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  1. Hi SGT, Just recieved my September issue of the WOKR and think you should contact this fellow; Gerald Mortensen, grmortensen@msn.com as he lists a repo top for the Tillotson carb for our cars and not a bad price. As stated before you should consider joining as this is vehicle specific and saves time sorting through google and other serach engines for parts. How is the piston work coming?
  2. Fun Day! Took the Whippet and Dad to the show today. Got a few opinions from 'the guys' about ignition timing and carb rebuilding to get her running better. Posting a few pics of the Day. In line after the Pass & Review. Rechromed original Whippet radiator cap. Parked at the recreated Supertest Gas Station optioned fully inside with authentic 20's and 30's period garage equipment and original boxed parts. Parked next to an authentic Barber Shop that was moved and restored which later also shared space with a Shoe Maker/Repair Shop. The little bit of rain that fell could not dampen the spir
  3. HAPPY LABOUR DAY WEEKEND EVERYONE! Heading out to the Garage to prep the Whippet for a Car Show Sunday. Just a fun non judged show that attracts over three hundred or so cars and is set in a Pioneer Village that has lots of shade trees. The best part is Dad is going and will be a passenger for the pass and review.
  4. Happy Labour Day weekend also! Sunday I will be taking the 28 Whippet to our local Car Club show and swap meet and hope the forecast for rain is wrong. However, cars don't melt so it will all be good as this car has not been out since 2007 and I've convinced Dad to go with me. Great job on the pictures and impressed your doing the work! Keep them coming and advise of your progress. I'm storing this for future reference, thanks. Our Overland has a broken steering ball that I might try and take off today as I know a few members have old car stuff and might be able to match it up otherwise woul
  5. Hey Sgt, Not to worry about response time, I'm self employed and while not dealing with hurricanes have to work when it comes in so.... Good luck with the piston work. Would it be worth your while to open up your spare and see if it has aluminum pistons and do a swap (should it measure correctly)? If not, while I have no first hand experience with them I have read about others that get engine parts from a company called EGGE Machine Company Inc. Worth a call or email once you get your piston out??? Could I ask what kind of cost the gasket set was? Any pictures in progress would be of interest
  6. Posting a few pictures of what I described previously. The more clear picture is of my Canadian car and the second is of the spare US motor. Sorry for the quality. Hope this is of some help, Doug.
  7. OK, went to the garage and checked my car for carb number and model and here is what I found. Bear in mind that my car and block is made in Canada but the casting on the carb top says Made in Ohio. The Model is stamped 75 and the NO is stamped 57. This is on the top rounded cover with the single screw to tighten which gives access to the float which is what you describe as needing right? However, went to Dads and looked at another complete engine he bought years ago as a spare for the timing gears in Philadelphia and checked that carb. It is definately a US built engine and the numbers are as
  8. Hello SGT, Congrats on owning an Overland 4! As of last month I now own my fathers Canadian built 1920 Overland touring that has been in the family since 1967. At this point I can confirm that the main bearings are indeed babbit as Dad had his (ours) rebuilt back in the late 60's and remember that the line boring was a bit off and when they set the timing gears they whined for quite a few miles before wearing in (as the rebuilder said). Dad made sure he changed the oil often, letting it drain for days, in order to get rid of as much worn steel as posible before filling it back up. It has many
  9. Thanks Fellows, As to fixing with Baling Wire, ha ha. Yes something like that was done after Dad bought the car and the choke casting broke and he wired it up in the open position to get us back home. Most definately a required part of the tool kit! As to the WOKR, Seems I will be carrying on Dad's original membership and do believe like a few other clubs I belong to will find the help I need on that steering ball. Have decided to attend the Ypsilanti Orphan Car Show in Michigan this September with Dad and know that a few from the WOKR go also so...... Now if I move the Nash out of the way, c
  10. CLASSIC? Drove My newly inherited 1928 Whippet Cabriolet for the first time since 2007 with my 22 year old son and girlfriend for about a 5 mile run. I personally grew up with this car in Dad's garage being restored over 28 years from what some today would class as a basket case. While not a speed car it sure drew the looks and waves.
  11. It has been a while since posting but...... WHAT A GREAT DAY! Was asked if one of my "old cars" were running and available for a friend of a friend's 75th birthday party. Decided to try and get the closest one (1928 Whippet) going and VOILA! First time out and running since 2007! Naturally.... found a few leaks once everything warmed up..... hose clamps, water pump, oil pan gasket, rear end drip etc but...... amazingly, with fresh gas, fired right up, settled down to idol and pulled out of the garage like I remembered, only with me at the wheel instead of Dad. Ended the day by stopping by hi
  12. Some of you got 3 e-mailings? I believe I only received 1 and also figured it was shelved or being tweaked or.......... I receive an electronic (beautiful) copy from the NASH Club and one from my local car club here which I know saves money because of the membership that opted for the electronic version. With the Canadian dollar at par, just send me the electronic version and drop the membership rate back to the US rate and I'd be a happy camper. Not complaining just saying....
