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  1. Mine just came in today's mail (Ontario, Canada). Always seems to be at least one week behind the US deliveries. Funny, I have been busy enough that I did not miss it till reading this post and suddenly it was in the box.
  2. Adam, It has been a while since you last posted your progress. Anything to report?
  3. My 58 Buick Special had very similar problems (same engine as yours) and sure enough after new water pump, upper & lower rad hoses, thermostat etc, it came down to the rad. Replaced it with a new four core unit and other than idling for extended periods of time (parades) stays cool as a cucumber. Would suggest an engine flush too. Good luck.
  4. Buick Bonery, Have watched (DROOLED) over this post long enough that I can now comment. First, WoW, WoW, WoW! Have I stated my preference (bias) clearly? Owning two Limited two doors most of my driving life have met many opinions of 'love them or hate them' but for me the convert is the prized possession. Looked at a yellow convert with yellow interior near here back in the 90's that had been put in a dirt floor barn with a leaky roof and the top down (floors completely gone) and politely turned it down when the fellow asked 12,000 for it knowing what the chrome plating would cost let alone the extensive bodywork and panel fabrication and other work required. This black beauty while having a few owner personalization's is what I dream of. I have seen pictures of 58's with the continental kits and while I would have to extend the garage in order to get it in prefer the style pictured versus the full bumper extension kit offered by Continental Kits in BC. IMHO there are some cars that can wear a full bumper extension but the Buick looks better with this one. Buick offered this one style but is extremely rare to find today. One note (not meant to be criticism) the emblem mounted near the top of the spare tire cover is the one that mounts on the trunk hence the personalization. At least it is Buick model year appropriate. To me that is what makes this hobby fun, to see how someone else enjoys their car. Question, do you know if this car was ordered with this kit or was it a Dealer installed option? Thanks for posting pics of this rare car!
  5. As recently as two years ago my then 19 year old son was stopped on a major city road here for supposedly rolling a stop sign too. While he had two previous tickets in our 1999 Mini Van (one 5 mph over and one no seat belt) what made this hurt is the fact he was driving a 1991 Mustang he saved for himself, was mostly red with black replacement bumper, blue raised aftermarket hood and beautiful rims with wide white raised letter tires. So being the obvious "see me" car and numerous warnings to him about same here is what makes one sick. The young cop took his license right then and there for the one not yet paid ticket and suggested he call him at the station to collect it when things were straightened up. Strange procedure! However, he did call and after speaking with the Desk Sergent first was told to come down in the morning and it would be waiting for him to pick up. Three weeks later, in the paper, was a story about a young cop that had been suspended for bribing his stopped victums in order to not write a ticket. Sure enough wasn't it the same guy! My son decided to go to Court and fight this one and when the cop didn't show the ticket was dismissed. That cop was "finally" let go so some justice was severed I guess (time in Jail? - never heard) but really, where is all this testing and qualifying for this job they talk about? We have since learned that the Mustang`s previous owner was of dubious concern which probably did not help so it has been repainted a deeper read and new plates have been purchased plus placed in my name which has quietened things down. Quite the lesson to teach a young person about authority!
  6. Had my 1958 Buick Special since High School, drove it when dating my Wife in 1974, never really could afford to make it show (Judging) worthy and finally have had to do a second brake job. With way too much collecting of parts finally cleared (more to the point organized) some space to work and hope to get it back on the road soon. It really is a work in progress and I guess I work too slow but eventually my boys will get a good amount of stuff when I'm done. Next on the schedule will be my 1958 Buick Limited 2dr which I had before the Special.
  7. Dave, Thanks for coming back regarding this. I guess I was wondering because it does not have a last number to designate what model it was placed in if this was of any significance or not and not second guessing MrEarl's information at all. Would the lack of that last number be common practice? At the very least it appears that I have: one 1954 322 four barrel w/trany attached and one 1955 264 two barrel engine only that need to go to good homes. Thanks again, Doug.
  8. Hello All, Went back in the garage to check the block number today to see if I missed anything. What I found was what I reported first, stamped number is: V326213 and nothing else. MrEarl, what does this mean as to what model it was for? I mean I emery clothed the whole area to make sure there was not a light stamp I missed and nothing other than what I reported. Curious now to see what this block is. It is stuck with the trany attached and have viewed others suggestions as to how to loosen it so will possibly attempt it soon if nothing else to make moving things easier. Please let me know guys what you think, Doug.
