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  1. Thanks Gary. Yes there are lot's of strong memories associated with the car since it was Dad's first antique. Back in those days the Club was very active and after having the motor rebuilt made every effort to drive her and participate as much as possible. In 1969 the Club had a Participation Award (along with others) given to the car attending the most events during a year which was then returned the next year to be recognised for the next car (unless you had the most functions again). If you notice on the very right the rear corner of a '58 Limited, that is what was to become
  2. The juggling act continues with yet another ball in the air as I'm digging into the back of the garage I have to vacate unearthing the Overland in preparation for the eventual move. Things have been place around, in and on her for quite awhile... Spent one evening wiping her down and cleaning the nickle radiator shell which came up just fine with my wonder metal polish. Will try and pump the tires up again but know it has a broken distributor cap for some reason. Those seats have her original leather upholstery albeit well worn.
  3. No expert either but have not seen stitching like that myself all these years. Still a very nice looking car and knowing it's in BC can imagine the body is indeed in very good condition. Not the salt used there like we have around here! It might just be the pictures I'm looking at as I didn't go to the listing. I do appreciate bringing it to my attention Doug.
  4. It seems my luck with the Nash is batting 1,000. Having brought her to this point and willing to accept an offer as she is, told my son to have his coworker to come and take a really good look at the car this coming weekend and didn't hear back until I pressed again. Seems after hearing (second hand) for over three years this fellow was "so wanting to buy the car" that the story has now changed. The wife is giving him grief over getting another car. NEXT....
  5. Wow! Appreciate posting it Doug. I see it has new upholstery and headliner and missing the "Canadian Statesman" side scripts and has what looks like added on back up lights but the price "reduced" is what grabs my attention. Being in BC it obviously is Canadian dollars which is apples to apples for me. Going to print this out and show the guy that is interested in buying mine for comparison. Hoping to get together this weekend. Thanks for the posting. Doug
  6. I've seen that car in person. Trust me when I say that a light wax on, wax off would go fairly quick in the condition she is in. Besides, it was probably more like an excuse to feel her smooth curves again. 😉 After all she is a beaut!
  7. Monday September 14th Road Trip. With fresh coffee and donut I hit the 401 east just after 7 am. This being the first time out of town since last December didn't know what to expect traffic wise but was somewhat pleased it was this light being Monday and all. With the cruise set and three lanes to choose the 2 3/4 hour drive seemed to go quickly enough with no incidents. Pulled up to the Shop where Denis's car is waiting for my used unit and was told to pull around to the side door. I was met by the shop manager and a young looki
  8. Bill, Have been meaning to respond to you earlier but my plate is overflowing. Give me a couple more days and I will shoot some pictures you are requesting of my 58 Limited. Her dash top is still all together. Doug
  9. With help from my son today we loaded up the rear end to head to Brantford in the morning. Even with the hand cart that thing is a boat anchor for a lake freighter!!! Mark asked me why I didn't just put it in the bed of my truck to which I said it would be easier to get into the trailer guaranteeing not to scrape or dent my truck. The trailer can take the beating as you can see! With his DeWalt impact gun we were able to get the two nuts off the stablizing arms leaving them here for scrap and was able to get the brake drums off also. I might be able to save them
  10. Not to high jack Lances thread but here is a shot of that fuel filler neck flap on my '58 Limited. It is original to the car which shows 57,000 miles on the odometer. Suspect the 57's are similar.
