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  1. Finally found the pictures and scanned them of My/Dad's '58 Buick Limited which I drove when I was 16. It's on the front lawn because after him driving it for just over two years, the U-joint broke Xmas day 1970. Sat there till spring when he offered it to me IF I would help him change the joint and pay for the new exhaust. Sadly it is pretty far gone today but is a part source for another Limited I bought which is identical right down to the options (could be a twin). Can't be soon enough to get that out on the road but for now... (sigh).
  2. OOOHHH Yes, I had not one car in High School but three which were all the same year and make. 1st, was a 1958 Buick Limited 2dr Hdtp that Dad handed down to me, as not wanting me to drive hot rods like some of my friends. This was in the spring of 1971 and the car had sat on the front lawn with a broken U-joint since Xmas. If I helped him change it out and paid to have the exhaust fixed (dual system here) I could have it. Being the boat it was, not everyone thought it was cool but I didn't care, I was driving! That summer I sneaked three of my buddies into the Drive-in in that huge trunk whic
  3. Hey Dave, Saturday, up here in Ontario (5hrs north of you), we had 70 degrees also. About 2pm decided to take the Whippet out for a last run and fill up the tank for the winter. GREAT AFTERNOON, stretching into the the early evening because several admires wanted to know "What the heck it was". Took a couple of shots with the lights on (checking as we do not make a habit of driving at night) as the car is stored at my other property not too far away. After parking her, made note of the mileage. Decided to check the transfer papers when Dad gave me his cars, it seems I have driven the Whippet
  4. WOW! While not my car (sigh)........ my fellow Car Club member offered me one of his cars for a Fall Colour Tour today. IT is his 1966 Lincoln 4dr Convertible! What a road car! Watched it roll over 80,000 miles on the odometer about lunch time. For a 5400lb car it will never beat a tuned Mustang off the line but.... found myself left behind at a light and after getting out of town at 30mph and not seeing the rest of the group in sight, pushed down the pedal about halfway and next thing I know, had to back off as the speedometer was reading 80 very quickly! A real thrill in such a big car! En
  5. Thanks for the comments! A couple of things; 1- Yes that is a Kubelwagen (pronounced Koobelvaugen) that my fellow Club member purchased a year age to go with his Willys Jeep! They both have mounted guns (non operational of course but period correct) and along with his other car collection enjoys the Military auto connection and Planes. 2- re: the Lancaster Bomber - We here in Windsor, Ontario had one on a pedestal (up off the grounds since the late 60's and while complete, was deteriorating from the elements (kinda like cars behind the garage thing). A group was formed and the Lancaster was t
  6. OOHHKKK, So my son has helped.........? Here is one pic of the Whippet and the Lancaster in the background......... It flew in from Hamilton, Ontario and the public was able to board and see (smell) what it was like. A REALLY GREAT DAY! Doug
  7. Here are a couple of pictures of my Whippet and the Lancaster Bomber from last weekend! OK... file is too big~! How do I reformat (the right term?) so I can post???? New camera.. please help. Doug BCA # 35039
  8. Took my 1928 Whippet out today to attend an Open House at our Windsor International Airport with about 20 other cars. It was a full day to promote the recent building of a new repair facility for some of the biggest planes flying today. All new, high tech and able to manufacture parts/repair on site that otherwise might not be able to be shipped on time or are completely obsolete. There was even one of the last two flying Lancaster Bombers that came in and allowed the public to board and see what they used in WW2. Great Day! Great weather! Pictures to follow (after I locate my usb cable for
  9. Mr. Magoo, Just to expand a bit regarding the Monarch's, the white 1960 and the blue 1959 are indeed Monarch's that my friend owns and loves to display in the US because of the discussion they bring forth. The '60 2dr hrdtp was his Dad's that was purchased new in Windsor, Ontario and the 59 4dr was his Grandfathers car also bought in Windsor but not sure it was new when purchased. Joe had the '60 totally restored body and paint wise several years ago and the red interior is totally original. The '59 also has it's original interior and if I am correct, the paint is original also but really f
  10. My 1958 Buick Special convert has 215 75R-15's on standard rims (15x6") and there is NO RUB and handles great! Took care of the bias ply tire issues. Being a convert, heavier frame...... not sure what your '59 wagon weighs in at so maybe the 225's might work. Might suggest, mounting the 235's (on the front), put chalk dust on the the inside sidewall, turn the wheel to the max both ways and see if there is white dust on the frame. Do this on the ground with the full weight of the car of course. A test drive with the chalk dust would be next but..... not sure you have the tires already or they
  11. Hey Rick, Thanks for the compliment and the suggestions. Will start looking one thing at a time and start with the springs. I suspect the snubbers should be tightened some as she is like a buck board when on a rough road even at 25mph! As to joining the WOKR, the car is indeed listed but under Dad's name for now. He gave me the car last year and after sitting since 2007 just now concentrating on making sure it is in drivable condition. I will check out the forum there too. Just thought maybe some of the old school mechanics (front end guys) might shout out what to look for like your suggesti
  12. So, with the choke bracket doing it's job (not closing off and flooding) now able to get the car out and learning how she handles. My question is this, would I have an alignment issue? The car gears up and steers quite well until the speedometer (not sure how accurate yet) reads about 28mph. About now I get a front end vibration (wobble?) until I slow down under 25mph. I've jacked the front wheels off the ground and using a dial indicator, spun the wheels by hand to see if I have a wheel (wood wheels) that might be warped and nothing very obvious shows. Dad had new king pins made and install
  13. Joe, Sorry I can't help with top bows but..... as to the year of this Overland, deffinately not 1916. Go to the WOKR web site and scroll through the pictures to confirm this but I think you will find the car is a 1919 or 1920. If you contact someone in the WOKR and give them the serial number they can confirm the production year. I also know that they have many original engineering drawings available that were saved from being destroyed and might have the specs you would need to reproduce a set of bows. I was able to get a set of prints for my 1928 Whippet cabriolet. Attached is a picture o
  14. The ones older than me are; 1920 Willys Overland touring - Dad bought in 1967, I finally got to drive in 1978 1928 Overland Whippet cabriolet - Dad began restoring (resurrecting a basket case) in 1968 1951 Nash Canadian Statesman - Dad bought in 1969 1952 Ford F1 pickup - I bought locally in 1999 All are with original running drive trains (no modifications) and enjoy as many back roads as I can find. Me, I'm a 55 model.