  9. Anyone coming to Canada (Southern Ontario) should see the Canadian Transportation Museum and Heritage Village (25 miles from Detroit, Mi). Currently on display is Lindberg's Packard phaeton parade car for the next year. The effort is supported by Members and Volunteers and came together as a goal set out by the then membership way back in 1954.
  10. Again Thanks MrEarl, Getting ready tonight to leave for the weekend but have obviously missed the last number and will check when I get back. Took a bit of work with emery paper to get what I did so probably did not get it all. Does the V at the beginning mean anything special? Would this be that 322 versus the smaller block which will be determined by the last number I still have to recover? Will be posting my two engines for sale on the Buick site first and possibly my local street rod bunch if nothing happens. With a bit of chatter at a local car night have someone interested in a Ford flathead I have also that he wants for a rat rod. Would rather the nail heads go to a Buick car but I have to move this stuff before Xmas if possible. Thanks for the help again, Doug.
  11. Thanks to all who helped with identifying my first one but have uncovered from the other end of my garage another motor with Dynaflow attached. The engine number is: V326213 It has a four barrel intake (no carb,) vibration damper with two V belt groves, spark plug covers and round front engine mounts attached. Unfortunately it is stuck but has been in the garage under cover for longer than I can remember. Does the last number being a 3 mean it might be a 1953? It has both exhaust manifolds and starter but has a damaged solenoid (black plastic). No pictures at this point but can manage if needed. Thanks in advance, Doug.
  12. THANKS TO ALL who have offered help and advice on my nail head. I definitely won't be using this engine myself since my interests are the 58's. I've never tried to sell anything on E-bay and not sure based on what this motor is (55 Special 264 vs 322) that it would be worth the effort as now it appears to be stuck and the two barrel intake has a broken tab (corner bolt hole casting) near the coil side that makes this useless too. Oh, and while I have not put my hands on the spark plug side covers just yet (I know they are here) both studs are broken on the left bank head so again thinking now FREE TO GOOD HOME might be the way to go. I will be doing SOMETHING with this before the winter as time (clearing up) is pressing so spread the word and maybe it can be saved / useful to somebody? My comment about it being a boat anchor was more the fact I had been to a car show and Miss America X was on display and after trying to move my motor around forgot just how heavy these things are especially without my engine lift! Once again, want to thank everyone for the help, Doug.
  13. Ladies and Gentlemen, With several points well taken I will state again that I wish I had taken more pictures for detail sake (hind site is always 20/20). The information I received was only a hand out of the 1932 reprint from the Algonac Courier paper dated September 16, 1932 and has nothing technical about specific engine specs but more about the fact of setting a new speed record with driver Gar Wood and co-pilot Orlin Johnson. Just to maybe aid anyone that would like to follow up on more information here is the wed site of the group that put this boat on display Algonac/Clay Township Historical Society Home Page (Algonac/Clay Township Historical Society). Their e-mail address is I can't speak to any restoration/recreation issues here as I did not see anyone at the time that appeared to be talking about it just grabbed one of the hand outs. With over 700 cars and a swap meet plus meeting at another show two hours away I'm guilty of being in a hurry and only captured a pic when coming upon this boat which I had not expected to see here. I'd like to agree with Trunk Rack that more information on this boat will help me learn more and better, Doug.
  14. Kind of wished I had taken a few more pictures for details too. I`m a pleasure boater also along with my many car interests as is my 20 year old son who is currently taking mechanical engineering. When I showed him the pics we spent a couple of hours discussing how this development could take place (to him) way back then. I made the comment to him that yes while we have incredible technology at our disposal today, where is the foundation of where things developed from. He was truly intrigued to think that the capability to put this package together happened so many years ago. Wish in hind site he had been with me to see it in person. One other interesting thing about the boat, where I took the pic was outside the transom (back of the boat) on a platform the group provided for viewing. The two drivers backs literally rested on this 4inch (padded of course) wood hull! It really would have been SOME RIDE!
  15. Finally! Moved this boat anchor, scrapped off the crud and here is the number I3347574. The first number looks more like a letter than a 1 but based on what you bet the last number to be MrEarl will wait for the experts here. Have now come across (moving more stuff) an intake for a nail head that is for three two barrel carbs but no carbs or linkage. Any ideas of price? Thanks to all so far, Doug.
  16. I know this forum is about cars but could not resist! I went to the Sloan Museum Auto Fair (June 27th, Michigan) and saw this incredible boat with four Packard V12's built in 1932! They reproduced the paper / press release and stated that this boat clocked at 124.91 miles per hour and used 70 gallons of gas to set this record in a half an hour! Not being an engineer or true motor head found it fascinating and exciting to see what was done back then! Just have to wonder what those guys could do with the technology today? If you notice on the left of the boat several Oldsmobile' s that Hurst performance produced. This show had everything from brass cars to street rods to boats and I will make it a must for next year!
