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  1. Is there a cd of this book on line where I can purchase?
  2. I am looking at a 1933 terraplane is rough shape. How hard is it to get parts for these cars. I am familiar with Ford and have a 1933. hye said hw has the headlights, but no seats, need bumper, engine there but who knows, not running of course.
  3. Consider using NON detergent oil. OIl non rebuilt engines have a great deal of crude in the engine crevices and even small cracks. Detergent oil can sometimes remove that stuff causing the engine to leak.
  4. Fascinating...I love the idea of air cool or are they actually oil cooled? Anyway, considering all the problems with cracked blocks on the old fords, do these air cooled also crack releasing oil?
  5. I know Franklin used an aircooled engine, any experience with these engines? I am familiar with volkswagen air cooled simple engine.
  6. Anyone out there that can rebuilt a DL 1933 ford Carb
  7. Do original Model A's have plate glass windows and not laminated windows?
  8. Thanks. The only reason I am asking was that I told the guy at NAPA that I was going to cut hose with a razor knife and he said well you will get an uneven edge with that. It was like a big secret as to cut a rubber hose the right way.
  9. Puting it on. I have a 3 ft section and need to size to 9 inches long.
  10. Can't find it at harbor freight? What is the actual name?
  11. What is the best way to cut a radiator hose? Hack saw???
  12. That is the thing I like about antique Ford's There seems to be not only a wealth of old parts but also many remanufactured parts. I think if I get a car with parts hard to find, I will be afraid to drive the thing with the fear that I can bever repair it if something happens. I guess if you are a millionare then you can have a machine shop make many of the parts as you need them, but who has that kind of money.
  13. I recently saw a book for sale that listed the Interchangeable parts of antique autos. I have not yet bought the book but imagine that it is still very hard to find parts for an essex terraplane. Is anyone family with this type of book and it's limitations?
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