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  1. Need 1949 chrysler royal woodie passenger side rear door latch thanks
  2. gregchrysler

    1949 chrysler royal woodie for sale

    need to sell $29.000 it's a steal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. Need door latch for 49 Chrysler royal wagon Woodie -could use just internal parts or whole mechanism thanks
  4. gregchrysler

    wiring ignition switch

    Hello again -- my 49 Chrysler royal suddenly has no juice to starter motor --I took starter out and it was tested and was good. I get no noise when I turn the ignition key to he starter position -like no power to ignition to starter, Does anyone have a diagram of the ignition switch. Can I jump a wire from power source to ign wire on solenoid??? Thanks for helping !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. gregchrysler

    brakes-49 chrysler -wheel cylinder

    solved the problem the lower wheel cylinder piston was stuck in the outward position pushing the right brake out at the bottom --after I pushed it in (and it released brake fluid in my eye) hub and brake linings were ok - and new top wheel cylinder was closer to the brake shoe and didn t leak (so far) thanks rusty and keiser u r a lifesaver
  6. gregchrysler

    brakes-49 chrysler -wheel cylinder

    no wheel adjuster on this car 2 wheel cylinders per hub
  7. gregchrysler

    brakes-49 chrysler -wheel cylinder

    I adjust the brake shoes just enough to get the hub over -- is that correct?
  8. gregchrysler

    brakes-49 chrysler -wheel cylinder

    thanks again jack -there is no stop for the plunger at the top of the cylinder to stop it is just comes out and the rubber gets trapped thanks again
  9. gregchrysler

    brakes-49 chrysler -wheel cylinder

    anyone know why the rubber in the wheel cylinder piston will go over the rim and not go back into the cylinder--I bought 2 new wheel cylinder and both push out to much trapping the rubber on the rim and leaking please help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. gregchrysler


    how many miles? is engine rebuilt? tranny serviced? send more pics looks nice!!!!
  11. gregchrysler

    49 chrysler rear brake adjustment

    Hello again how do you adjust rear brakes on 49 Chysler royal? They work but hub is getting hot and I think they are grabbing and not letting go, restricting wheel free turning.. I don't see a hole in the back that turns the spindle to adjust them with the brake tool Thank you
  12. gregchrysler

    brake pedal stays down -system bled 49 chrysler

    got another spring and left old spring in better but not going up all the way brakes catch about 1-2 inches from top thanks
  13. gregchrysler

    brake pedal stays down -system bled 49 chrysler

    thanks ply pedal spring doesn't hold pedal all the way up
  14. gregchrysler

    brake pedal stays down -system bled 49 chrysler

    should the master cylinder push the brake pedal a little or just downward force no up pedaling?
  15. gregchrysler

    brake pedal stays down -system bled 49 chrysler

    it has some slack cant pull it by hand thanks