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  1. Glad you have the opportunity to drive you car out there. Back here in Ontario we are restricted to only essential outings subject to fines till who knows when in the effort to combat this Virus. Fortunately for me (at least looking at it that way...) my car is apart otherwise I would be challenging the fines thing (maybe). Looking forward to your adventure.
  2. I'd call it "Service". While there is still that in different areas today, it is rare to get it without attitude sometimes... But then, we are living in different times aren't we.
  3. With Car Event cancellations especially around here, called the Hotel in Strongsville to see if our reservations are still good and they replied that they were indeed good still. Guess that means I had better get into the garage to work on the Special after I pull out a sweater and zip the liner back into my coat. Made a provision run yesterday finding shelves stocked and things were orderly but had to deal with a long line-up to get in out in the cold wind. It was only 40 degrees so brrrr. With this being Easter weekend not surprising with the crowds and took it as a wish to celebrate the best we all can. Best wishes to all. Doug
  4. I just got off the phone with the Super 8 desk and checked our reservation. I was told my reservation is still good and... they are open for business this very day so as long as the Border opens up in the next three months, technically I have a place to stay.
  5. With owning another property having a house originally built in 1908 it has 18 mature trees on it and some days things happen. Working carefully it took me 5 hours to get it down on the ground. Fortunately there wasn't any property damage. Unfortunately it's not going to make good firewood...
  6. Quick update: My son finished the lawn roller hitch and tested it doing his property before loading up and heading over to the Special property. Once there decided to clean up the side yard as the contractors left stones all over when they had to repair the busted sewer main (for the 3rd time...). Last thing I need to be doing is cutting the lawn and shooting stones at traffic whizzing by... Wonder how City Hall would feel if I send a bill for my time??? Now... time to check with the boss before I get back to the Buick's!
  7. With lawn work starting up I dragged out a Lawn roller from the side shed that was given to me to see if I could hook it up to my riding lawn mower and do Mom's lawn. She has been complaining all last year that her lawn was so bumpy to walk on and thought I'd give it a shot before having a professional do it. With out steady work, what the heck? Played around with what I had and jury rigged something knowing it was just that, jury rigged and tried my lawn first. Surprisingly it held so loaded things up and headed to Mom's. Once there my son calls wanting to borrow the trailer to get some drywall from Home Depot to finish a project before the predicted light rain came today. I helped him hook it up to his truck and after he bought what he needed, took it home, unloaded and came back I was finished the front and back yards. So he looked at what I put together and said that he could fabricate something stronger (a.k.a. politely saying better...) if he had material. It was decided that I'd head over to Princess Auto and meet him at his place to make up a proper hitch. With both he and his fiance having been working from home for well over two weeks we still kept a respectable distance in an attempt to stay well. In better times I would have asked to go for a ride in his Mustang but... the times they are a changin'. Packed things up as the day had gone by quickly and will go back tomorrow to give his work a thorough testing. I'll be very surprised if it has any issues knowing he likes fabricating things. He had lot's of practice while in University making up things like the frame and suspension of the team SAE Car.
  8. Picked up a job normally done on the afternoon shift in the past that wanted me to clean again this spring. I was surprised but found out the evening has only 10 people in what was occupied by 300 and the 4 professional cleaning staff do a deep cleaning every night so, for the past three nights will be bringing in some money... (self employment in play) That has broken up some boredom. Then today went to my other property to save a complaint from my neighbour which I found on April Fools Day. That was a fun filled 5 hours. But... in all this we received some great news, and it was no joke. Come this Fall we are going to be Grandparents! Now I'm really starting to feel old...
  9. Having had time to think about that tree limb while working alone at night, decided today to gather some things and head over after lunch to get at her. Fortunately as big as it is there was no damage to fence or shed roof that I could see but didn't want it coming down and really doing some or worse... hurt myself. Gathered up some cement blocks from behind the garage and placed them under to take some weight. Working carefully, ready to jump back should things not go well I was able to cut the top section resting a bit on the shed roof and the fence. Fortunately I was able to keep it from falling between the shed and fence on his side. I worked carefully at the next piece and was pleased the blocked I placed did what I wanted to, keeping it from falling towards the fence (or me) to keep damage at a minimum. I think the fact half the limb is rotten helped as the block sank into the limb... While half of it is indeed rotten, the other half isn't and my little electric chain saw was showing signs of needing the chain sharpened by the time the third piece was cut off. This time as I expected, I had to move back as I neared the bottom of the cut... No harm other than a few broken blocks. While I didn't see any but by looking at those holes figure carpenter ants have killed this tree. I was able to lift it back on some blocks to make another cut. (Used my legs NOT my back...) With that much cut up and a bit of trimming where it broke off, I quit as the chain needs sharpening before I can do any more. Going to have to call in the professionals when things settle with the business closings and all as it is about 70 feet tall with more rot than I like to see. What does this have to do with my Buick's you ask? Nothing, except if I want to get at them thought this just might have to get done first and to keep peace in the neighbourhood. Now where did I put that ant spray???
  10. Interesting! So was the engine built in Oshawa, Ontario in 1959? Did this engine by chance come out of your '57 convertible Lance?
  11. While there is three months till the event, for me and my other Canadian Buick friends, should the Border remain closed the decision is already made... Again, time will tell.
