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  1. Hollander Interchange does not show those wheels as interchanging even though they are both 14x6 with a 5x5 bolt pattern. The difference could be in the size of the center hole or the rim where the hub caps mount. Have your friend contact Lincoln Land in Clearwater, FL.
  2. Here is another effective, wireless system I've always liked.
  3. It sounds like your idle speed is set to low.
  4. You may not have a problem. I the truck is at idle, the generator will not have enough output for the lights. If you speed up the engine, the amp meter should go positive.
  5. Your correct tire is a 9.00x14 with a 1 inch white wall not on the rim. Lincoln did not change to 15 inch rims until 1964. Cooper tire was the last one that I know of that made a large 14 inch radial. I put a set of their largest, which was 225/75/14 on a '63 sedan. It drove fine, but the car sat to low and the tires looked too small and there was speedometer error because they are not as tall as the 9.00x14. The aspect ratio would need to be 80 (not 75) to look correct. Back when there were 78 series tires, they did not look to bad on the car. If you decide to move to 15 inch rims, you n
  6. Since you have the springs, try cutting them down to give the correct ride height and see how it rides after. I have seen this before on reproduction springs. They are made too tall.
  7. Matt, I understand the confusion. There was a period of time that a total repaint did reject a car from receiving an HPOF certification. That changed in 2013. Points are deducted for the extent of the repaint and if there are no more deductions the car could receive HPOF certification. The rejection box for total repaint is not used as a judging criteria and hopefully will be removed in the next reprint of the form.
  8. A total repaint will not disqualify you from receiving an HPOF award, but will be a deduction. The total number of deductions will determine if the car receives a HPOF award. This is a car that AACA would like to see evaluated for HPOF certification. Class Judging is your other option with a nice car like this. Once a car has own a First Junior award, it cannot move to HPOF or if is certified as HPOF it cannot move to class judging without going through the National AACA office to surrender the award. Either way, I look forward to seeing it at Hershey. Dave Bowman HPOF Judge AACA
  9. Your transmission will not shift correctly if you convert to 12v because of it's electric shift controls.
  10. Doc, The panel under the dash should have the same finish as the glove box. The clock does not have that finish in the background.
  11. I used to be an instructor at a tech school that had #3. The school lost it's Chrysler training program and all Chrysler cars, including the Viper were transferred to another school in the state. It was a very interesting pre-production car, never driven by students but hauled to various location for student recruitment. I was in the auto body program and the car was under the auto tech department, so I never heard it run or saw it move, but sat in it a lot.
  12. KBB lists #1 at $86,300. Considering the wrong engine and other comments above, it should be less than that.
  13. I almost hate to suggest this, but brake fluid. DOT 3. BUT THIS IS ALSO THE BEST PAINT REMOVER YOU CAN BUY. CAUTION: READ THIS THREE TIMES BEFORE YOU TRY. Pour a small amount of brake fluid on the top and spread it with a sponge. Let it sit for a few minutes. Scrub it with a brush. Hose it off with PLENTY of water. Water neutralizes the brake fluid and it will not strip the paint. But use plenty of water. Flow plenty of water down in all the channels where water can drain. Any of the brake fluid trapped in the body that is not neutralized can leach out and strip the paint. Again,
  14. You should send the request to Hulon McCraw, who has been the VP of Class Judging for the past two years. I'm sure Herb will forward it to Hulon, but you will get a quicker response by sending it direct. Also, the 2014 AACA officers take their positions at the Annual Meeting in Philly next week. You may want to wait until the following week and call the National Office to see if their is a change in that VP position.
  15. AJFord54 you make a great point of why it is important for the owner to have documentation of specific items that are in variance with the Judging Manual. I questioned this when it first came out and did a lot of research of 1954 and 1955 sales info and could find no mention of tubeless tires listed for 1954, most all manuals listed tubeless tires for 1955. It appears there was an industry wide change to tubeless tires for the 1955 year. Your documentation that this change may have been a rolling change depending on when the car company ran out of tube tire stock in late 1954 production and
  16. Welcome, tell us about your cars and interests.
  17. If you find the same for a '42 Desoto, I need two.
  18. 1942 Plymouth door window molding emblem
  19. If you are using the hammer in the first photo, you will never get it off. You need a hand sledge hammer. A couple of hits with the sledge and it should be off.
  20. You can cut a bicycle tire tube and clamp the ends to the inlet and outlet tubes of the core. Inflate the tube with no more than 10 pounds of air. See if it holds or leaks down.
  21. Your factory oil bath air filter will provide better filtration. You will not gain anything other than possibly creating gaps where unfiltered air can get to the engine. Car makers went to paper filters only because they were lower profile for lower hoods and cheaper to make than the oil bath filters.
  22. You can also jack up one rear wheel, put the transmission in low and work the wheel back and forth.
  23. or '48 Tucker...............
  24. Left hand is KSB-248; right is KSB-249. This is the same for all closed body 1933 (series 1002 to 1006) and 1934(Series 1100 to 1108) Packards with Packard bodies. Happy New Year!
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