  17. Mr Earl, Thanks for your input. I will try and move it off the wall to view the Stamped number to confirm this. Reread your notes and thought it would be between the valve covers and intake somewhere but must have been too frustrated to think clearly! Now that there is a path and light will go over it again and thanks. Should it be as you suggest is there any value to it? Not sure about turning over (free) yet. I think it is sitting a bit on the wood frame so will have to check this. I have found the exhaust manifolds and believe the carb and starter are in here somewhere. The water pump turns quietly by hand and spins a bit. Really need to clean things up and hope someone could make use of things I don't need, Doug.
  18. Alright Guys & Gals, After an agonizing Sunday trying to uncover (dispose of as my wife would wish) the motor (plus other collectibles) and having a main power supply failure to the garage (yes the bad luck continues! here is what I have to report: the block has a cast number located at the back below the distributor (not stamped at the top front near the water pump) and reads 1165752. Is this the engine number that dates this one or am I missing one somewhere else under the dirt and grease. Second, hopefully my pictures will be attached and help but `if` not posting.... the crank pulley is single as stated before and the design has a three spoke wheel look rather than a deep dish damper design. The other thing that I noticed is what I believe top be a dual action fuel pump (correct wording...) rather than my 58`s design. Thanks for any help here. Patience on posting pics with this new upgrade, I seem to be learning slower, Doug.
  19. Plan on getting back in there on Sunday. Once I get more things moved out of the way will get a picture and try to see if it is free. Would that make it a 322 then? Thanks, Doug. p.s. As I come across things that I don't feel I will use, will post in the hopes of trading for things for my 58's. (My time to do this has come)
  20. OK, I'm starting the long process of organizing one of my garages and have come across an engine I moved years ago, shoved it the back corner and will likely not be using as I think it is older than my 58's. Have not taken a picture yet but here is a brief description: has the spark plug side covers, vibration dampener has only one grove for a water pump belt, intake is for a two barrel carb. At this point have not tried to turn it over (sitting on 4x4's on the floor - garage insulated) so condition is unknown right now. Can it be determined what year car it fits by this or suggestions as no way do I want to junk this before it could be used by somebody else. Thanks, Doug.
  21. d2_Willys, About the panels, sorry but that is one of the few things I do not have extra. Sounds like a good idea though. Might have to take into consideration the thickness to get it bolted against the backing panel and bumper ends. Will keep an eye out should something show up. Enjoy your Holiday Weekend, Doug.
  22. Morten, Regarding my rear bumper panels: you are correct that they are for the Special / Century cars. I totally forgot about Dad having bought another bumper for the Limited because the original was so badly rotted back in 1970. When he went to put it on realized it was too short and..... didn't have the backup lights in the ends. Money being what it was then and not the correct bumper he unbolted one end, put long bolts in allowing a gap and ran it without backup lights. Sure was a funny looking Limited for those who would know this difference. Not sure I even have pictures of this. After having taken it off the car some 20 years ago and apart didn't think to take it to my other Limited and compare size. Good eye to notice this from my pictures! Sorry for any confusion. Your 2dr Super looks FINE! Doug.
  23. No problem, helps me to get motivated to keep on the cars. let us know how that works out as mine are original (faded and some rusty) so curious to see the end results, Doug.
  24. Hello Sam, "NOT" to detract from anything anyone has offered so far but you might want to look at: CCCA - General Forum also, look at L-29 Cord Trip From Indiana To CA and contact them. My bet after the distance they traveled would be they have first hand knowledge what to prepare for and advise for you too. I'm hoping at some point down the road to do a tour with Dad's 1920 Overland Model 4. Just a thought for you, when asked by my piers if I was worried about what could happen driving an old car, my answer was after having this vehicle in the family for almost 42 years: How do you think it went down the road in 1920? Roads were NOT what they are today, people traveled alone, Car Dealerships were no where near as many as they are today (not that Overland Dealership are plentiful today) so what's the problem? Obviously, do some "just in case" protection / backups as others have stated "and" you are not alone on this tour. Had local short tours/events with this car with Dad so my advise is prepare/stock up a bit and enjoy. Even if you should have an issue someone with you will help and it is not like new cars today that require expensive computer diagnosis or electronic parts to get back on the road. Hope you have a good event.
  25. OK, one more picture that needs to confirm measurements.