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  1. If you buy this car the first thing to replace is the battery cables with the correct gauge (1 or 0 gauge) rather than the cables for a 12 volt system that are on it now. These cables will cause slow or no cranking in hot conditions. The correct size cables should be about as thick as your thumb.
  2. Another thing to look at. Is that an 8-track player under the dash? If so, were the kick panels, door panels or package tray cut to install speakers? Replacement cost should be considered.
  3. Just a pet peeve of mine. I've never seen a 75 foot Riviera, plenty of '75 Riv's but never a 75'. That aside, welcome to the Forum! A few years ago, I gave my nephew a '90 Olds Toronado for his 16 birthday. Two years later he showed it in his first AACA National Meet and was awarded his HPOF certification. I'm like the rest of the guys above, tell us why you want it and what you want to do with it. Would love to see you get it.
  4. Reality check. Tell him you will seriously consider it at $20,000 after you take it for a drive around the block. Then ask for any documentation of the original miles to verify that it is not 104,300 miles. If this is a low mileage car, total up the cost of making the repairs that would be needed to drive the car around the block. Since the seller doesn't have the car running or clean assume everything that you can not test or see as it stands is a deduction. The things to consider are: Needs battery Engine can not be cranked because of no battery, assume a seized engine or cracked block b
  5. It sounds like your booster is not working. I'm assuming by a circuit design you mean a dual chamber master cylinder. If that's the case you can not have power front disk and manual power brakes. Power brake boosters are always used with disk brakes because of the high pressure required by disk brakes. How about a photo of your setup (especially the dual circuit master cylinder set up) and we may be able to give you more help.
  6. You could try this from the Judges Guidelines: Tire Documentation Owners not able to find a correct replacement tire should send a letter to the VP Judging indicating the specific size of the correct tire and that at least two tire manufacturers have been contacted and the correct tire is not available. Tires one size larger or smaller are acceptable. A letter from the VP Judging is the ONLY AACA ACCEPTED documentation regarding a vehicles’ substitute tires. Any letter issued by the VP Judging should be shown to the Team Captain at the time of vehicle judging.
  7. In the '60's when my dad was shopping for a new car, the salesman would always send him home with the car overnight or deliver cars to the house for him to consider. One time, when he returned the car the next day, the salesman said he had already sold the "trade-in". I'm sure it was not a nice discussion that I missed!
  8. Just curious, what size tires are you running? With correct size tires you may not need power steering. Also, the technique for driving without power steering is a little different, which many of us have forgotten, just because we can do it that way with power steering. Correct size tires and rolling the car a little while turning the wheel makes a big difference.
  9. Steven Thanks for your great efforts on this. I will follow up. Any located in the US anywhere?
  10. No deduction unless they are excessive. You should not have a problem.
  11. 25 chry, The Maxwell has a cone clutch which runs in an oil bath. I think the model 58 used a dry plate clutch, which would not work. What type of clutch do you have? Thanks Dave
  12. I've pulled the starter on my 1921 Maxwell while trying to free the stuck engine. I found that the teeth are badly damaged from the starter, but the starter drive appears in good shape. Very strange unless the starter drive was replaced. Anyone have a flywheel for sale?
  13. "Camaro 4v, w/Hi-Perf. 327cid 275hp .......................................... 1967-1969 Camaro 4v, w/396cid including SS .......................................... 1967-1969 Camaro 4v, w/350cid 300hp ......1969" If your Z28 has any of the above engines, it is in Class 36b. Dave
  14. A year for your Fairlane or a part number may get you some answers.
  15. You might try this. When I go to AACA National Meets or other shows with only original cars, I find a spot at the show exit where all the cars have to pull out on to a highway, just to listen to the sound. Heard some great stuff.
  16. "[TABLE=width: 100%] <tbody>[TR=class: vi-ht20] [TD]Shipping: Will ship to United States. Read item description or contact seller for shipping options. | See details <!-- Build Estimated delivery and CBT message --> [/TD] [/TR] [TR=class: vi-ht20] [TD]Item location: Tullahoma, Tennessee, United States" Interesting shipping note, he will ship to the US from Tennessee.................I'd go pick it up, but I'm not sure if my passport is valid for Tennessee. [/TD] [/TR] </tbody>[/TABLE]
  17. A photo of what you are talking about would help get you an answer quickly
  18. Where are you located. I may be interested in the engine or at least the flywheel and starter if you are selling.
  19. Look for the simple things first. The choke butterfly may be stuck closed.
  20. You need to be looking for a Special or Century grill. The Super and Roadmaster grills are wider and will not fit
  21. Not a Mopar dash mounted mirror. They have a swivel at the bottom. This one mounts on the roof, into the headliner, not on a windshield interior molding.
  22. I just re-read your original post. Since you have a CA pink slip, you may have to start the search with CA DMV. If your dad lived in a different state, you may have to search that state as well to see if he did title it. Since there was a temp tag issued in 1986, that state may be the one where the title was last issued. Most states will not issue a temp tag without proof of ownership and transfer of title. Hope this helps.
  23. Your circumstance is not that unusual. Oregon DMV should be able to tell you who the current titled owner. If it is sill in your grandmother's name, you will need to know who the administrator of her estate was. If that was your father, you will need to know who the administrator of his estate was. The courthouse where the wills are filed will issue letters authorizing the current living executor to sign for the titled owner. You will need most likely need a living administrator to request the duplicate title and then sign the title over to you. Not difficult, but a little time consuming
  24. Wayne, Glad it worked for you as well as it did for me!
  25. The bolts on the head extend up through the nuts at different heights. The head has been off and most likely replaced by a later Chrysler or Plymouth head. This is a Maxwell engine. This engine has the oil bath cone clutch, which I don't think was used on any Chrysler or Plymouth four cylinder engines. It's later than 1921 because it does not have priming cups on the intake manifold, but still has the bosses where the holes would be drilled and tapped for priming cups. 1921 still had the priming cups, 1922 did not.
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