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  1. On my '42 the housing with the brake light is body color not chrome. Only the strip below that says "Fluid Drive" is chrome. My car is an unrestored original. It is not a black out model and is a Custom conv. I've talked to the owner of the yellow car in the photo and he believes his was originally painted body color also. The sales info shows it plated. Do you have any other info to add?
  2. The bookmobile is up and running, and now has brakes to get it out of the building. It will be extracted from the upstairs of a 1924 Overland dealership this week and will be on display at the Charlotte AACA National Meet this week. Dave Bowman
  3. That is a rare car. What body style? Search E-Bay for the Brass and Gas store. He had an assembly and many other '42 DeSoto parts.
  4. The correct '57 pump does not have a heater outlet. If your pump has one with a rubber cap blocking it off, it is a '58 pump.
  5. An interesting aside....The original Holman-Moody shop was an old aircraft hanger at Charlotte Douglas Airport (CLT). When HM was ready to test a race car, they called the tower and received clearance to do test runs on the runway. This was in the '50's.
  6. In '58 this was still vaccum wipers. I belive the switch is mounted on the left below the end of the windshield wrap around like on '57 and '58 Buicks.
  7. A rather obvious question, but is this a Plymouth truck? Plymouth build trucks in the late 30's through about 1940 and they look very much like Dodge trucks
  8. Have you looked on the firewall. That's where it is on my '53 Cadillac. I'm not sure what year Buick changed to a trunk mounted unit.
  9. Contact Restoration Specialties & Supply, Inc 814-467-9842 Restoration Specialties & Supply, Inc.
  10. DHL and FEDEX will be expensive because it's air freight. Partial container shipping will save a lot, but will take possibly a month or two. Contact a international shipping broker for partial container shipping.
  11. Played that game many times. We also would try to guess the car behind from the glimpses of light from passing cars. Did this from the back seat of a '56 Buick Specal 2 door sedan and then from a '61 Dodge Polara 2HT, which I still have.
  12. It was a lot of detail masking for 3 quick passes down each side of the car. Yes, we did remove the wheels and tires from the rims before painting them!
  13. TG57 had a nos side piece, with no fade. The best match I could find was 1980 Chevrolet "Red Orange" This is GM paint code 79. I had this mixed in single stage and sprayed the side trim and wheels on TG57's Roadmaster. I believe '56 and earlier was more of a red.
  14. Seine blue will look grey in some light and blue in other. It's a color that's not seen often. That's my '47 that TG posted above. The car still had 1956 plates on it in 1991.
  15. TG57Roadmaster had a nos side trim section, with unfaded paint. The best modern match I could find was 1980 Chevrolet "Red Orange". This is paint code 79. I had this mixed in single stage and used it on side trim and wheels.
  16. 61polara

    GM Locks

    If you still have the old glove box lock, take it along with the ignition lock to a locksmith. That way you can make sure it is the same key. Even without a number the locksmith can make a key. If the cylinder pins are removable, he can make the key based on the pin lengths. If not, it can be made by the impression method. This is a little hard on the lock, but it works. If you do not have the old glove box lock, take your replacement along. He should be able to rekey it so it matches the ignition, door and trunk lock. I've had about a dozen keys made in these ways over the years.
  17. Yes, you do have to disconnect the exhaust pipe from the manifold. It doesn't have to move far. There should be enough movment with it disconnected only from the manifold. The exhaust hangers will support the pipe with no problem.
  18. 61polara

    GM Locks

    Buicks used a single key setup. Pull the glove box lock and take it to a locksmith. Your ignition key should also lock the doors, glove box and trunk, unless someone changed the ignition lock. Does your ignition key lock anything else? I'm assuming this is a Buick. Other GM cars used a 2 key system in '41. The door and ignitions should be the same, with the other key fitting the trunk and glove box.
  19. A friend was selling a car, advertised at $1800. A guy came to see the car and was very interested. The friend offered to let the guy test drive it and said he would take $1600. The guy came back from the test drive and ask if he would take $1800. SOLD!
  20. A friend of mine and regular poster in the forum was traveling out of Charleston, SC last summer. About 50 miles out of Charleston, he saw damaged kids bikes and other family items by the interstate and a mini van and state trooper pulled off on the side of the road. He pull off to see if he could help. The young family lost the luggage rack off the top of the van, the van was stuffed full of the other vacation luggage and two kids in car seats. The rack was damaged beyond use. The State Trooper said "Boy, am I gald to see you!", can you haul this stuff for these people? They were 75 miles from home. My friend loaded everything in the back of the truck and followed them to their house. The bikes were damaged, but they made it home. Hope you see this TG57Roadmaster.
  21. Try this link: Allstate Insurance - Investor Relations - Quarterly Investor Information - 2009
  22. For the 4-5" fuel line, your mechanic should be able to cut the flexible part off and get to the metal portion of the ends. He can fit rubber fuel line, with clamps to the original fittings on the end.