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  1. take door panel off use plywood template in back of door panel-- fill armrest with fiberglass around screw holes and place screws in fiberglass while it cures then take screws out and use new screws in back of plywood template good luck
  2. I have 49 Chrysler 6 cylinder 251 ci and the rubber motor mounts are disintegrated -the ones on the engine and tranny -are there supposed to be steel washers on top and bottom of motor mount
  3. blue plastic might be oil seal -broken piece -maybe that's why oil is shooting onto spark plug
  4. get oversize rings--steel do compression check to check valves
  5. sometimes the rings are made of hardened material and rip the cylinder wall I was told to use steel rings not molybidium --also check timing may not be firing at right time leading to incomplete combustion
  6. clutch was stuck to flexpate thanks every body for helping adjusted it spins freely now
  7. thanks john but ran ground right to bolt from bell housing to bolt to attach starter checked with ohmmeter 0.00 from ground resistance starter bolt to ground on battery I .m getting an 875 cca battery tommorow see if it works
  8. most beautiful design for an automobile ever!!!!!!!
  9. there is no relay to starter took field wire off voltage regulator and heard a little crank
  10. tranny is in but no reverse turned flexplate after starter out turned easily battery putting out 575 cca and 5.88 volts checked at napa said battery good but I think it is the battery over 3 years old
  11. if I push down on clutch should be no stress on tranny just motor but flex plate turns freely what about generator???
  12. reverse went-- that that have anything to do with starter?
  13. if flex plate turns motor should be ok and press on clutch to make sure not in gear can overdrive lock everything up???
  14. flex plate moves easily rocked car about 2 feet forward and back no problem it's go to be something simple tried jumping negative (positive ground) to strarter trigger and one click no start also put ground directly to ground on solenoid one click negative to bolt in starter turns the motor great but no bendix
  15. motor flex plate turns freely I always had 12 volt battery cables for years and started right up is 1 click from solenoid a voltage problem thanks