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  1. It has been under the radar till now since this is mostly about my Buick's but while I'm on here... Bought it locally from a family that had two 52's and a 53 over the years. The dad used to load the boys in the box, drive along the county roads having them look for pop bottles in the ditches and cash them in. That was when the deposit was a nickle a bottle. The son that I bought it from said they would be gone all day and had so many bottles the box was full! The old flathead was running but smoked some (typical flathead Ford dad used to say), and for 1500 as tough as it looked I had it tuned up, put on new standard brakes and rebuilt the transmission which got me on the road. Guess the boys put their personal touches on it when dad gave it to them and that was sort of what caught my eye seeing it one day out on the side of the road with a For Sale sign. Over that winter I had the seat reupholstered adding my personal touch and cleaned/painted the floor of the cab which was not rusted out at all. That next spring I was happily moving on down the road killing mosquitoes. It's the original drive train with the 6 volt positive ground wiring (needs to be replaced, which I have new from Dennis Carpenter to install). Those rims need to be kept up as there is some rust but with the tires that are on her it drives and handles like any old truck with a straight axle should. I also have both steel front fenders, a lower valance and fibre glass running boards if I ever get to it but have had many fun miles driving just way she is. On occasion I would put my magnetic signs on and go to do an estimate. More than one potential customer commented that he got the message on my sign that says, "Since 1953". Not everyone in the general public knows the difference between a 52 & 53. That blue motor you see on the engine stand in front of the Limited is one I bought from a guy that swore it has only 35,000 miles on it. I got it running and idling with not very much effort sitting on the cement in the driveway so tend to believe him. I'm torn as to parting with it right now but time is against me getting at it too I guess...
  2. Reviewing the overall storage issue it's slowly becoming apparent that selling my F1 Ford might be next for a sale. Not sure if logical thinking or just the state of mind I'm in...
  3. I want to get it running to show a prospective buyer it's not just a 1500 dollar car so it's at the mechanics shop where I hope he gets to it with his tools and such right there. Once that is accomplished (I'm going in 5 directions at once right now...) my son's co-worker is interested in it and will see where we have to meet to close a deal.
  4. Spent the better part of the afternoon and evening continuing with the cleanup around the garage and finally was able to open the garage door again after putting the Limited back on the ground. I will be dragging her out to get at the back passenger flat tire later today if the rain quits. She will sit under the cover with a car cover on once the matching roller tire is on and then pull her out from under to sit on the side of the driveway later once I get the back wall opened up making access to the back easier for construction materials for the addition. My wife hasn't commented on this plan yet but at least I laid out the plan... Married 40 years this past May so should be no real surprises right? LOL Thinking I might bring those two inner fender panels in the basement as they are nicely painted and clean. Back in my hobby train room out of sight might be the way to go... Moving along...
  5. With having started going to swap meets with Dad since the age of 13 and knowing when I got the Buick's I was going to keep them, I bought things when I could afford them for a long time. Part of that fun now is discovering exactly what I bought since it has been shoved here and there for some time. Sorting it out for the Limited knowing I will put the best of what I have on her is part of the point to finally get her on the road. Like I found this steering wheel tucked away. It's not perfect as evidenced by the cracks at the spokes but can't recall why I would pick up a blue one. It must have been a good deal?
  6. My wife left me playing in the garage and finally had to call me to come in for a late supper but accomplished what I wanted to get done. The trunk is finally cleared off... I was able to open the trunk lid but not completely as it wouldn't clear the shelf unit due to having the front end on jack stands still. I had forgotten I'd put the trunk card board from both Limited's and the Roadmaster in there, it's been that long... With the fan doing it's job and the radio at a decibel above the roar of the fan I managed to bag, sort, label and box the rest of the stuff on top of the upside down hood resting on the roof. Pleased with myself getting this far. I honestly can say I have not laid eyes on that sign for quite awhile. Before calling it a night (it was 10:30) I grabbed my tape for hellery and did a rough measurement. I think a 9 foot door is going to give me lots of room to get her in the back if I want to. There is lots more clearing up of things on the floor in front before I can drop her down on her tires and drag her out (on that rear passenger flat tire) but with a forecast of rain tomorrow afternoon, might get a chance to accomplish that...
