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  1. Forgot to say 1958 Buick trunk emblem just to be clear.
  2. Looking for the Roadmaster trunk emblem? Something in driver condition would work for me. I have what I believe is a 1959 Buick front grill emblem for trade if interested. This I would put on a show car. Doug BCA# 35039
  3. And....... Get a few looks hauling my utility trailer around with my 1952 Ford F-1. Don't let the rims &tires fool you, it is the original three on the tree flathead V8, 6volt negative ground and standard brakes. I just change out the bulbs on the trailer when I need lights. Doug BCA# 35039
  4. Here is my 2011 Ford F-150 with one of my cars - 1928 Whippet cabriolet. Only have traveled locally (not more than 30 miles) but handles GREAT! Doug BCA# 35039
  5. To all those in the East, Wishing the best for you all! Being in Southern Ontario, Canada I have occasionally experienced a blizzard or two but nothing like 2 to 4 feet and that wind! We might have received 3-4 inches here (just across the Detroit River) on Thursday night into Friday morning. With a bit of rain mix to start, made things sloppy and heavy. I used to have a 78 Chev 4X4 heavy half ton and plowed for 10 years till we just didn't get enough snow to justify the costs. (sold it in 2005) However...... There have been times at our cottages (on the North shore of Lake Erie) when.......
  6. I can't confirm a "1922" Overland 4 but our 1920 Model 4 was recorded doing about 52 mph one time on a Freeway in Detroit, Mich. Mom was NOT happy! With today's drivers not very cautious around antique cars I take all thew back roads I can find and just enjoy the slow pace. Any pictures of your car? Doug
  7. wex65, That is a great history / experience. Your car looks GREAT! Any chance you might be able to give him a try behind the wheel again or even a ride? If you do, take some pictures and post some of his (soon to be yours). I might steal your Blast from the Past caption for my car rather than highjack yours here. Doug BCA #35039
  8. Before new top. The year is 1983 and after 12 years of use (maybe some teenage abuse), car comes out of three year slumber looking like this. Wife says, "that roof looks TERRIBLE". Agreed, 600 bucks will cure that so..... After new top. The year is now 1992 and the now nine year old top still looks new. A lot more care and proper storage helped that. In keeping with two only pictures theme, being a convertible, these are the few I have with the top up. Car is up on stands for a brake job or would post the latest. (still looks good today) Doug BCA# 35039
  9. OK, so finally found my friends 1960 Monarch Lucerne photos. Now, with that kind of name can it get any more Canadian than that? eh? They are group shots so not the best for the car but think you get the idea. I do know when I have gone with him to the States that it sure gets everyone buzzed. You should have seen the crowd around it at the Ford only show in Dearborn two years ago! Doug BCA# 35039
  10. Hey Richard1, Just had to say NICE CORVAIR! When I first looked at your pictures I thought, That's my sister's car! Her's is an early 1960 that she bought as her 1st car in 1974 (not the typical type 1st car purchase right?). We grew up with Dad having antique cars and he had a nose for finding low mileage used cars so... the car was nice, the price was right and bingo, her independence was secured! Of interest about her car is: When it came time for her to go to University, she picked Arizona State University in Phoenix and drove the car there. See, we lived in Windsor, Ontario (next to Detr
  11. Yes Rob it is a Hobby and looong time love of all things cars! Being that Windsor was once the Automotive Capital of Canada, close proximity to the Detroit Auto Show (currently going on) and being involved with antique cars helped lead me down this path. Also, your comment about it being a two-generational involvement..... actually I can say it is a three-generational involvement! My youngest of two sons is in his fourth year of Mechanical Engineering at the U of Windsor. Since he has grown up with not only my "Old Cars" and his Grandfather's (now mine) he has that car thing in his blood too.
  12. Oops! Missed the 0 in my BCA # (not that old a member) s/b 35039 Doug.
  13. As stated above, just thought it might get more exposure here and all Buick owners might enjoy. The car I'm posting is "NOT" for sale or "I" own but is something I'm personally involved with and thought you might enjoy. The car is a 1906 Buick. Here is the story: I have been a member of a local Car Club (off and on) since my father joined and bought a 1920 Overland touring back in 1966. Back then the Club was active with all kinds of car activities and touring was part of that fun. We have lived in Windsor, Ontario, Canada since 1963 which is across the river from Detroit, Michigan and after
  14. Roberta, THANKS for your work here! Meant to reply earlier but....... just got busy with life. Barney, thanks again for taking the time. I have sent a letter today and will see.... Just to comment, I learned something (never too old for that), this Forum / Community is GREAT! Not only did it come forward when my question was asked but it also came forward to look out for all our protection too. Thanks for reinforcing my Membership! Doug BCA# 35039
  15. Mark, Looking at it as an open forum I tend to agree with you here and that is why I asked if anyone with info would PM me. Barney, not that I don't greatly appreciate your help, now that I have the info, is it possible for you (or the moderator) to delete or modify your response, that might be the best thing to do? My intention was not to compromise anyone here. Guess I could have given my email address too for my contact (maybe not a good thing either?). The computer world is/can be world of issues. Doug BCA 35039
  16. Barney, Thanks for the info, will try that for now and see. With the low membership number hope all is well for him. Apparently his Dad bought the car new in 1958 and has been in the family ever since per his card and took two years to restore/refresh. Thanks for taking the time to look up, Doug BCA 35039
  17. Hope someone can help. While going through my Buick file, I found a card dated 2009 I received from a member BCA# 2145 - B. Mensching with a photo of his beautiful 1958 Buick Roadmaster convertible. Unfortunately there was no return address on the envelope or card. My 2011 Roster does not have him listed. Since I have a Roadmaster also and a member since 2000 or so thought it a nice gesture he sent me a Xmas card / picture but never found out his contact info. For privacy sake, if anyone knows how to contact him I would greatly appreciate if you could PM me. Thanks, Doug BCA# 35039
  18. Well, Here is my: 1958 Buick Limited 2 door hardtop BCA# 35039
  19. Well, Here is my: 1958 Buick Special convertible
  20. Well, Here is my: 1952 Ford F1 truck
  21. Well, Here is my: 1950 Nash Canadian Satesman
  22. Well, Here is my: 1920 Overland model 4 touring
  23. Well, Here is my: 1928 Whippet Cabriolet
  24. D'ANG ADAM! Like everyone else has said, That is one sweet '58! Can imagine the feeling of being able to have an extremely nice driver and a Limited (soon to be completed/restored) car at the same time. Really the best of both worlds. It does however explain your short absence posting on the Limited though..... A girl friend, playing in a band, up and coming marriage, future surgery, some recovery time, wedding planning, your dedication to cleaning up the Roadmaster...... don't misunderstand me here, I'm happy for your ability to manage on all accounts. I'm just pointing out that 'life thing'
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