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  1. Speedy recovery and thanks for sharing the insights. Mark
  2. Had the front end rebuilt five years ago. But will check again for common problems. I have another Olds -- a 66 -- that I replaced with bias with radials and saw a huge improvement in the handling. I haven't entered the 60 for judging yet so am debating which way to go. My convertible has had two sets of Lesters and definitely not going with another set. Mark
  3. The 8.50 x 14s I have on the car now swim all over the road. It feels like there is not enough rubber under the car. Am also not happy with the White walls on the Lester’s ... very hard to keep clean and I had dimples showing up after a year. Mark
  4. Many thanks for the great response. Would like to keep it original but have not been happy with the performance of the standard issue bias. Am still thinking it through but do appreciate the guidance. Mark
  5. One of my 1960 Oldsmobiles needs new tires. A friend with the same car recently replaced his standard bias tires(8.50 x 14) with a set of H78-14 bias ply tires from Coker. He says the tire's width is wider than standard bias and the car rides much better. The question is if I buy a set of these and then take the car for judging, will I get dinged because the H designation was not available in 1960 as a bias tire? I know it's splitting hairs but I figure it's better to ask before taking my chances on the show field. Mark
  6. I am an AACA member and co-author of the soon to be release coffee-table book “Great Grilles of the ‘50s.” It features the backstories behind some of the most iconic front grilles from Detroit’s golden era of automotive design, including the 1953 Packard Caribbean, the 1957 Cadillac Eldorado, the 1958 Edsel and the 1953 Oldsmobile Fiesta. A special chapter also showcases many of the cars that featured “Dagmar” bumpers throughout the decade. Many of the photos and company ads were supplied by the AACA Library. “Great Grilles of the ‘50s” will be available in September from MT Publishing. You can order yours now at a special pre-order price through June 30 at mtpublishing.com. Mark Misercola
  7. I am loking for a Comfortron control for my 1966 Olds Torondo. If you have one and want to sell please pm me. Regards, Mark misercola@yahoo.com
  8. Yes, they have mid 50s pads but not mine. Fusicks is my favorite Olds supplier. Mark
  9. Yes tried both. Steele has a pretty big selection and a couple of pads that come close but they are all too big. Thanks, Mark
  10. Yes and have come close on a couple of occasions -- there's one for Chevy that is almost identical but too big to fit. Haven't given up hope but I'm running out of ads! Thanks, Mark
  11. I'm looking for a replacement pad for the parking break pedal on my 1960 Olds and all the usual parts supply places and EBay are turing up empty. Attached is a picture of the unit in my car from the owners manual. The Group No. is 4.630 and the Part No. is 574261. Would anyone have one to sell or know where I might be able to find one? PM me. Thanks, Mark Misercola misercola@yahoo.com </SPAN>
  12. Hi Glen, Fusick's has square mats which I'm fine with for the back. I'd really like to get the set that was intended for the front though and these have been incredibly hard to find. I currently have a set from a 60 Pontiac which is too big (even after trimming) and have started to crack on the driver's side. The NOS set was made specifically for 59-60 Olds. I've tried 63-64 era sets and they are also too big even with trimming. So the search goes on. I'm placing ads and will continue to watch EBay. Regards, Mark
  13. Great idea ... will definitely do that. Many thanks for the suggestion. Mark
  14. Hi, I'm trying to find NOS accessory floor mats for my 1960 Olds. I've check with all the usual parts sources -- ebay, Fusick', Year One ... and I'm finding every GM from that era except the ones I need. Anyone have any idea where to find a set? I've attached illustrations of the original mats from accessories catalogs that came with the car. Thanks, Mark http://www.1960oldsmobile.com/factory_lit/accessories/index.html# 60 Olds Floor Mats.pdf