  7. After returning home for a late lunch I figured it was time to get into the garage with the Limited and start cleaning off the things that have piled up to prepare for dragging her outside. After a cool drink and a sandwich checked the temperature and almost quit before I even started. Naturally being in Canada it reads in celsius ... I still can't get used to that! It converts to 91.4 real temperature but the "Feels Like" reading is 98.6. Decided to open the back window and bring my industrial fan inside to try and keep cool. That sure helped and started removing things, sorting out spares and such labelling and boxing as I went. Need to get more organised as finding things like a rebuilt oil pump might come in handy when I finally get at the Limited motor. Some more sorting uncovered a small box with these in them. My Limited only has the drivers side mirror now but I obviously picked up the NOS passenger side and another NOS driver side over the years. Not sure if there is a difference but the numbers on the box are not the same. I uncovered the kick panels from the car and gave them a quick cleaning before wrapping them up as they have been off for a long time to gain access to the nut that holds the fenders on. The trim has the usual marks from use one would expect of a car that has 54,000 miles but might see if I can get most of them out or at least reduce the most obvious ones. I was going to kick myself when I came upon these two fuel pumps having needed one a few years ago till I thought about when I bought them. It was most likely before the introduction of ethanol so would likely need to put new gaskets in to avoid a break down on the road. They read for 58's but there is a slight difference in the main body. Does anyone know if that would make any difference?
  8. Just back from my big 4 hour lawn job and taking a few minutes break before hitting two more residential customers. I agree Lance it will be good to see the Limited outside again! My wife doesn't know it yet but I plan on leaving the Limited in her usual parking spot for her van under the tent till construction of the addition will start. (DANGEROUS I KNOW - LOL) That alone will allow me working room inside to clear shelves, take off the wall panelling and remove the insulation before cutting out the opening. I might have a wall plug or two and some wiring to move also. It will also be a good time to put some plywood on the ceiling back there to stop the plastic from coming loose and be a stronger anchor for the garage door tracks. I'm installing it to roll up into the existing garage not the new addition. Should things work out, the new addition with the door down, might turn into a bit of a man cave? Just putting it out there but ready for plans to change...
  9. Thanks for your thoughts Joe. Wish I could keep her. Didn't someone on the Forums here state, You can't keep them all ? Meantime, Went to my buddies that owns the green Cadillac as he has a sectional garage door that will work perfectly on the back wall of my garage at home. My plan is to use it to keep dust down when working on the Limited parking the Overland, Whippet and my Ford F1 in the new addition. Joe had his garage greatly expanded and put in a bigger wider door but saved the old one thinking someone could use it. Typical car guy thinking huh! The full garage width shed he has on the back of his looks about like my garage with the Special and those 4 sections were way at the back requiring moving lots of stuff just to get hands on them to be able to pass them out to me. The fact it is on the west side of the garage and no air circulation had us both soaking wet from sweat in a very short time! He found everything short of a few hinges and with being only 9 feet wide things fit in my trailer quite nicely. Once things were put back inside (he sorted through some stuff he decided needed to go) we locked up and decided to sit down for a break. Have to say sitting inside his garage beside the Cadillac, that cold Blue Lite never tasted so good as then!!! Hopefully this weekend I can finish cleaning parts off the Limited, to pull her out enough to get the last good tire on and park her on the side of the driveway covered to then rearrange shelves and stuff to cut open the wall for the new/used garage door. Having that door in place will provide better access for the building materials needed for the addition also. Oh and it's supposed to be in the mid 90's all weekend....
  10. Life is whizzing along... (at least no one in the family has contracted the virus) Still dealing with a heat wave but just like our winter weather changes, after that first month one seems to get acclimatized and moves along. After waiting for my mechanic to come over to the Nash I bit the bullet and had her towed to his shop. The driver/operator stated he had 15 years experience and showed me pictures of some of the unusual cars he hauled making me assured he would not over tighten the cables and harming the unit body frame. The car is solid (in my opinion) but over torquing an old car isn't a good thing. I followed behind to settle up and fortunately it wasn't very far from home. I will feel better about having her running before I entertain listing for sale.
  11. Something similar happened to dads 70 LeSabre. Turned out to be (?) on the automatic transmission allowing oil to be sucked into the engine.(sorry, the part name escapes me...) That wasn't all that big a repair as it was on the outside of the transmission once diagnosed. As to the diaphram, should it be that, replacing the fuel pump is not a huge effort either. You didn't say what year Skylark but with ethanol in the gas those original fuel pumps are susceptible to breaking down due to the gas today. Mew replacement pumps have proper diaphram material that are not effected by the enthanol. That happened to Dads 51 Nash only it had the effect of putting gas into the engine (not good) and found the problem when idling with oil leaking out the fill tube. Was lucky there was no spark under the hood with that gas/oil mixture. Good luck and come back to let us know how you make out.
