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  1. @Caballero2, I'm positive this wasn't a car unit as the cord is for 110 volt only. Would have been a nice treasure to fund though and have a picture of a record player in a 64 (?) Buick Electra.... This was a very nice car I saw around the Buick National 2006 taken in downtown Flint. Anyone know the car?
  2. Once again another 90 plus day but found the energy to get gas and head over to the Nash. I uncovered her with full expectation of firing her up and she didn't disappoint me. While folding up the cover and letting her idle, suddenly it quit! Pumped the accelerator several times but would not fire. i poured in 2 gallons from my small tank and put some in a small bottle to put down the carb. It acted like it wanted to fire so know there was spark but hearing I was having trouble Glenn came out and we both tried to get her running with me inside the car and him under the hood. Somewhat frustrated after having it running so nice Monday he had to go into the shop to deal with his mechanics and a customer so went at checking things like fuel leaks or blockages. Decided to take off the fuel filter and with a light puff gas came spewing out so no problem there. That is inline before the fuel pump but it was not like it was full of gas. With that I disconnected the line at the carb and not a drop of gas there! I had in my truck a manual pump siphon and decided to check to see if gas would pump up from the tank. Had to disconnect the line at the pump and just before I did Glenn came back and said to get inside and turn over the engine to see if the pump was doing it's job. NOTHING! Since it was going to come off anyway he disconnected the supply line and used the siphon and gas came shooting out freely so.... I brought it home to inspect the internal condition thinking it might be the diaphragm possibly having a crack from age. Placed some new cardboard on my work space and started in disassembly noting condition as I went. Surprisingly the diaphragm was soft and did not see any visible cracks or dirt/buildup/varnish. What little gas that came out was not bad either and the casting was free of anything like old varnished gas. Two things I did notice that may or may not be a problem: There is a wear mark on the arm where it would touch the cam shaft. It seems to be on the side more than in the middle of the contact area. Hard to see with this shot. I then looked where the arm rocks in the casting and noticed what appears to be a stop bar letting the arm slide past it somewhat. Finally, looked at what appears to be a pin to hold the arm and it appears to be not fully pushed into the other side of the casting. While there doesn't seem to be any wobble when pumping the arm this just doesn't look right to me. Not sure when or if dad ever replace the fuel pump but having actual mileage of 100,000 miles and putting on 50,000 of that himself, maybe I should just replace this unit? Wonder if anyone in the Nash Club (in Michigan) has any Made in Canada rebuilt pumps available for my Canadian Statesman??
  3. Have been told I'm different in many ways... My first High School car is this 1958 Buick Limited given to me by my Dad when I turned 16. I drove it for a year before this came along. As far as getting another one, I still have the Special convert today! The Limited sadly was rusted beyond the effort to restore but... Found her twin sister many years before stripping the parts car. I still have it and currently working on getting it in running order. Did I say I'm different? Oh Ya, cause if I could, I'd have another one (if I could afford it...) but happy with the two I had in High School.
  4. A bloody Hot Monday today! Decided against more lawn cutting early with the sun and heat so went over to the Special to sort the electronics that was pulled out of basement that I will take to the drop off centre. Thought this unit was kinda neat so fooled with the speaker wires a bit and scabbed a wire for the antenna to see if it would work. Low and behold with a bit of fussing it works! Even the record played turns but slowly. Imagine there is a belt that likely is hardened and stretched but going to keep it for the garage addition at home. Pure 60's I think with those round speakers and bubble top. Cool Man.
  5. It did the same for too! Not only do you have something special but you made your dad very happy and have a video memory of the moment. Congratulations on a fine job well done!
  6. After a leisurely morning sipping coffee on the deck finally went over to the Special and cut the lawn. It heated up and with the humidity didn't get much of anything else accomplished except a little sorting of stuff in the garage. My big industrial fan is at home otherwise... The big bin is 95% full and is leaving tomorrow so decided to head home for a shower. Had to stop at the mechanics shop and take a shot of the Nash out back. Have always felt my cars are safe and secure if they need to sit there for awhile. Hoping Tuesday evening proves nothing major with the rear end...
  7. Got together at the mechanic at his shop this morning and after about 30 minutes have the Nash running again! Binging a 5 gallon can of fresh gas on Tuesday and putting her up on the hoist to check a few things out.
  8. We have one more day of cleaning out the basement where the Special is and then will do some sorting in the garage as we have the big bin till pick up on Monday. The basement access is tough being an OLD house... I would have worn a hard hat if the darned thing didn't keep falling off every time I leaned over!! Didn't find that stash of cash down there that you hear stories about but came upon a news paper dated October 30, 1956 which made for interesting reading while having a break. I knew the owner was an American who moved here some time in the early 50's and had come across various paperwork linking him to properties in Florida, Pennsylvania and New York so not surprised to see this paper show up. It took some effort to un-wrinkle without totally destroying it. I was an infant at this time and it would be 25 years or more before taking an interest in financial affairs but found it interesting having read that 1958 was a recession year, that in 1956 things seemed to be doing quite well. Naturally the Oil Companies never really suffer in reality, just on paper when they justify a raise in prices. Anyway... Today is catch up on lawns and tomorrow morning meeting the mechanic at his shop to get the Nash fired up. Moving on....