  12. While dealing with a job on the "honey do list" this week to keep the peace at home don't I get a call from a business I deal with to perform some work in my field. With all that is going on I had to insist on a lot more information than "It's OK, everything's fine" before agreeing but after checking, rechecking and insisting on certain requirements, things have been good to go so not much has been done with the Buick's other than dropping the bad tire and rim off at my mechanics to remove it so I can clean it up before putting the last tire on to complete the roller set. I stopped by today and it was ready to bring home. I was quite surprised at the condition and it should clean up rather nicely. Guess it was that port-a-wall at the bead not providing a good seal as the inside looks really nice. I decided to take a trip over to the Special and check on things as there have been reported break in's with cars parked in driveways and at the curb. This is not the norm for this area but... things are not at all normal right now. Fortunately things were fine security/building wise but looking around the property don't I see this... I don't think my neighbour is aware of this yet so will get out my chain saw and remove it before I hear from him. Some April Fools joke this is...
  13. I'll have to go back again and pause the video. (my bad) I would like the PWC's too but as you say, I'ts about the cars now (and staying well).
  14. Very nice collection Keith! They look great sitting side by side. I also like catching sight of your two snowmobiles at the fence. I'm guessing living so close in the Canadian Rockies you have lots of options to go and use them during the winter. Here in Southern Ontario weather patterns have changed so much that I stopped using my 4500 SkiDoo as it was a three hour drive just to get to any trails that had snow, plus trail permits, motel, meals etc... With such a short season, I'm happier to put the money into the cars but... miss the fun rides in the snow.
  15. With that smile on the mans face in the suit and hat, it must be the Lawyer representing the owner?
  16. My wife did that for a time back in the Fall with the store I posted above. Even then after checking things on line she found lots of substitutions or deletions so went back to gathering what she wanted through the store. We currently should be good for the next two weeks and hope... things at least flatten regarding the confirmed cases. If not, then doing as you did EmTee will be the responsible thing to do.
  17. Too bad they are sold out... Did they list one for a 1958 Buick? Oh the things I would do going back.... 😉🤣
  18. Another Day In Paradise... Like everyone else we found ourselves needing to restock some groceries and this time my wife asked if I would go with her. Wanting to have more time with either car, I said sure so let's go hoping it will give me some credit... With a population of 200,000 or so and a Provincial (and Federal) mandate that non essential business close down, traffic looks like a Sunday at High Mass. Pulling into the parking lot it was obvious that others have the same needs but it was not packed like a usual Friday would be. Once inside past the two employees wiping down the shopping carts, we immediately observed the produce tables fully stocked as well as the dry goods section. Yes there were a few absences of things like packaged breaded shrimp (just sold out when we were there and naturally what I like) and TP but... coming to believe that this is the norm for awhile and will have to time the visits a bit more to get those things. All throughout though there were signs to "Limit purchases to 2 items per Customer". I'm OK with that and since the number of people in the store wasn't high there was no disorder to deal with, Thank Heavens. This thing that I really didn't expect (but should have) was checking out. We came to the end of our shopping at the freezer section and there was this line of people with their carts standing there, occasionally moving up. OK, maybe that distance thing right? It didn't take long to realise the store was exercising the safe distancing rule for not only us but their staff too. I don't wish this thread to divert to anything controversial please, just sharing my experience up here in Canada as of now. With the latest National Emergency System Notification this afternoon to stay home due to being on the Border avoiding anyone that has come back into Canada that has to be quarantined for the next 14 days, looks like I will be focused on the Special and or Limited again. (after of course, I work on the Honey Do List first...,) MAY WE ALL STAY WELL! Doug
  19. To my knowledge Don all Limiteds were made in Flint. With only 1026 of the 2 door hdtp's made I can't imagine it worth Buick's while to produce them at another plant in the US let alone Canada. The vin # verifies both mine were made in Flint as is my Special convertible too. Likewise the knight's head chevron is specific to the Limited models but not clear as to it's significance with Buick. Maybe someone has an answer to this?
  20. Thanks. I like the way you say keep picking away at it. It's a bit like eating an elephant, one bite at a time I guess. What paper was the article in? I have met Tony & Susan with their Limited on several occasions. It's a very nice car and a great couple! I took this shot at the Retro Fest Car Show in Chatham.
  21. Early technology like the new trucks that make the trailer disappear when backing up?
  22. Officer I swear, I only had one beer. It was the squirrel on the road I tried to avoid hitting...
  23. Took some time today to change out a flat (bad old) tire. Working in tight quarters with a none running car is always fun but hey, have nothing but time right now... With that done decided with the mild temperature to clean up some branches.
  24. I then turned to cleaning up the hub cap which proved to have lots of curb rash but will do for now as a roller set up and keep in my mind what she will look like when finished. I have a set of really nice hub caps wrapped up to put on when that time comes. With three out of four wheels installed i need to decide if I want to lift the front end higher to get at the frame and floor area to clean and paint at the transmission area before installing it or move move stuff and pull her out on the flat passenger tire to be able to replace it outside for access. Meantime, she looks not bad from this angle. Fortunately the day was in the low 60's and with a nice evening and calm winds decided to relax after supper with burning some of the dried fall branches and twigs. Thinking it might be time to replace the faded out flag...