  12. Such a knowledgable man Jim is. He did my '58 Special and never regretted the effort it took to have it done!
  13. That is good to hear about the Fleetwood Country Cruise Gary. Not that I will be able to attend but just when is this event to happen?
  14. Can't agree with you more on the "so what" part Keith. What's getting to me is getting the 'storage together time line' right now. It's in the details like "to get to this I need to have this, then to have that this needs to happen" all of which has a time line on top of those things!! There is a very dim light at the end of the tunnel as of now but expecting something else to crop up and have to be dealt with... I have great respect for General Contractors that orchestrates sub contractors for any kind of building projects!! I've experienced personally the rath of a GC in my trade service more than once, hence my appreciation now in those shoes. Looking on the bright side, where I will be 6 months from now will be, looking back, better for me and my wife. Have to keep reminding myself what I've said before, Getting there is half the fun...
  15. Funny you should mention having a drink, I just poured one after quitting for the day to sit and check the Forums! I agree with you 100% about any company that can"t respond in a reasonable time. Even with this virus and all, businesses are and can work from home as effectively as at at a desk in an office. My issue is with the different standard re the discount for Canadians. Just because a US company buys out an established customer base here and calls Head Office in the US shouldn't leave the Canadian paying customers out. (whether 25 bucks or not) Will be following this up and report back unless the Moderators feel my post needs to be deleted...
  16. Well All my Canadian Buick Club Members, I finished with the Hagerty online Chat person this morning after many hours on hold waiting on the phone for a pick up and have been told (once the chat person realised I was in Canada) that Hagerty DOES NOT offer a discount in Canada!!! When asked why not, the reply was that "It's due to how we are filed for certain programs and discounts in Canada with our underwriting company Aviva". Hagerty bought out a Canadian developed Insurance Company offering Antique and Classic Car Insurance coverages at reasonable pricing called originally The Silver Wheel Plan by Tony Lant in Souffville, Ontario as he himself was an antique car owner and felt there was a need for those rates. There will be a further communication to Hagerty and this Aviva to see about the differences...
  17. I was pretty sure you would get what is going on with me and remember that black Roady you had up for sale. Nice car! At a different time I might have been a '57 convert as it really appealed to me but... only car guys get that. For added peace of mind last night I added some heavy mill plastic after supper I had in case the patch on the shingles does quite take. While on the roof I looked things over and saw branches have crushed down a vent also further back. My reason to purchase this property was three fold. When Dad offered to gift me the Overland, Whippet and Nash, the place he had built a 28x40 pole barn was on my sisters property on the edge of the City. She had sold it to move to the States and he ended up renting it back for about 10 years... That property was right in the path of a major road development of a new road/highway system to the new bridge crossing the Detroit River (it's coming but slowly guys) so knew there would be a move to new storage in the works then as it was purchased by the Province and was to be torn down. I already had the Special and my '52 inside the garage you see for the trade of grounds keeping services and sadly, when the owner passed away, I approached the inheritor asking what their plans were? Needless to say we worked out an agreeable offer/sale price and looked at it as an investment for my retirement fund down the road. The original garage was a 2 and a half car ending at that 2nd window until the Dad added the back section with a screened in area and fireplace. Interesting bit of trivia regarding him. His name was Joe Maniaci, a football player for the Chicago Bears who was awarded MVP in 1939 and then became head Coach at Saint Louis University. I never met him but became friends with his daughter, again sadly until her passing and the consequent purchasing of the property. With the inherited three cars and the pending loss of Dad's pole barn, once I purchased the property I measured and took out the interior back wall to the screened in room which gave me enough space, albeit tight, to get five cars inside. It's been a great place all these years but as others have said, if you have more space you never really do because you fill it up! I've envied Auburnseeker at times seeing his highly crafted building but now think, if I had a building that size, I would be in 10 times the stress that I have now... The third reason I felt (in my mind) this property would be good for me was that my oldest son was ready to move out so worked out a rent agreement with him and some of his friends. That will be left for another time and place to discuss but here I am today basically due to the natural course of life's events. Hope this doesn't bore anyone with the details but it is all because of what started by keeping my 1st two cars which happened to be both 1958 Buick's.
