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  1. Dave, Congratulations on your recent new purchase! While this is not my car, I did get a chance to drive it last fall thanks to a fellow local Car Club member and friend. It is a BIG car! And floats down the road! He also has a factory 36" stretch limo that is currently in the restoration process. Talk about storage issues!!! Hope you have many happy miles on the road! Doug BCA# 35039
  2. Just my 2 cents so.... Save what is left if you can. My 1928 Whippet Cabriolet was left on a beach on the north shore of Lake Erie before WWII to the point that the wood wheels sank in the sand, wood in the body rotted, gauges were smashed out, seat frames rusted away and someone decided to haul it out. My Dad bought it after several guys worked on it and then sold it to him at this point. While NOT a Marmon, it is a keeper and most do not know what a Whippet is let alone a Marmon so........ Maybe, just maybe someone has a vision! Doug BCA# 35039
  3. (It is not as rusty as the shed in the next yard!! Build a shed around it.) Actually...... I tried suggesting that awhile ago but........ In reality, the car is indeed more rusty than that shed. Sitting outside even up on cement blocks with that soil under it has done a number as expected. Once I get the windows out, the doors off and the seat out, and the front fenders off it won't take too many cuts to remove the body shell in manageable pieces. Last November, thinking I could jack it up enough to bolt on the tires again, all the jack did was crush the frame and never raised it at all! Th
  4. Thanks Adam. Because these Buicks were my first cars and never sold them like most people do, I have many more stories. However, I want to be able to create new stories and not just look back (although I have been reminded I do that a lot! - ha ha - darn that City Hall) My youngest son (who also has his first car - not a Buick but that's OK) said to me at Xmas, "You are not getting any younger you know. You should really get them going again." He's right! While I have poked some fun at my wife (does she really look sad riding in the Special in my avitar?), I'm also 58, the Buicks are 58's,
  5. Seriously though, doesn't this qualify as Yard Art? It certainly gets people to discussing the piece (ha, ha) Doug BCA# 35039
  6. Hey Jim, THANKS! Just to refresh your mind, we met last year at your place when I picked up the trunk mat for my Special. I know you were in fast mode getting the 57 in order for the Nationals. I'm really envious of you driving her all the way there and back! My driving will be on hold till I get the Limited dealt with first as the Special has that typical dynaflow syndrome and I have two boxes of rags soaking up the fluid. Guess it sat long enough to completely flatten that seal and will have to take the trans out for service but..... focus now, focus.... Doug BCA# 3539
  7. Some of the dismantling work before the week of rain. Rear Window - good condition now Bottom clips are ripe Quarter chrome Maybe Sunday weather might be better. Doug BCA# 35039
  8. After lurking around the Forums for a while now and being inspired by more than a few that have displayed their abilities from professional skills to the amazing accomplishments of those just wanting to have a driver quality Buick, I'm taking a chance and putting myself out there in the hopes to be able to get organized and keep motivated in dealing with my 1958 Buick collection. Having watched with particularly special interest, Smartin (Adam) and his 58 Limited and now his 58 Roadmaster, I have to state that a specific demand from City Hall (a.k.a. Mayor Wife) two weeks ago has me making an
  9. Once again, Thanks for taking the time on this. Guess I might have to start my own thread regarding my 58's and not hijack yours as I just got orders from City Hall (Mayor Wife that is) that "this car goes or "I" might have to!" So...... have been starting, between rain this weekend and taking lots of pictures. I also have been truly inspired by your 58's over these past few years (way too easy though to sit and just read about the work - ha ha). I know I can't keep the pace you and a few others have made but.. will just get started and see how things go with a few questions here and there.
