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  1. My 25 is same way. Mine was in pretty bad shape and I use the sealer kit from POR15. It did a wonderful job
  2. i have replaced them with a 25 watt wire wound resistor. I may have the specs in my shop someplace.
  3. Years ago I had a book called the LEJAY Manual. In it were plans to use a Dodge Bros. Starter Gen for a Arc Welder.. Maybe that is what the rig was set up for.
  4. Well, no I am referring to the 12 volt Starter/ Generator single unit system.
  5. I am putting diodes in the Ness Starter boxes and I just noticed the printing on the back plate at the battery terminal is stamped " + battery" The wiring diagrams I have looked at on the 1925 era DBs all show the Positive terminal of the battery going to ground (positive Ground) so why would they stamp the identity of the battery terminal with a Positive? I have always connected them Positive ground but now am wondering why they would stamp that terminal + when it should be stamped - ? This will depend on what type of diode I will use, case anode or cathode. If someone hooks
  6. Try The Pertronix Module. They work Great. No more points or condenser.
  7. 24 Dodge is 12 volt I am quite sure.
  8. I will make you a pair of keys for $10.00. If they dont work dont pay me.. gary@siebring.com Need pix of keyhole and code number.
  9. Might be a good idea to polish and oil the theads on the headbolt studs so they torque up right.
  10. Please give more information on the problem. Does it turn over, it turns over but wont fire? , what?
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