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  1. The exhaust is close to the starter. I posted pictures of it before. Maybe I should wrap it in some fiberglass heat wrap first and see what comes of it. The battery is only about 2 years old and it checks out fine. But like I said before it starts just fine when its cold, but after running for a bit , shut it down and start it again 5 minutes later it won't start. One gent used the term machine gun. That sounds like a good description. I'll see if I can post a video of it.
  2. The exhaust is close to the starter. I posted pictures of it before. Maybe I should wrap it in some fiberglass heat wrap first and see what comes of it.
  3. Funny how the description states its a reman with remanufactured parts but then at the bottom it states contains no remanufactured components.
  4. It starts fine when it is cold or after it has cooled down for an hour after a good run. But when it is hot it acts like it just doesn't engage. Pops in and out a lot with no turning what so ever. I thought it may be the solenoid so changed it since it was $20 or so. I thought it was the culprit, but still when it runs for a bit and then immediately try starting it again, it repeats the in and out. I'm certain the starter is weak and all the connections are tight and clean. I'm not sure how I feel about installing a starter from another brand. It's not like it's a show car, but keeping options open since they are virtually nonexistent at parts stores.
  5. Im in lima ohio which has no such place and hasn't in years. I might be able to take it to Columbus or Dayton, but no idea of a reputable place.
  6. I am in need of a rebuilt starter. I haven't checked with napa yet but does anyone have any suggestions as to where to get one? Car quest can't get one and i have a feeling this could be a real pain sourcing one. Thanks
  7. I did purchase a solenoid Friday but I haven't had a chance to install it. I like the idea of wrapping the exhaust with asbestos. I would much easier than shaping a heat shield from scratch.
  8. Last night I played around with an idea. I started it from cold and as always no issue. Let it idel for a while and pulled it up and the rack. Shut off and tried to restart. Nope. It does like a real fast clicking thing like it wants to engage but doesn't. So I experimented with blowing air on the solenoid and it was hot. All the heat from the exhaust just rises right to it. Blowed air on it for may e 5 minutes then crancked the starter over with no issues.
  9. This is the reason why I thinl a heat shield would do some.good.
  10. I am having a problem with my 57 buick special starting after driving it for a while, shutting it off to do something for 20 or so minutes, and return to the car only to hear the starter not wanting to turn the motor over. If I raise the hood and return a half hour later it will crank and start with no issues. The starter and solenoid look like they have been replaced not too long ago. I am wondering if there should be a heat shield over the starter? Any ideas?
  11. I have a 75 Pontiac Grand Lemans for sale in the for sale forum, and I was wondering if there is a website that would be recommended to post it in also, I am willing to pay to post it a website if it is visited often. Thanks