertible. black convertible top and yellow removable hardtop. Sun yellow with black leather interior V8 engine and automatic transmission Mercedes tool kit, first aid kit and owners manuals included. 102k miles. $ 12,900. call 717-422-8324. In Mechanicsburg Pa.
  5. The car sold this morning. Thank you.
  6. 1974 MG Midget British racing green hardtop, soft top frame and tonneau cover registered as an antique car $4,900. call Dave. 717-422-8324 Mechanicsburg, Pa.
  7. It is only one shade of red. The lighting was very poor in the warehouse.
  8. I am not sure why the photos are upside down. hopefully the moderator can correct.
  9. For sale. 1952 MG TD. Most restoration work completed. Many parts included to complete restoration. $ 14,500. call Dave 717-422-8324 gray6363@gmail.com Mechanicsburg, Pa.
  10. This show was one of the best that I have been to. The weather played a huge part in the success, but the hard work and organization of the AACA members was amazing. We have used this venue before and the Wyndham management continues to go out of its was to accommodate all of the needs of the show organizers. I agree that the military collection of the Buck family was a great addition the the show. It always seemed to have crowds surrounding the collection. Thanks again to all that contributed. Dave Gray
  11. That was so much fun watching that video. Some awesome driving from most of the drivers.
  12. The pin was made by Whitehead & Hoag, Newark NJ
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