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  1. Sounds like a good idea John. Will post afterwards.
  2. Kept plugging away throwing bolts and parts into a box as I went. I pulled the fuel pump and supply lines off no problem and started on the intake bolts. Naturally one just had to be a problem! The 6 point socket slipped and sure enough the head is rounded a bit...Knowing my good impact socket set was at home I walked away to regroup and not make matters worse. Not sure if heat will help in this case or not? I have nothing to loose at this point do I? It's that second bolt from the front you see here that is still buried before I had cleaned it out. I w
  3. Same old, same old thing been going on with the exception of having to work nights this past week. Friday morning I went to the old garage to get another load of steel together for a scrap run to be told the house there had the back door kicked in! Apparently nothing of the contractors tools were missing and with it having progressed as far as it was gutting wise, none of the copper water pipes or wiring had been cut out so not sure what was going on except maybe it was kids ... I notified the neighbours when I came back from the run and changed the lock on my cont
  4. Adam, did you find your intake? What year does it fit?
  5. Picked up my first paying work since last October this past week working nights which makes for a late morning start at the old garage. Fortunately the new owner is graciously telling me to take my time so the pressure is off but looking forward to concentrating on the work at home and not dividing up my efforts. With the demo work going on inside the house the new owner wants done, it looks like they will be at it for months to come. Meantime he has applied to the City to sever the lot where he says he will build another house and that process takes time also for approvals.
  6. Not to belabor the point but describes exactly what mine did and only when resting my arm on the door frame and pressing the horn ring otherwise touching the ring gave no shock with just touching the ring. Once I put a rubber piece around the wire at the contact area in the column the shock disappeared. I never looked further down the column to see where it came through but yours might have worn the wire covering off there? Good luck.
  7. My '58 Buick had that exact issue. Turned out to be the isolating gasket on the horn wire in the column. Years ago I had wiring short under the hood and it melted that rubber/plastic insulator some and once in awhile got a shock while hitting it with my arm on the metal window frame. Take the horn ring off and remove the horn bracket to see if that is your issue. Doug
  8. So cool and love that # !
  9. Seen Better Days.... How about, "Seen her last days".
  10. Not sure if my answer to your query will help or not. It's now your car so as the expression goes, do what you like. It's about whatever floats your boat isn't it? Dad apparently liked them so I'd suggest putting them on and drive it that way for awhile. Then remove them and you will know which way you like her best. I've owned three 1958 Buick's since High School and put up with so many opinions of negativity about just how much chrome was used on the cars but felt it was my car and I like it! So... go buy what you like fella's. I have a set of skirts for my S
  11. Another bit of nostalgia I came across was about the Overland. He purchased the car from a fellow local Car Club Member Mr. Ron Norbury who had found a 1924 Oakland touring he wanted and decided to sell the Overland. That was in 1966 and after getting her home, driving her for two years decided he wanted to rebuild the engine as the Club was very active back then and held weekend runs during the summer which dad wanted to be sure the car could "keep up" as he put it. Back then other members had Studebakers, Chryslers, T's and other misc makes in the teen's and twenties so the pace wa
  12. While my thread should primarily be about my Buick's I've taken the liberty to post about my other cars rather than have a long absence posting nothing and trust you all know I'm going to get back to the '58's as soon as I can. Moving a 13 year collection of parts, literature and figuring out car storage has been somewhat daunting but there are moments when things come to light which make me smile. I came upon a box with paperwork Tuesday in it that I will be a better caretaker for as it is full of info for the cars and brought it home to file properly. For example, I found th
  13. It sure is. The shop received some National award for paint (and bodywork?) and have been told second hand that the car is the owners so imagine it is flawless! Need to get closer one day and really look at her. Oh to have that talent (and the money...)
  14. Being the 1st of April means I'm officially a month behind vacating the old garage now. Fortunately the new owner is giving me a relaxed time limit but after the months of work I have been at this, it needs to be completed so I can concentrate on things at home. Today's official news from the Province announced that we are going to be continuing with the lock down restrictions so not expecting any increase with regard to commercial business for me so if anything, that lets' me stay focused longer with the task at hand. I made a trip out to the sea can with things that I c
  15. Hopefully he is just busy with his family and life in general after a busy year building his new garage and all. Would be good to hear from you sir and let us know you are spared from the virus though.
  16. No problem Sir. I plan to disconnect as much as I can before it goes to scrap as I have no more room for another complete engine with transmission attached... I hate even reading this back but I'm seriously at my limit for extra parts of that size!
  17. Hmm.... I don't recall having taken the covers off to notice that Keith. Do you need a set? Would the set from the other motor fit if so? That one will be gone in two weeks or so...
  18. Sunday was spent gathering and putting garbage in cans for pick up on Monday and loading metal into my trailer to do a scrap run Monday morning. As I removed more things around and picked up cardboard off the floor I pulled up an old door mat and did a double take when I noticed this laying on the dirty floor. Good thing it was late in the day as I might just have went and had a really good long afternoon lunch! Stayed the course instead and have it in an envelope to put towards the garage addition at home. Lord knows with the price of lumber I'm goin
  19. Had another interesting weekend; Saturday after spending a few hours removing things off the floor in the back section I decided to put some 4x8 wood panelling I had stacked along the side wall into the container. When we bought the place that back section was self contained as a screened in room with a fireplace and once I realised the inner wall was not a supporting wall, removed it and saved the panelling for future placement. Well, looking at the ceiling realising it was the same wood panelling tried a section after I removed the trim and before I knew it had that al
  20. Well, A quick search on the net this morning was surprised to learn those pitchers are WWII US Navy Wardroom Officers Mess pieces. Not worth huge money but of some value for sure. Would any of you out there be interested in them as a collector piece? It makes sense that they were in a box here as the daughter of the original owner of the house we bought had married a man from Detroit that served in the US Navy. Could it have been a "keepsake" from his days of service?? I'm off to the old garage again and will be digging into the other three boxes I haven't go
  21. Another couple of busy days. Managing to clear off some shelves and decided after a good wiping down to bring this one home for the basement laundry room. I'm honestly thinking there is a light at the end of the tunnel but slow and steady is the only way I'm going to win this race. (Not that I have been given a deadline but...) With the heavy rain we had during the night found I had a leak around one of the roof vents so having sold the place, looks like I beat the cost of a new roof. Something I unearthed were these to water
  22. I can say for 10 years of my 18 years owning the truck I did similar driving you state you did as it smoked badly when I put my foot into but ran 20-40 weight oil which seemed to slow it down some... With having a spare engine to swap out (of really unknown condition) never worried if it crapped out on me. We had an annual car show that was an 1 1/2 drive each way and called it my annual oil change as it used three quarts of oil that day there and back. LOL I guess sitting those 7 years didn't do it well as when the new owner pulled the rad out and drained it there was o
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