  15. Hello Matt, So glad to hear the Caddy performed for you like she should! Back in the day my 58 Buick Limited (4 barrel) would give me about 19 MPG (Canadian) on the highway too, especially if I kept the pedal off the floor with that dynaflow. [HTML](An excellent, excellent car. What a contrast to growing up when we expected to be stranded every time we went out in an old car (which is why my father gave up on them years ago) I grew up with old cars (Dad always bought 8 to 10 year old Buick's, Oldsmobile's) with about 70 to 80 thousand miles on them and religiously put another 50 thousand o
  16. ADAM, ADAM, ADAM..... THAT IS SOOOOO GREAT TO SEE, HEAR AND JUST PLAIN INSPIRATIONAL! Now that it is moving, I'm sure it is rewarding to see things coming together and you can imagine the end product. Keep posting! Doug.
  17. Glad you found the tires worked for you too! Only saw your post today.... I bought a 52 Ford F-1 some time ago that while all stock (flathead V8 and steel body - well except for the bondo) had late model chrome rims and radial tires on it. Once it was up and on the road, to this day like the feel of the manual steering with those radial tires and no worries at 50mph. Now, if I can do that engine swap and stop spraying oil all over the country! Have fun with your truck. Doug.
  18. Hey Rob, Can't confirm what would be involved in refitting your 57 but.... Both my 58 Limited's and my Roadmaster have front aluminum drums and no rear aluminum drums. My Special has steel all around and (back in the day) was able to lock them up once (Thank God) spun her around avoiding a huge incident! But.... those were my everyday cars for transportation and well, you get to know what they were capable of and didn't have to remember to adjust from today's engineered cars that react much better for the driving conditions and speeds today. There are still some aluminum drums and bearings ar
  19. I've posted this before when I first joined the Forum but..... Got my license in the summer of 1971 and wanted a car badly. Dad, having to add me to the Insurance Policy said, you are not going to be driving some hot rod like those friends of yours! See, he had a black 1958 Limited 2 door he had been driving for over the past two years (back then just a used car) and had blown the rear universal and (get this) was sitting on the lawn in front of our house so... told me if I helped him change the U Joint and pay for the new exhuast system (duals with 6 mufflers total) I could have his car! COO
  20. JUST ONE OF THOSE DAYS - to continue While waiting for a new set of plugs and wires for the 52....... today...... Talked to Dad about the '28 Whippet. It was his car and after 40 plus years (he is now 88) suggested that I check the float and sure enough! The side draft carb had leaked down over the winter and the float was stuck open! Seriously guys & gals, the old saying that a screw driver (and bail wire) and you can repair these (old) cars is not far off! The truth is that the carb most likely will have to totally come off, be cleaned carefully due to the casting material and reasse
  21. Like the others stated.... I'm envious too! Enjoy the room and having everything on site! It means a lot! Hope to be there some day also.
  22. I know this is a bit off the barn find title but..... just to maybe confirm what smithbrother has posted...... A close friend of mine has a 1970 Mustang Mach 1 that his Dad bought new for just over 5,000.00 (I know... this is a Buick forum). Just to relate to special ordered paint combo's, the car was ordered with what was described as "Thunderbird" Burgandy metal flake which supposedly was not available for the Mustang. It took about 5 months or so as I recall to be delivered. Again off topic but this car currently has about 45,000 miles, all original and goes like a scared rabbit! No, he wo
  23. Sorry I can't help with the dual carb clarification and sounds really Super (pun intended) but.... I have an original 1951 Nash "Canadian Statesman" and it has the flathead 6. Any literature I have says there were both the flathead and overhead valve 6's made this year along with V8 automatics too, mostly in the upper series. I agree that a two door model is scarce and personally like the lines but being that mine has been in the family for 44 years... like my bathtub. Doug.
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