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  1. How do adjust the emergency brake cable . I tighten it and one minute later it's loose do you have to adjust it at the handle also
  2. thank you everybody I will coil it up and put it in the heater box
  3. Thanks graham it's the anal probe a long maybe 20 inches (copper wire solid with soldered tip at end) unless there is an attachment to temp sensor?
  4. Just a simple question where does the copper (thermal element with silver tip) go to == thanks 1949 Chrysler 251 spitfire
  5. Thanks jack and Lebowski it was sold on e bay and the bidder never paid me said he had to have surgery u were rihght
  6. Once in a lifetime buy===on e bay now til 2 pm Thursday 8-1 Bid is only at $10,600 now worth at least $ 49,000 Don't lose out triple your money !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 1949 Chrysler Royal Woodie !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! buy buy buy bid bid bid
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