  9. Possible door on the drivers side? The wall inside looks to be a darker panel hinting that would be an opening.
  10. Shoot! So my Limited with an older repaint will be difficult to match the existing black paint when I have the fenders redone? What would the chance be Lance that paint would match?
  11. Will spare everyone the mundane details of the work day and get to the chase of the Limited story today. I was able to unearth the fenders I took off the Limited in order to cleanup the frame way back making pulling the motor & transmission out much easier. At first glance they don't look too bad but... Like everyone else experiences when really getting into a car, there are surprises to be found. Using aluminium sheet and bondo under fresh paint is such a backyard fix... With the rusted out brace I can't recall just how the bottom of the fenders were attached. The one advantage of having purchased the Buick's a long time ago is I was able to amass parts that I figured would be needed to "fix" them up when I retired (?) and not have to hunt today. There are enough good fenders in there for both the Limited & the Roadmaster plus should be one good one for the Special if and when her time comes... And the push continues...
  12. Having been a boater also, till selling the last one around 2014, I prefer Jimmy Buffet's "Wastin' Away In Margaritaville". 🙃 Will that work? (Going to take a little practise before I can get the old fingers to work right again... )
  13. Good morning everyone. Slept well last night with visions of Limited's in my head. 😁 Thought I'd post some pics and show what that wax can do with a little effort. Using the wax on wax off method and a little pressure cleaned up the dull black paint with good results. I only did what I could reach with the hood on the roof like that but you can see the condition on the left and what I had done on the right of this shot. As stated before the overall paint is not great but with all that is going on right now (and for the next few months...) a little shine will go a long way to keep me happy and help preserve her for now. A little hard to tell but I went at the hood edge and half the front I could reach and it looks more like worth saving the car. Finished with my 2nd cup of coffee and it's back to the house with the mission of getting the organ from the basement. It's coming home since I plugged it in and works quite well. Told my son he had to stay around to help with this one as he wants to hit the golf course before the rain later today. Moving along....
  14. After another long day ending it with going to see the Limited and found myself doing what I love best. Found another can of Carabuna Cleaner Wax and spent an hour waxing some of her black paint. It's no where near show field quality but under the garage lights looks pretty good to dream and sleep well tonight.
  15. I'll agree being a western car what shows in the pictures looks solid compared to a car having been used and sat around here. Even the chrome looks be decent driver quality for my likes. I can tell you most of the parts will fit on a Limited 4 door except the rear quarter sheetmetal, moldings, tail lights, trunk and trunk trim. The Limited model was stretched in that area for the three models based on the Roadmaster line. Wish I was closer...
  16. Or possibly a wire that catches those tabs?
  17. That's right Bill. The border closure was extended recently till August 21st and living right on the border to Michigan (Detroit is my entry point) boy do I miss going over! I wish I could get over to see both 1957buickjim and 95cardinal. Joe was kind enough to inform me of 364 motor that supposedly came out of running '58 Buick where he was going to drive to getting parts for one of his cars. The price seemed fair enough so he put it in his pickup, brought it to his warehouse and is storing it there till things open up again... I thought it would be good to connect it to the transmission I have waiting for the Limited, drop them in the frame and get it running. Even with the rad off it would be easier to move the Limited around that way rather than trying to push it. After seeing the video Smartin posted of his then Limited chasis, driving it down the road and back on a milk crate (?) ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE!
  18. After picking up some drinks (for later?) got back to the Bin and went inside to continue getting stuff to the stair landing before bringing it out & into the bin. Must describe what it is taking place... The house was built in 1908 and explains the reason why the service utility basement is what it is, no one back then considered using a basement like we do today. Being over well over 6 feet tall the height is a challenge for me as when I stand straight up the floor rafters are almost below my jaw and have to be careful not to hit my head on the occasional nail sticking down from the hardwood flooring upstairs!! That beam you see is even lower and can't tell you the number of times I've almost blacked out from not ducking down low enough to get to the other side... When you say Lance (I meant to type ADAM... sorry) that I will be amazed how quickly the bin will fill up, just look at what I started with. Thank heavens we have the bin for a week... Somewhere I have a black & white picture from a neighbour of the house about 1939 showing mine before the renovation and hers were the only homes around with apple orchards all around. The last owners before me did a second floor renovation with two story addition back in the 50's and updated the wiring to 120 amp service at that time plus new interior plastering. Being a 5 bedroom house hoping someone will feel it's worth saving but will likely see it torn down and a new home built on the large lot. On my way over to continue haul stuff upstairs. And so it goes...
