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  1. Sportsman was the trim package for either 2 or 4 door hardtops. Not available on sedans.
  2. You've got a point there. European sports cars are bringing top dollar on BAT, for sure. It's probably just the cars I'm interested in that don't always seem to do very well. The Desoto did well though. I guess it's a hit or miss for some cars.
  3. I agree with Matt. BAT is full of tire kickers and just seems like a horrible place to sell a car. I've seen a number of "potential buyers" getting into pissing matches with sellers, making accusations and derogatory comments. Plus too many lowballers. It seems like most cars never fetch fair market value on there. I would never sell a car on there.
  4. If you happen to find someone who works on Dynaflows in Florida, please let me know. Mine has a leak and I may be looking to overhaul it in the future. 1950 Buick in the Lakeland area.
  5. This is why I do a little market research and set a firm price before I ever list a car for sale. I tell them right off the bat "X" amount is what I'm willing to take and that doesn't change even if you're hot girlfriend shows up and does "X" to me. I also do a good bit of "pre-screening" of the prospective buyer and ask them certain targeted questions before they even show up. I've had too many threatening 3 A.M. phone calls in the past to not take careful measures today. I also strongly encourage my friends/family/coworkers to not buy a project car unless they're willing to make it a lifetime commitment. This guy probably spent thousands on his 70 Charger just to make it run & stop, and it's still a project car. Save your money and buy a finished car or a well-maintained original. Projects are for guys that have the knowledge, skills, time, tools, and garage to finish it. Or for people that are willing to pay a reputable shop to finish the job. You will rarely ever recoup the restoration cost of a basket case project car unless it's some kind of highly desirable, rare collectible.
  6. Have you thought about going to a public car auction? Sometimes you can get lucky and get a really decent car there for about 1/2 of market value. Last Mecum auction I went to, I saw a number of clean 50's-80's sedans sell in the $3-7k range. I also saw a very presentable 1950 Buick Roadmaster 2 door hardtop (older restoration) go for $12,500. The buyer turned around and sold it on Ebay a couple months later for $20k. I think you have to place a small deposit when you register and pay a 10-20% buyer's premium once you win, but you could potentially drive off in your dream car for thousands less than you were expecting. Bring a mechanically inclined buddy along to help you look over the car(s) and hang out for a couple days. It's worth checking out.
  7. I would go the El Camino route if you plan on using the car as a daily driver. Here's a nice 77 with a rebuilt 350 and trans for $6500. Just the cost of doing those two things is the same price as the car. You can easily get most parts from a local auto store and learn basic maintenance while you drive it. Enjoy it for a couple years, then sell it for a nice Edsel sedan when you're ready. https://www.ebay.com/itm/1977-Chevrolet-El-Camino-Classic/143414156093?hash=item2164265b3d%3Ag%3AYiAAAOSw7GBdL9Lv&LH_ItemCondition=3000|1000|2500
  8. Honestly, you are probably just better off sticking with something like a 5 year old Mustang or Camaro for the time being, until you can get some money saved up. Once you do get some money saved up, don't just go out and get the first $2,000 project car you see. You will end up with nothing but headaches while your car sits outside and starts rusting out. Then you will lose interest in the hobby and give up out of frustration. I've seen this happen way too many times. Best thing to do is save up about 10 grand and get yourself a solid running driver. It also wouldn't hurt taking an intro to automotive class at a local community college or spending time around a buddy that works on cars to gain some basic knowledge. Just my 1.5 cents.
  9. Very nice car. Should sell quickly at that price.
  10. The seller just lowered the asking price by 12 grand. That's a really nice (and hard to find) car for the money. If only I had the room in my garage.....
  11. Thanks for the advice folks. I will look into that.
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