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  1. It is a "Special Car Order" SCO code. I wish i knew what the special order color was so I can repaint it back. The origal color was a bit darker and less green more grey appearing. Is there any way to document what the original color was? It was originally owned by a member of the Lammerts family like the fabulous Samoan Bronze 65 GS so I wonder if they ordered several in Cadillac colors?
  2. Here is my newly acquired 1971. Oklahoma City car since new. The 65 I bought several months ago. It is also a 1 owner local car with a 425 and SCO Paint.
  3. Mine looks darker and more grey than green in low light
  4. I too have an SCO 1965 Riviera. The original owner's daughter said its always been "greenish" but darker. It was repainted in the 80s or earlier. The jams and under the decklid look like a grey with green metal flake. I really want to find the original color. Mine was also sold at Lammerts in Niagra Falls like the SCO Samoan Bronze GS. This one went to Mr. Lammerts daughter in law in Oklahoma City.
  5. Lance, my interior is in pretty sad shape. The leather is still good but the cloth inserts, headliner and dash need help. I would love to see some photos of your interior to know exactly how mine should look. Was yours an air ride car?
  6. I feel very fortunate to have found my Limited. I have had a 58 olsmobile Ninety Eight Holiday Sedan for a while and recently aquired a 1958 Cadillac Fleetwood Sixty Special, both local one owner cars. My partner in crime and I laughed and said we needed a 58 Limited to round out the GM Chrome Trifecta of 1958. Knowing how rare and expensive Limiteds are, we didn't see it happening anytime in the near future. Imagine our surprise when she turned up on Craigslist 10 miles from home! The listing just said "1958 Buick Riviera Sedan." I have found 3 rusty areas, small spots in both rockers and 1 small spot in one of the rear wheel wells. The floors are fairly solid and the rear bumper appears very solid. Its a 1 family owned car sold new here in Oklahoma. She was parked outside in 1976 after a small front end collision that damaged the bumper. She is a very early car (Body 99) and was originally equipped with Air Suspension. She is black with silver and black interior. What interior does yours have?
  7. I know the feeling. There have been times when my 56 Caddy was the only car at the house I could get to start or drive. Have any pics of your 58 Limitted?
  8. The weather finally cleared up enough to get her moved to the shop. I've sold my 40 LaSalle and 54 Cadillac Sedan so she will have an indoor spot soon.
  9. In 1958 Cadillac offered a standard deck and an extended deck in the de Ville and 62 Series. The extended deck cars outsold the std or short deck models. The extended deck was the same length as a Fleetwood Sixty Special.
  10. We got her moved just before the snow and ice storm hit. She got her first bath in 37 years. I think the paint might even polish up pretty well too! Most people dont travel with polishing compond but we do! Helped kill time waiting for the trailer.
  11. Well, we got her dug out from her 37 year resting spot and didn't even hit and trees or the 64 Cadillac parked snugly next to her. I found one of the missing Limited scripts but none of the diagonal hash marks as of yet. The only rust I've found has been a smal patch in the right rear wheel well and under the moulding on teh right rocker panel. Im sure we will find more when we peel the old carpet out. She already looks liek a different car.
  12. What options were available on a Limited besides airconditioning? I thought everything was standard. this car does not have wonderbar radio, auto dimming or air suspension. Mine appears to have never had air suspension but does have a/c, wonderbar, dimming and power antenna. http://ps.getauto.com/dealer/details/158503/000000008E1052188/
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