  18. The simple answer is no..., but yes. See I have two places, our principle residence where the Limited is in the garage and another place that my son & daughter-in-law has been renting for some time. They decided a month ago to look for a house to call it their home and raise my soon to be expected grandson. (due October 31st) Where my angst is coming from and the moving part is true is that we don't want to be landlords again so will be putting it up for sale after they move out August 31st. Sounds fine so far right? The stress is coming from the the fact the rest of my car collection & parts are in the large garage and carport and there is NO room for them at home until I get the garage addition built. Even with that being done (should I find a contractor available in this short time span... ) I have to find storage for the Special (and the Nash if not sold by then). Hence my shout out to stop the clock and get some ducks in a row! I'm actually at the property now repairing a roof leak that has appeared from the heavy rain storm we had all night Friday into Saturday. Looks like a branch broke off one of the many trees here and punctured a shingle or two. Going to spread several coats of tar repair for now since it is to be dry for the next few days... The weather at 90 plus hasn't been helping either this past week and a half but know when to quit to avoid heat stroke again. It's nice today in the low 80's with a light breeze. Man I wish the Special was together as it's perfect for a top down drive tonight! If I dissapear for awhile guys it's 'cause I might be a little preoccupied... Oh for the love of cars. Having been to your place Lance I think you might understand where I'm at right?
  19. Good Lord please slow down the time machine! I know as one gets older time is exponential but... My focus for any car time is somewhere in mid September and even then the stars need to align to be on schedule. 90 plus heat this past two weeks is almost been a killer but not a stranger working outside all year round. Need to get back and shoot some pictures of the Nash points and distributor for the parts guy as he thinks what he has listed on back order isn't right. Nice to have a guy looking out for you on the parts counter instead of ordering things and it isn't correct! Told him I would do that last week (?) .... Sunday will be "MY TIME" and move on with that plus get at more sorting... Then there will be the house to go through in 8 more weeks to get ready to sell.... SOMEBODY please stop the CLOCK!
  20. It's good to check in and see you are exercising and enjoying the collection John! This year is a bust for me on the challenge until sometime after Labour day earliest but enjoying hearing about every one's getting out. Keep it coming gang!
  21. Gary, Trust me when I say I know all about home maintenance. With two homes/properties there is always something to do... Knowing the area where you live and able to get to the lake in short order I like to see you enjoying the time (on a calm day). Great shot!
  22. After supper looked out the front windows and saw this come up the driveway. My car buddy was out and decided to stop in for a visit. The Cadillac is a local car all it's life and Joe bought it from the original owner's daughter. It was repainted once but the chrome is all original as is the interior. Surprising how sitting by itself the styling makes the car look so big and bulky but here beside my truck not quite so big. It was a nice visit. I need to get the Special back together and find time for a ride or two...
  23. Spent the better part of the day Sunday with more exterior cleanup and things are looking better as far as eye appeal. Decided to scrub down the garage door and siding which was really dirty. Yes the garage is stuffed and another bin will be needed with the move and sort operation. Fortunately I have made arrangements to have use of a Sea Can for parts storage and can start with the transfer next weekend, hence the property cleanup efforts for now. I still have plenty of paver stones so decided to place some on this corner to neaten things up along with mounting a matching trellis I saved from Mom's. Got a small start going through the front of that pile, sorting what is to be kept and what is to be thrown out. It all has to be moved before I can get into the rafters and bring stuff down... And so it goes.
  24. Naturally Nash parts are on back order. So fitting with this hurry up get in line and wait new world order... It is what it is and moving along with the other priorities needed. My son ordered a bin for stuff he is disposing of and was planning to throw stuff out from the basement and share the cost but... after coming back from working the lawns found he literally had it full to the top! We covered it with my tarp that night to keep the furniture from getting wet (adding to the weight charge) from the overnight storms. Thinking it would be picked up on Saturday took the cover off and decided to squeeze cut off branches on top. I got so carried away with the cleaning up yard waste I had to use my small trailer and make a trip to the City Recycle Centre. Fortunately Residential Yard Waste can be dumped for free as long as there is no grass in it. Again the hurry up and wait system was in place there too. OK enough gripping. The one good thing this week was the place out in Kingsville finally got their unit back from the shop and man is it big and very powerful being a diesel. Due to the cut size it has shaved off an 1 hour and 15 minutes leaving some time to do trimming around the buildings and fences. It barely fits into the Sea Can and have to be careful parking it.
  25. Turns out while cleaning the Nash up a fellow car buff down the way stopped by as he had never seen the Nash before and as we talked gave me the name of a guy at a local Auto business who has been in the trade for many years unlike the new counter guys who have never even heard of a Nash let alone where to look for parts... Ted is going to check as there are two different distributors for the car and with pictures of mine try and set me up. Not sure when they will come in or when I can get my mechanic to come over to install but have to keep moving forward.