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  1. JUST ONE OF THOSE DAYS Well, with the best of intentions to start the Whippet Saturday afternoon for a show on Sunday I had to get the 1952 F1 started and out of the way first as the 1958 Buick is beside the truck up on stands waiting for a complete brake job and the Whippet is in the back (As George Carlin used to say, A bigger place is for MORE STUFF, so a bigger garage can be a curse for me?) After charging the truck battery (6V) for the night I hop in, turn the key and press the starter button. Turns over really slow thinking I might have to boost it. Hook up the battery out of the 1920 Ov
  2. WEELLLL.......... While the Special is "STILL" sitting...... I did manage to clean all the stuff off her that had accumulated over time and around her enough to actually have room to attempt to get at the brakes! Didn't take a picture before (too embarrassed). I even finally found the rebuilt power brake/booster that I thought was in the trunk but actually in the basement at home. The car is in the garage at my rental and while not too far away, need to keep parts together for the car they fit. So, the summer is almost gone and obviously not going to be driving it too soon but .... small ste
  3. Hey Bubba, Because you listed your car as a 1958, DO NOT TRY TO PRY THE PLASTIC CENTER! Having 4 58's, I can tell you that the chrome ring is held in place by three screws accessed from under the ring. You might need a flashlight to see them as looking up and the contrast in the day light (telling my age?) could be an issue. Once you have them off the whole ring lifts right off and you will see the three spoked center still on the wheel that houses the contact mechanism. That has a center bolt you take out (careful as it has a spring and insulation spacer) and you can check to see if you have
  4. Hello Fellow Canuc, Wish I had known you were passing by, as I have a 1981 Ski Doo 4500 I bought new that I'm will to sell to a collector. Sadly..... while it only has 1,100 kms on it I did not keep it stored well and..... needs a lot of TLC. I'm across the river from Detroit in Ontario and with mild winters just did not get my moneys worth of riding out of it but had fun when I did! As to your Pontiac, Love the fact it is a hard top! I know a fellow here that has a two door sedan that is REALLY nice in original maroon but yours has those special rare lines one does not see often. Be patient
  5. Hey Guys & Gals, This is not mine but.... wish it was. This fellow needs the trim clips to hold the stainless trim to the body around the rear deck where top is. Does that make sense? Saw it for the 1st time tonight and WOW! This is a number matching 1967 Chevelle convertible in Canada with a 396, repainted original yellow body with black interior and new black top. Can anyone help with leads? I would like to help him out if possible. Doug
  6. I remember exactly when I officially got into the hobby. It was 1967 when my father paid for my membership in the local car club after he bought his 1920 Willys Overland touring. I was 12 then and love that car. See, he recently tansfered the ownership to me and truly thankful! Hope to enjoy many more years of this hobby!
  7. Age: 57 Well, hope to be driving my 1958 Buick Special convertible soon....... need to finish a complete brake job and replace that pesky trany seal (sigh....) This is my high school car and the one I dated my wife in so it has s p e c i a l meaning for me! The picture is the day I bought it. In the mean time I'm not without driver satisfaction with having a stock 1952 Ford F-1, flat head, three on the tree that is a fun driver. Additionally, last year I inherited three of my Dad's anitques when he decided to give up his drivers license because of his eye sight. They are: 1920 Willys Overland
  8. Richard, WOW! After viewing your posing of your '60 couldn't resist posting a few pictures and a story about the dependability of this Corvair. What you see, while not my car, is my sister's that she bought as an every day driver in 1973 from a little old lady (privately) that we actually knew. I don't have the VIN number but remember that we checked and it had a production date sometime in 1959 making it an "early" 1960 car. We all know the synonymous name for Covair (R...h N...r) and what was reported to be a totally unsafe car? This story might prove otherwise. After graduating High School
  9. Well... right across the Detroit River from Michigan here in Ontario, thanks to the mail system, I won't get mine till the 22nd or so of this month. That's one reason I would support the email version! Not complaining, just saying. Doug BCA # 35039
  10. Whippet engines indeed were poppett valved. Both the 4 cylinder and the 6's. In fact, the 4 is the fore runner design of the WW2 Willys Jeep engines. There is even an after market head for that engine that I believe was for increasing the compression. It is the Willys Knights that have sleeve valve engines.
  11. OK...... With their permission, posting pictures they have on their website.
  12. First off, I have no connection to these whatsoever. However, they are very close and thought they might be of some interest to someone. 1956 Buick - 3,750.00 CDN (unrestored - looks complete) 1953 Buick Skylark - 29,500.00 CDN - (unrestored - apart for restoration completion) Located just on the outskirts of Windsor, Ontario, Canada (across the river from Detroit) See their website for contact: xkautosports.com
  13. Hey guys, I know this does not help with the main question posted but thought I'd try and post the link of another 1969 Olds 442 W-30 convertible here in my backyard. OK.... guess because of copy right you will need to Google - "The Windsor Star" and then search for: "Labour of Love Leads to Detroit's Autorama". Nice looking car.
