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  1. I have an awful choice, I found a 1922 Buick with a hugely damaged cylinder, needs bored, sleeved, uncertain if the cylinder walls will be able to be bored out to the damage. I also have access to a 1915 Cadillac V8 running gear. Trans,.. checking on if it is stuck. As much as I HATE mix and match, I would consider this, if possible. Any thoughts, or a Buick 6 engine which is available? Also, please tell me if there is ANYONE reasonable to work on cars in Northwestern Indiana. Robert Swim
  2. still have the Coles? I have a 1919 Limousine, some stole parts off when it was at a restorer who passed away, ever see any sedan windshilds or the wheel lock-on hoop? Robert Swim
  3. IndianaCarGuy


    Finally, having awful time locating parts for a Willoughby-bodied (I think) 1919 Cole limousine in Indiana. need windshield, wheel rings, other parts and especially, some door hinges! Parts were stolen off this car when it was in Carmel, Indiana, and I KNOW can help find parts.
  4. I have two doors for a 1928 Essex coupe, also the rear deck lid, (not rumble seat), two Buffalo (?) wire rim wheels, also two early steel and brass Ford T gaslights, scripted lenses, fittings excellent, Please contact with offers, seeking Cole , Milburn electric and 1915 IHC parts
  5. Is there anyone in the Terre Haute, Indianapolis area who has experience with Milburn Electric? Have one with rebuilt motor needs to be re-installed, completed, need help
  6. need headlights and information or wheels and rims for Milburn Electric 1916 or 1919, complete car but needing some work and bits here and there
  7. Desperately needed information or parts for split (3-glass) 1919 Cole Limousine, windshield, car nearing completion, also need underbelly pan Misc. bits, This car was out of Northern Indianapolis, some one scavenged the parts while stored, information on the persons who did so appreciated, Also need local upholsterer who does touring car tops and tufted seats for 1917 6 cylinder overland some original panels saved.. Wheel for 1915 INC high wheeler. Might know of some parts for you available, Moon, 2 excellent Ford Model T Carbide headlights, glass, scripted, v- burners. steel with brass ring front $1350 USABLE AS IS! .Also looking for a 1920 Auburn touring last known of near Newman, Illinois, Port Huron steam power unit. Anything Cole appreciated.
  8. please give me the length and check shipping to richmond tx 77469
  9. Value is one of those really tough things to determine on no information, a good place to begin is a picture, date of restoration, whether the car has won awards, and then, you should also try and determine how long the car was owned and if the owner had a mechanic, or did the work himself,.. if he had a mechanic,..go ask them what they know of the car or value. The Nash 691 was a good, middle of the line car comparable to a Dodge, and just below Studebaker in value. The touring was a decent car, but common at the time, the reverse of today, the tourer or convertible is rare today, where it was prevalent back then. the range of value varies between $12,000-17,000 depending a good deal on restoration date, parts, mileage and condition. Despite what you see in sales ads, who mostly add 25%-30% to a car just for the purpose of fishing buyer interest, you should find someone reputable to evaluate your car, my guess would be that unless your car is significantly flawless, the lower end of the range would be a good guess, if it is running, without significant wear or problems, legal to drive, dependable and of an older restoration,... many people give up and go to an auction hose, which will probably net you a lower value for a common car, and more if it is rare, yours is common to average.
  10. Am I seeing things, or is this a California top? does this touring actually fold down, or is it a permanent top which does not lower, That would be a Toursedan, not a touring. You still have this car? that is a seriously nice top, Badger?
  11. Are these the three lights that were recently on Ebay? they were 1913 with kerosene and electric, I wish I had bought the Cole headlights the owner thought were Buick about a year ago. How much, I have a decent set of 1909 gaslights. and a top bow rest from a 1910-1923 Cole touring. Main effort is to find a body, engine and windshield for one from 1919
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