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  1. Richard....Thanks for your suggestion!
  2. My camera is messed up at the minute. It would be about 25+/- lbs 3 cubic ft. +/_
  3. I am trying to clear out my shop of a quantity of parts I obtained in the past. These include 340 ( 5 fuses per pack ) packets of Whitaker automotive fuses, packages of Milton valve extensions ( both plated brass and rubber ), KD tools (new in the unopened pkg> ) such as "Deluxe 6" Dent Puller, Bendix Drum brake spring tool, Swivoil filter wrench, and many others. Plus, various other parts too numerous to mention. I want to liquidate all of it together. Is anyone interested; or can you suggest a vendor that might have interest. Thanks in advance
  4. Don't know about the truck...but if you go on Google earth; the bldg is still there.
  5. I thought this was a unique engine.
  6. Again, the drive arrangement for the distributor / water pump / generator; appears very similar to the design developed by Zeder, Breer and Skelton ( Walter P. Chrysler's "Three Musketeers) for the Studebaker Light Six ; which was the last vehicle they designed for Studebaker before they left the company.
  7. Also; you can google Rome - Turney Radiator and there are several sites with extensive info on this company.
  8. Very interesting engine; shaft drive overhead cam, dual ignition. Could it be a racing engine or an experimental/prototype? Without markings I would guess it to be a one of a kind. It might be quite significant.
  9. Stude light....I cracked a light six head trying to remove it (cuss word!)...and I spent a good bit of time slowly working it off......as per the PA, if it works I wouldn't mess with it.
  10. I lofted out the old "Atlanta Speed Shop Building" and have my collection and shop in there.
  11. Are you a member of the Lincoln Owner's Club......if not that would be a good spot to locate one.
  12. How much is one in very good drivable condition worth?
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