  14. Jim, scary IS right! or... maybe a bit of mid life crisis going on?!? I never stopped going to swap meets while the cars were on or off the road all these years so have always been on the look out for parts that I know will be necessary to keep them going. My one son who indeed kicked me in the pants, is going to University here for Mechanical Engineering, has the car disease too and has taken an interest in the Buicks. We have spent some time together recently going through the very full garage pointing out and now labeling what goes where just in case... and to figure out what might still b
  15. Hey Guys, Thanks. As one fellow antique car guy told me once, every car has a story. I enjoy hearing (and sharing) stories of others too as to how they came to have theirs and why they like a particular car. To me that is another fun part of this hobby and sometimes leads to finding parts or (god forbid) another car! Rob, there is a lot of truth in your statement! Being closer to 60 than 50 now (NOT that this should be considered an old coot - ha ha) I remember saying to my father about his 1928 Whippet, You should really think about getting her finished so you can enjoy driving it. He was 62
  16. OK Guys & Gals, Here is my third 1958 Buick car & pics. Dad had purchased a 58 Limited 2 door as an everyday driver (we did not know how low production they were then) early in 1968 for about 75 bucks! It had 85,000 miles on it but performed well getting him back and forth to work 120 miles every day for almost two years before it broke the rear universal joint Xmas of 1969. Being 16, I wanted a car of my own and he offered it to me if together we changed out the u joint. This was no small feat having limited tools (no pun intended) and only a carport to work in. I drove that car till
  17. Dale in Indy, Nooooo...... the Roadmaster is not for sale. Never hurts to ask though, ha ha. Some may see these stories as hoarding and never completed projects but...... this is my....... hobby, not a business or getting rich kind of thing. I'd love to have the expertise Smartin is showing he has with his 58 Limited and his thread is inspiring me to get myself in a position to accomplish some goals with my cars now. That kind of posting (and others) makes one realize just how involved (and what one can do) before taking on a car restoration to whatever level one can afford. After I bought the
  18. (I'm HAPPY for those that are DRIVING their Buick, I thought we would hear from MORE that have Buick's that have been sitting A LONG, LONG TIME.) Thanks to others also that had a good word for my Special. Thought I'd offer up an additional response to the statement above. Not only was the Special my 2nd car purchased, I bought this '58 Roadmaster convert in 1974 (my 3rd car) continuing my love for '58 Buicks. As you can see by the picture I never had it on the road but it did drive on and off the trailer and has been in good storage while I have picked up most of the parts needed to put it ba
  19. Why thank you Caballero2 for the compliment, I appreciate it. I'm not going to mislead anyone on the condition of the car though. It has many a hard mile on it and it shows. See I bought it when I was in High School back in 1972 as my every day vehicle, had lots of fun with it and naturally never had enough money to consider restoring it. Fortunately decent storage was never an issue and being a BUICK (and convert) made the decision early to keep it knowing that model would be tough to afford later in life. Dad had brought me up with antique cars which I now own also so...... as has been said
  20. I'm hand but not an engine mechanic so this might be a dumb question: How did you know the push rod was bent? Was it physically obvious or did it take rolling on a flat surface to determine a hump if you will? I guess what I'm really asking is, how much of a bend caused it to make the noise? I'd like to know as my 58 Ltd engine is out and apart due to being stuck and don't want to overlook something like that before putting it all back together and in place. Thanks for any info and glad you solved your problem. Really love those nailheads! Doug.
  21. Not sure how long an explanation you want here but....... My 1958 Buick Special convert has been off the road since October 2007 due to a blown power brake booster. It is still off the road after having rebuilt the booster/master cylinder and purchasing a complete brake package from Kanter and new SS brake lines. The delay....... as my business partner's wife used to say, "Life Just Gets In The Way". My other excuse... I live in what used to be the Automotive Capital of Canada, Windsor Ontario (just announced Feb 8/12 we lost that title to Oshawa, Ontario production number wise). From 2008 ti
  22. Can only state that it is NOT a 1951 Nash Statesman radio. Mine has similar style numbers but a different chrome face plate. Possibly (?) Metropolitan? or Rambler models?
  23. Posting here as well as Our Cars & Restoration in hopes to get help on a new issue. I found a used Steering Ball and with some grinding was able to fix the Overland steering. Cleaned and greased everything up and seems to be OK. Now.......... need some additional help / advise as to the distributor !!! After checking the wires, coil wiring and spark plug wires........... tried to start the car but would not fire! Turned over and could hear the change when closing the choke but.... no hint at spark. Pulled the cap off and found........... rotor loose, the pin bent and the cap had a piece mi
  24. Well....... posting here hoping to get further help. I found a used Steering Ball and with some grinding was able to fix the Overland steering. Cleaned and greased everything up and seems to be OK. Now.......... need some additional help / advise as to the distributor !!! After checking the wires, coil wiring and spark plug wires........... tried to start the car but would not fire! Turned over and could hear the change when closing the choke but.... no hint at spark. Pulled the cap off and found........... rotor loose, the pin bent and the cap had a piece missing. Years ago the distributor h
  25. While it was not a Buick, my father bought a complete 1966 Corvair convert that had been in a garage fire that started in the rafters and collapsed onto the car before the fire dept got it out. You can imagine the roof and complete interior was gutted and the paint on the upper parts of the car was burned off to the bare metal. He had access to another 2dr and thinking he could save the convert went about trying to clean it up. It also had the usual rust typical of these cars and the result was....... found when he primed it, every panel on that car had been warped so bad it would have been n
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