  10. THANKS ADAM! I figured you would know. I don't have to worry about the headliner as a few critters have been in the old girl. I just need to take caution working inside (a hazmat suit would be in order). Fortunately I took the dash out a long time ago and it sits on a shelf over top of my other Limited nice and dry. Does this follow the front windshield clips are held by bolts also? Doug BCA# 35039
  11. Alex.B, Thanks for your interest. Yes I indeed have seen this. I just do not seem to be in the know (or the click) on what has happened to this fantastic piece of history. Someday..... Doug BCA# 35039
  12. Hey Adam, I want to pick your memory about something. I'm in the process of taking out both the front and rear windows on my Limited parts car which has the same trim as your Roadmaster (and your Limited). Sadly, the car has been sitting outside waaay too long (it was well past restoring) but I have the lower trim off due to rusted clips and can't figure out how to remove the top rear trim. Any chance you have pictures when you did the Limited? or can talk me through the process? I just do not want to destroy the trim by too much force. I have the corner moldings off also but.... can't figure
  13. Thanks Guys for the replies. It indeed is a beauty. What you see in my pictures from 2007 is just how I remember it back in the late 60's and looking close at the body & paint plus the axles, guessing that it was an early restoration say in the 50's? If I come across more pictures I think I might have some when he brought it to the Willistead Classic Car Show here in Windsor (held at Chandler Walker's home, of Hiram Walker & Sons Distillery) with his closest friend as by then he was almost blind but when I introduced myself, remembered my Dad from the Car Club and his 1920 Overland
  14. After going through and sorting my car picture albums, thought I'd post a few pictures of this car that I have been around (not my families) since I was a kid and you might enjoy seeing. This 1905 Ford Model C was owned by a member of our local Car Club and was built in Walkerville, Ontario Canada (now Windsor). While I'm not sure of how he became owner (or actually when), I remember seeing it running on many local meets back in the late 60's and early 70's. The unique aspect of this car, not only the rarity, is that it was produced from the factory with the option of converting it into a tour
  15. I have some of this out there on a few other posts but...... My Buick love interest/obsession came when Dad found a 58 Buick Limited 2 door that a young fellow wanted to sell and Dad needed a car to drive back and fourth to work 60 miles each way daily back in 1968. At the age of 15 after helping him wash & wax this chrome beast for about two years (even though it was a well worn car), I was with him on December 24th and about three blocks from home when the rear universal joint broke! He walked home to get his 64 Olds and a rope, told me to steer the Buick behind him and we parked it on t
  16. OH MY! Early dementia moment showing! Obviously the car you list IS the exhaust system you are putting together! DAH!
  17. Sorry I can't help with supplying exhaust hangers for you but thought I'd post a picture of the rear hanger I found on the net some time ago. This one goes on the rear tailpipe behind the axle. If I can get to my storage garage I know I have an nos front muffler with the correct hanger on it and will post it too for you. Just a thought, you show a 57 Buick on your posting, not sure of the differences but..... did you check the hangers on that car to see if they are the same? Doug BCA# 35039
  18. One of my favorites.... Willys, Overland, Knight Registry National Meet - 1973. Not only did we get the dash plaque but actually got to drive two laps around the track with all the other antique cars. They even gave out a paper card about 2" x 4" that Dad taped to the windshield for years that said: This car has successfully completed two laps on the Indianapolis 500 Track. Sadly, the guy he had do the top and windshield frame was not an antique car guy and disposed of the card. Looking "through the windshield" while coming up to the Finish Line. Great experience for an 18 year old! Doug B
  19. Bringing it back to the AACA ...... Dad attended with his 1920 Overland touring. [ATTACH=CONFIG]179980[/ATTACH] Doug BCA# 35039
  20. Another Dash Plaque, is a Meet that was BIG in it's day held in Niagara Falls, Ontario. This was a long weekend and with approx 250 miles each way made for a few experiences with some of the cars being driven. Doug BCA# 35039
  21. I know this is about Dash Plaques but thought I'd share a picture of what the Island looks like today. This is what is left of the once great Midway looking from the end of the Boat Dock covered Entrance way. My Buick was parked at this very corner some 40 years ago...... Yes, back to dash plaques. Doug. BCA# 35039
  22. Skyking, Thanks for starting this thread. It got me to digging around in some boxes Dad had given me and so far have about 60 dash plaques that i need to mount. I have two spare rad shells that I could mount a board in and tape them on for display out in the garage. A good winter project. Mine are not so much design art or mounted uniquely but they chronicle our participation with our local Car Club and other organized clubs since Dad seriously got involved in antique cars, which naturally brought me along into the fold. What I'm posting is interesting in that since we live in Southern Ontari
  23. I'm guessing no response (either email address provided or this forum) means not available on the Roadmaster trunk emblem???? Anyone else have one?
  24. Email was sent same day as posting. ????????
  25. shheesh........ correction... meant to say 6 volt POSITIVE ground system. (not enough coffee this AM)
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