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  1. The 6v electric could be factory. Chrysler first offered electric wipers in the 1940's
  2. Do what we did in the south in pre-air conditioned days. Put a damp wash cloth (thin) in a plastic bag in a cooler with ice. Does wonders to cool you down!
  3. "I built this 28' Ford Model A Tudor Sedan." I think you are stretching it a bit to call it 28 FEET. Kidding aside, I curious how if it is still titled as s 1928 Ford because I don't see a 1928 engine or 1928 frame under it, so where is the VIN located to make it a 1928 Ford? Also, how does it run at highway speed? It looks like the draft tube on the carb would pull out more fuel than gets to the engine.
  4. The pick-up tube in the fuel tank has a strainer on it. Rust and other particles in the tank will be sucked up against the pickup until it is clogged and not enough fuel can flow. The car sits for 30 minutes and it all falls off and the car runs great for another 15-20 miles. Drop the tank, clean and seal it and get rid of the strainer on the pickup tube. Use an inline filter before the fuel pump to catch any remaining trash in the tank.
  5. I have always understood that the narrow design of the Buick "nailhead" engine was that it had to fit in the straight eight engine bay. Chrysler reduced the number of steering wheel turn to 3 lock to lock with their new power steering in 1951. GM and Ford stayed with the same 5-7 turns lock to lock with the addition of power steering. The factory salesman book for each make should have the turning radius listed, but I haven't been able to locate one on line.
  6. If it doesn't have the original Hurst shifter on the 4-speed, then it can't be a real Hurst Packard!
  7. I first learned of Lewis in 1972 through a college roommate who's family was good friends of Lewis. His dad was storing cars Lewis planned to restore in a barn at his dad's. (I won't mention the Super Fly Eldo that was one of them!) I didn't really get to know Lewis and Libby until about 1995 when we began a long friendship. Lewis was truly the Master of Buick knowledge and we have lost a great historian and a good friend. Dave Bowman Hornets Nest Region, AACA
  8. Ron, I questioned the same thing and did quite a bit of research. All the major US makes went to tubeless tires for 1955 as original equipment, based on sales catalog. They all specified "tubeless tires" in the specification section of the sales catalogs. I saw no mention of tubeless tires as an option in earlier years. Based on my research, tubeless tires were available as aftermarket replacements before 1955, but they were not offered by the manufactures' until 1955. The car companies were proud of this advancement, so the word "tubeless" was always used in the description of the tire
  9. This car no longer appears in the revised list of Hershey Meet winners.
  10. Since it is a one of a kind car, the car and the provenance are one. One would not exist without the other.
  11. David, Here's the link to Miami Corp referred to above. Have not used their leather, but other products. http://www.miamicorp.com/
  12. Sometimes you just need to think out of the box. A number of year ago, another frequent poster here and I started a "Main Street" car show in a local town with numerous antique shops and eating establishments on Main Street. The Visitor and Convention Council was contacted and a grant received for the car show because of the number of out of town visitors we would attract through direct mailings to car clubs in a three state area. The concept was "your car is your trophy". Pre-registration was free and included $10.00 "Downtown Dollars" that could be redeemed at any Main Street merchant.
  13. Henry, I believe the black face is correct for '78 and '79.
  14. Matt's comments are correct, however you may be ask to remove the literature from the trunk or seat by the judges so that they can properly judge that area. You can then replace your display.
  15. Bill, The lock out and cable is used only in the vacuum shifted transmission. If yours has been changed to a 1946 or later hydraulic transmission their is no connection for the lock out cable.
  16. Reverse is in the same place as in a manual 3 speed transmission. Push the clutch in, move the lever to neutral, pull towards you and then up. Release the clutch and you are in reverse. Your transmission is vacuum shifted between two gears in the forward range. This was changed to hydraulic shift in 1946.
  17. Adding a few drops of light oil to the brake booster is covered in the '57 Buick shop manual.
  18. When you win a First Junior and up you receive your grill badge which is to be mounted on the front of the car. AACA national publishes the awards after every meet and maintains a listing of all previous winners. Your car is registered by VIN number with National and they maintain the records. I think you already have good documentation of your award.
  19. Circuit breakers will wear out sometimes. I would replace the headlight switch. The breaker is internal in the switch.
  20. I was visiting a friend who was trying to start his Springfield Rolls. Every time he hit the starter button the horn blew softly. Told him it sounded like a electrical feedback problem. We checked the fuses and one was blown. Replace it and everything was fine again.
  21. There is no general process. Each state is totally different. What state is the car in and what state was it last registered in?
  22. Radials will make low speed steering, such as when parking very heavy if you have manual steering. I don't recommend radials for this reason.
  23. I've run radials on my '67 for years and yes 235R75-15 is the best match. I'm not a trimmer, but there are some tricks to installing this top such as wiring running throught the top to the header motors and the pocket in the inside of the top above the rear window with the rubber magnetic strip which holds the top to the rear window frame when the top is up. This does not come with the replacement top and must be moved from the old top to the new one. Talk to someone who has done one of these before. They are great cars. I've had mine since 1979 along with several other '60's Lincolns whi
  24. Also, contact Lincoln Land in Clearwater Florida
  25. Scroll down further on this forum and you will find the Buick section, including the Pre-War section.
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