  19. Work had to be in play Saturday morning so went out and had to fuel the mower and trimmer up plus restring the line before starting. As this was going on doesn't the boss show up (unusual) but with some good news for me. Seems they had contracted a company to spray around the buildings to kill the weeds and on some of the chain link fences so only had to cut the big field as they wanted the stuff to act on fully leafed plants and hopefully cut down on the trimming time. Cool! That cut down my time there and could return to the house/garage sooner than expected. Sometimes things do work out for the good but wondered how the spray is going to work out. It started to spit rain on the way back home and when I got there it just teamed!! Not my problem with that but now have to transfer things into the bin in the rain as radar showed it to be on going off and on all day. I left the night before having gathered all the paints and chemicals knowing the bin would not allow it and figured taking it to the City Disposal Site doing the responsible thing. This stuff as stated earlier has been in there for a long time as evidenced by the Ajax cans. As old as I am I don't believe I've ever seen that label. Not sure what was up but found about 16 cans there... Hooked up the trailer and took off in the light sprinkle and found the Saturday lineup just like I expected... After finally clearing the scales, pulled up to the building with mask on and waited for the attendant. This facility takes this stuff for free and has helped the landfills and ditches from being littered so expected no issues till, after finally understanding the guy, that I was limited to certain amounts to be left!!! Huh? Example - 20 litre of paint cans per visit? There is the sign Sir. Seriously? Oh but you can come back again and dump them for free then, otherwise you have to pay. Ya that's going to happen waiting again the 30 minutes in line to dump for free... Said I'd find another way to get rid of what you won't take now just as the rain started to pound down! Everything is a process with regulation rules, I know. I've dealt with that for 47 years in my business but I'm very aware that it is more regulated than ever now! (Am I just getting Old??) The guy must have seen that no one was waiting behind me and maybe took pity on a grumpy old man saying, Go ahead bring it all on the table. I would have reached out and shook his hand for that but Social Distancing you know, I said a heartfelt "Thank you" as the rain now felt like the start of the Forty days & Forty Nights! (Sorry for the rant gang)
  20. Yesterday we had a bin delivered (albeit later than promised) for removal of both our junk from the house and what I think is to go from the garage. Could just about fit a car in that thing but it would have to be a convertible to be able to get out of it (oh the shame of that thought...). I knew there were shelves of cleaning chemicals, old paint cans and weed killer and the like in the basement that had to be treated separately so brought my trailer over and squeezed it between the bin and hedge carefully. Surprised myself and son getting it in there with only two moves. Loooong day eventually feeding a few mosquitoes before calling it quits but made headway with the house! Long story but there is a lifetime of the original owners things that were left in the low ceiling service basement that we kept saying we were going to take our time, sort through and throw out.... Now it's time to do it all at once! Finding a few "Pickers Treasures" (maybe?) and some things are out at the curb for the scrapper and yard sale resellers to lessen the weight charge for the bin like this beautiful hard wood head and foot board. My son is good with Kijiji and figures he'll get a buck or two for them. That will offset the cost of the bin some. Once the house junk is loaded I hope to attack the garage as we have the bin for 7 days before it has to be picked up and with Monday being a Provincial Holiday (Civic Holiday) I can literally pick my way through hings and decided what needs to go or stay. Fortunately I have made an arrangement with a fellow to use his 10x20 bin for the Buick parts and such. Willing to help me out and says we will work it out for trade of services. That can be risky but right now, helps out a great deal. Time is going to tell on that... Now, if I could find a buyer for the house at the price I think the appraiser is accurate about... To Be Continued.
  21. That's very nice of you Bill! Thanks. I'm going to try and book a room again for next year in Strongsville and let's hope this pandemic has seen it's last fight by then that we don't have to do a National Meet in a magazine again... My other boy has booked their wedding for Jul 3, 2021 so with fingers crossed it's going to be a busy month.
  22. I just realised this morning it's the deadline for picture entry to Pete for the October issue of our cars that we would have driven or brought to the 2020 National this year so spent some time going through my picture files (and I have a lot!). I emailed it and Pete just confirmed it will be in the edition. This will be the first published picture of the Special in the Bugle. 😎 Might just have to buy the hard copy edition as I only get the electronic membership.
  23. Thanks John I appreciate it! My son that's moving and I discussed the truck and possibly my selling to which he expressed he really liked it but... with a new house and his first child coming it was going to be a bit more than he wanted to take on right now, otherwise... It's too bad the garage he will have is only a car and a half or he just might have inherited it earlier. I do feel the truck will sell much quicker than the Nash simply because of it being more desirable. The fact it has F**d on it ensures that even more. My neighbour is Not a car guy but does own a Carrea convertible. He is in construction and keeps saying to my wife, "You want I should help Doug out and bring my bin over?" Told the two of them should that happen I will rise up and haunt them both for the rest of their natural lives so shut up and pour me another glass!! This whole year has been a mental adjustment for a lot of things as I'm sure with many others here too. Just wish to say, you guys are the best. Thanks for letting me work things out out loud, it helps some.