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    Finally, having awful time locating parts for a Willoughby-bodied (I think) 1919 Cole limousine in Indiana. need windshield, wheel rings, other parts and especially, some door hinges! Parts were stolen off this car when it was in Carmel, Indiana, and I KNOW can help find parts.
  2. Is there anyone in the Terre Haute, Indianapolis area who has experience with Milburn Electric? Have one with rebuilt motor needs to be re-installed, completed, need help
  3. Needed for 1919 Aero 8 sedan windshield frame, Firestone Rims (3) interior window cranks and please, if you know of other coles, please write, I have talked to Leroy Cole and he is a great help, but the Coles are getting lost. I heard of one near Spring, Texas that the owner passed away, which I would like to find, a 1917 in Iowa that the owners were looking to get rich from, and a fully restored Cole 1913 Roadster that went from Illinois to Florida to be in a museum. If anyone knowing about that 1913 Cole, or the Apperson Jackrabbit at the same museum knows where they are, please contact me,
  4. There is no way to replace an original, the educational merit is there from a historical perspective, from a technical perspective, and from an artistic perspective. The problem is with what is done, how it is done, and what needs to be done to do a restoration. How many times has a really good original been used to perform a 100% restoration. Yeah, it is a beautiful, functional car, but it is NOT the historical artifact it once was. Is it demeaned in this process? The only way to answer that is to be able to go back and see what was learned in the process, what was done, documented, preserved
  5. Anybody heard information about the 2008 run from New York to Paris to commemorate the 1908 race?
  6. I also believe there is a 1910, or maybe a 1911 at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway Museum, and a 1919 at the Auburn Cord Dusenberg in Auburn, Indiana. There was a 1913 in Illinois, but it went somewhere in Florida. I would begin by talking to them, you will enjoy talking to the people at both museums. Northway was actually bought by GM in 1909, but not considered to be "exclusive" to GM, they didn't really even admit to the ownership until 1912, and allowed them to produce motors for about anybody,... they were a VERY good engine, used in Coles, ReVere, Cadillac, Oldsmobile and a lot of really
  7. So has anyone else heard much about the 100th anniversary of the 1908 NY to Paris race? I live about 45 minutes from some of the people over it, and I cannot find out jack,.... they sure are sitting on the information. I know two Australian teams who have done the asiatic race (18,000 miles!) and who have American LaFrance conversions that would be great for the race, but they are totally in the datrk about information. If this is an ongoing thing, why don't they try and involve more old car people? <img src="http://forums.aaca.org/images/graemlins/confused.gif" alt="" /> [color:"red"]
  8. If it has no brakes, it could be the Indianapolis Black, which did not just disappear, it was stolen in 1904, the Black Carriage Company was bought by Cole and became the Cole in 1909. They did not put brakes or an ignition kill switch on the car, and it was run around and around the circle at Indy downtown until it ran out of gas. The police waited to give the driver a ticket when he stopped. Apparently, this was the first actual car theft in Indianapolis, I recall there was a story about it in the Indianapolis Star, and it was believed it was stolen by someone who was going to build a simila
  9. I have some original books on it, where is your Cole at? Have a 1919 Aero 8
  10. Afraid he is right about it being a Springfield, there were about a dozen cars assembled here before they were actually sold, and the Bausch and Lomb headlights and the 1920'ish American body styling do show a lot of influence from here. I think this could be easily one of the Non-Springfield Springfields that pre-dated actual production. Someone is also forgetting that a lot of earlier Rolls were done with special-order things from earlier models because the buyer wanted it that way, or they had parts that needed to be used. We are not talking about a mass-production thing here, it is still b
  11. There was a Union made in Albany, Indiana, and also an Albany that used the Union motor. hard to tell which it is without more information.
  12. I'd rather have the Haynes-Apperson, better engine, but tends to eat valve springs, but have you ever seen a car that will still hillclimb with one cylinder and a stuck spring? I saw a 1903 HA do just that a few years back,... I don't know of another original that would have done that! What are you asking for the Haynes, and what year is it?
  13. Guy in Hemmings has a 1912 Cole Chassis for sale, but it is $17,500. Gald to see another Cole out there, Just lost out on a 1924 that was in Spring, Texas, rotted in a field. Found a 1914 Cole 30 Flyer sidelight and the owner didn't know what a Cole was, thought it was a carriage lamp. I should not have told them, now they won't sell it to me, Still looking for parts for a 1919 cole Aero 8 here.
  14. It will probably run you $15,000 to restore it right and $2,000 a year to keep it that way,.... depending on what goes bad, but they are worth it, too bad that the last one I saw really sell only brought $17,500. I would say keep it, but that is just my opinion. I am trying to buy a 1907 Holmes for $7,500. They will probably take it by Dec.
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