  11. Agree with all you suggest John. We didn't check the diff fluid level or the transmission level either. While up on the hoist I rotated the rear tires back and forth slowly and with more effort and you could hear the distinct click of the front universal plus substantial slop (and noise) at the diff. If I had a spare rear end like I do for the Special (till tomorrow) I might be persuaded to drop the whole unit out, pull it apart to determine just what is worn out or put a completed unit back in. Sadly that is not the case so going to explain what I've found to be needed to my po
  12. I did have one bright spot in the day Saturday. Through contact with 95Cardinal last week I made contact with a new Forums member Buickboy58 who yes, you guessed it, has a 1958 Buick Special only three hours away from me here in Ontario Canada. He has been looking for a rear end for his car and Joe reached out to him with a spare from one of his Caballero parts cars. Unfortunately being in Michigan the shipping costs to Canada were horrendously expensive!! Joe contacted me knowing of my collection and sure enough I have what Denis needs. After a few PM's and a phone
  13. The Nash work had success and failures yesterday. Did not find any broken brake lines but did find the master cylinder almost empty. It took a lot of bleeding to finally get good pedal and the brakes held while testing around the shop/yard. However... There is something seriously wrong in the drive line... Took a chance driving it the five blocks home and man what a racket!! With the enclosed driveshaft system I'm guessing it's a combination of universal joint and worse, the ring and pinion. She has just 100,000 documented miles (but never winter dri
  14. From the pictures, knowing full well it can hide a few sins, it appears to be a very solid car. Common areas for rust on all '58 Buick's are right under those dual headlights as there are no inner front splash shields to keep road elements from building up behind the headlight housings and blasting off the under coating and paint. Ask me how I know... With that colour paint and the interior (which I believe is factory colour and upholstery) it doesn't quite have the appeal mine has in black which definitely shows off the chrome more. Will have to
  15. Just go back from the mechanics garage where I rigged up a small gas can to the fuel pump in order to get the Nash running. SUCCESS!! 😃 After letting her warm up I was able to carefully drive it around in the back. Here is the motor running with the small can secured. (not sure what the clicking is but it's not the engine...) It was in good company back there with this Mercury. The owner came by to pick it up after a new starter was put on the original 292 engine. So sharp at 7:30 tomorrow morning going to put the Nash up in the ai
  16. Denis, I sent you a PM given information from 95Cardinal. I have a used rear end from a Special I'd sell and in Windsor Ontario. Shoot me a PM if interested.
  17. It's really sinking in John just what I do have being forced with a move and all. Having taken the front ends off both the Limited and the Roadmaster, then collecting better quality replacement parts figuring to put them on, makes it seem like an endless "stash" as you say. Then there is (was) the original Limited aka parts car dismantling... It's going to be a short fall to accomplish what I need to do property wise but a long winter to work on the Limited.
  18. I guess laid out like that they do look somewhat like bbq grills. Then there is the play on the word grill...
  19. Found the four barrel air cleaner in the trunk and having it out put some polish and a rag to it but will have to work a bit more on the lid to bring it up. Naturally the rag just slipped over to the flathead for a bit. At this point the sky is darkening so closed the big door and picked away at more chrome before packing them in the appropriate containers. Having had the radio on this whole time I finally caught the DJ saying it was 1:15 AM... Thought I had better wrap it up as Monday is Labour Day and should enjoy a day of rest. Wait, Uh
  20. An afternoon of pulling things off the shelf has it looking like major chaos but actually enjoying sorting and marking things for the cars. Anyone need an organ???? It will be unearthed and moved out... after all this is a car garage, for '58 Buick's at that! All too soon I get the call to start the BBQ and prepare for supper. Nothing like steak on the grill! Fully satisfied I had to get back at it or the arm chair would be filled for the night. Since these were separated the big container was perfect and had room for the four hubcaps too.
  21. Not sure where the time is going, yet... Have made a few trips to the storage bin and unearthing more chrome, trim and panels. Bought more heavy big containers to put model specific parts in making a list of what is inside which will make things easier to find when I'm ready for them. I pulled everything out of the trunk of the Limited and was surprised to find a spare gas tank under the cardboard sides and trunk carpet from the Limited parts car. It appears in good condition but with the experience with the Special and her tank will decide which is the best to hav
  22. The Crest on the handle bar post reads Royal Scot (Made in England). I have not dug too deep into it but figure it's 50/60 ish as it was my father-in-law's. It is also cleaning up nicely and will be nice sitting along side either the Limited or the Special while at a show. I have a 2 inch trailer reciever on the Special now that will take a bike rack and think the trunk of the Limited is big enough to put the bike inside and close it as I used to take the spare tire out and put three of my buddies inside to beat the cost of getting into the Leamington Fair back in the d
  23. Thanks Joe. Coming from you and being around your Caballero while in progress means a lot to me. Now, if we ever get the Border opened up again I'd love to get over, see what you've done with the Cadillac (maybe get a ride?) check out what's going on with your other projects and pick up the motor you so kindly have waiting for me.... If I had it here I know it would be bolted up to a transmission that's waiting to be installed too. There is much to do before driving down the road but each step brings me closer to that day.
  24. With the last rain fall and water in the garage under the Special I have made arrangements for temporary storage and have been busy cleaning up (and throwing out non Buick stuff). Decided to put big items like the collection of fenders in first as they will be the last thing needed for the Limited especially. That was fun as being stored at the back of my carport for years I found two possum carcasses on the ground. Man those things are ugly! While driving into the yard with the sea can unit I look next door and see this: Yes it
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