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  1. Jenkins Restorations is still in business. They just finished a top on a '56 Lincoln for us a few months ago. We spoke to Louis just a few days ago.
  2. Do you put your modern car in neural to go down the same hill? It will gain speed also. There is no need to do it and it is unsafe. You need engine braking desending all hills to maintain control of the vehicle and prevent run away and loss of control.
  3. Most of us started as you did with little knowledge of our cars, but through research period manuals from the factory and non-factory publications such as Dyke's we began to learn. Trial and error is a great learning tool as well. Joining AACA and Maxwell clubs is a must and get active. The more people you meet with cars of your period, the faster you will learn. Good luck with the Maxwell.
  4. Note on the 12 volt Imperials above. The Crown was the long wheelbase limo and was 12 volts. Standard Imperials were 6 volts.
  5. I seem to remember some early 60's Chryslers having a dash mounted turn signal switch. I think that is what you have.
  6. I had a similar problem on a '57 Buick. It would run great for 15-20 miles and die and would not restart. Let it sit for 30 miniutes and it would crank right up and run for another 15-20 miles and die. There is a filter/strainer on the pickup tube in the tank. This tank had not been cleaned out and the sediment in the tank would clog the filter. After 30 minutes, enough would fall off that the car would crank again. Cleaning and sealing the tank and removing the pickup striner solved the problem.
  7. I beleve the one on the left is '46-'48 Buick and the one next to it '49 Buick. not sure on the other two.
  8. This happened to me on a '57 Buick with power brakes on a road trip. The diaphram seal in the boster is leather. There is a cover on the top of the boster. Remove the cover and add a few drops of motor oil and move the brake pedal up and down. This should cure your problem. This is covered in the shop manual.
  9. Can you post a photo of what you have? It will help you get an answer.
  10. Hi Chris, Check Autocolorlibrary.com They have it available in PPG Sudan Blue 504 IM1691. Dave Bowman
  11. Check the rear flex hose again. I had the same problem on a '47 Roadmaster. Replaced all hoses and in a few months had the same problem. Took off the rear flex hose and cut it open. The inside of the hose had swollen to the point the opening was less than 1/16". Put on another new hose and that corrected the problem. If it was a problem with the master cylinder push rod adjustment, you would have problems on all wheels not just the rear.
  12. I had the same wiper problem on my '60 Invicta. The grease in the wiper motor drive gear was rock hard and keeping the park lever from moving into place. Pull the motor, take the cover off the gear drive, remove the old grease and relube. You should be in great shape then.
  13. You could use the special Chrismas - New Years plant shutdown to buy at least a week given the engine production date and the body date. Seriously, there is no such thing as a "6 week" rule in AACA judging. Also, AACA has no requirement for matching numbers. All we require is that the engine in the vehicle was available in that vehicle from the factory. We further require that the engine appear as it did from the factory, including the correct color paint. Keep up your research. If all engines in 1957 Chevy trucks were gray and passenger cars yellow, it indicates your engine has been changed. Keep on digging for the definitive answer and keep the documentation you find, especilly if you find that the yellow 265 is correct.
  14. For AACA judging, it would not be a problem. AACA does not judge date codes or production dates. However, you should document that the 265 was available in a '57 truck. If not, that would be a deduction. You should post this question with what ever clubs you plan on showing the truck at. Each has different standards.
  15. Your's is number 4. The last I heard, this car seems to be in Washington state. This looks like the same car. Any more out there?
  16. 61polara

    Do Not Judge?

    Starting in 2011, the HPOF and DPC cars are placed on the show field before the other classes rather than at the end.
  17. Re #279 The SC plate #1 is indeed the Govenor's car and the Govenor was Strom Thurmond, who you can see on the porch.
  18. Based on the '42 DeSoto part manual, all '42's used the same brake light housing. Part #990584. I'm looking at a US manual, so export cars may be different.
  19. The great thing about this thread is that in one place we have photo's of 3 of the 4 known surviving '42 DeSoto Custom convertibles!
  20. In an e-mail to me he mentioned that the car was or is in Austrailia. I've ask for photos because as an export, that part may be a Dodge or Plymouth.
  21. The column does not seperate from the box. Remove the steering wheel and gear shift lever and pull it out through the floorboard from underneath the car. You will have to raise the car enough for clearance. If the center of the floor pan unbolts and can be removed, you may get it out that way.
  22. I've driven many tour miles on my '47 Roadmaster, with no issues with the factory brakes. These are very good brakes. I've never had a fade issue. Moving to disk brakes would also require a power boster because of the increased pedel pressure.
  23. Sorry for the break in the post, the cat hit the Post Button continued from the previous post: sdn 2dr 1075 sdn 4 dr 6463 town sedan 1291 sdn 4dr, 7P 49 S-10C Custom bus cpe 120 club cpe 2236 conv cpe 489 sdn 2dr 913 sdn 4dr 7974 town sdn 1084 sdn 4dr 7p 79 limo 7P 20
  24. Production figures for 1942 DeSoto's are: S-10S DeLuxe bus cpe 469 club cpe 1968 conv cpe 79 sdn 2dr