  13. You could try the Willys Overland Knight Registry (WOKR) for contacts / leads. As to online parts, see the picture attached of my Dad's 28 Whippet Cabriolet that he restored. The 27 and 28's were similar in style. This car was left abandoned on a beach on Lake Erie in Canada and most would have junked it. Parts came from one coast to the other and this was before the internet! Patience and time is the word as it is not a Ford or Chev with repo parts out there. As others have asked post a picture of what you have and will help with identification. If your rad is rounded like mine you have a mo
  14. I know this is NOT the same era or style as your potential Gas Station but wanted to show what Port Huron, Michigan decided to do with an abandoned station several years ago. They restored this building to age appropriate condition including the gasoline pumps (which are on a metal rolling base that goes inside every night at closing). It was their Tourist Information Building just on the edge of Town. If it was not for the two modern cars in the frame my 58 Buick Special would look to be in 1958? and ready to be filled up.
  15. Not trying to high jack your thread but I was at a Charity Car Show in Utica, Michigan Sunday (the old Packard Proving Grounds) and thought of you and your project. Saw this Divco Milk Truck and while not as old as yours was still a great reminder of a time gone by. It was amazing to listen to the few kids there ask, what was that white stuff in those glass bottles? Heck, I'm just old enough to remember the horse drawn milk wagons from the late 50's here in Canada let alone when milk was delivered to your home in glass bottles. This was a great restoration. Thanks for your efforts keeping his
  16. Hi, Yes but....... unfortunately the local yards here have cleared out the old stuff as we have two metal recyclers here in the city and with metal up again alas you can't find 60's, 70's or early 80's stuff anymore. Sad for sure but know someone has a lead out there. If anyone has a lead please let me know as this fellow is dealing with cancer and it would be super for him to enjoy this car soon. Thanks.
  17. Looking for a front brake drum for a 1960 Chrysler Not for me but a fellow car enthusiast. His is cracked (fatigued) and is holding up enjoying the car. You can email me at cinddoug@mnsi.net with pricing. Thanks, Doug.
  18. Well, yesterday was the official day to finish the paperwork on the cars. A monumental day for both of us as I was 12 when Dad bought the Overland and after that first ride was hooked on antique cars. He is thrilled that he does not have to worry what to do with them had I not been interested in them. Here in Ontario our Government requires Safety Checks (a good thing) and Emissions Testing on cars 1987 and newer (a controversial / money grab in my mind but...) and the young lady after looking at all the paperwork of three cars asked where the E Test papers were? I tried to politely ask if sh
  19. Thanks John, Just spent an Hour with Dad trying to locate what he say's he has, a chassis service manual for the Overland but..... almost like looking for a needle in a hay stack., car literature EVERYWHERE! Haven't had the heart to tell him what has happened yet. Have contacted a few in the Willys Overland Knight Registry (WOKR) and waiting for a reply, need to spend more time on the Google search and will post a HELP on the AACA once I take a better picture(s) and remove the bar involved. With Dad having turned 87 on the 4th and turning over ownership to me this month, it is my wish to tak
  20. My rear bumper rechroming is on a 58 Buick Special (4 of 5 pieces involved). I used Cambridge Custom Chrome here in Ontario Canada 8 years ago. Total bill was 1100 Canadian back then. The problem I had was the ends. When I questioned the few concave areas being somewhat dull and wanted them redone, the reply was, "Oh you did not specify Show Chrome". What? They redid them without charge but...... still not as shiny (polished) as the outer surfaces. Due to the fact I need to redo the whole car have the parts still wrapped in dry storage and might eventually have to have them done again with po
  21. Would John have an email address. If so would you PM me? Thanks
  22. You are right about what how some "do the cheap disguise" AND WITH THAT SHINY SOOTH PAINT pass it off as restored or FIXED properly. Can't wait till I redo the body on my 58 Buick Special and find what is below the paint! Have owned this for 30 plus years and if you look close at the door can now see the tell tale signs are there.
  23. Unimogjohn, Your explanation seems right since today a fellow antique car owner (Star and Durant's) said something similar. What is a mystery is where is the end that broke off ?!?! The next question is...... where do I get a part to repair / replace this to get her back on the road safely?
  24. OK, have a few pictures of my problem. Hope some one can help. One photo is of the steering end down on the floor showing the broken end that attached to the wheel. The other is at the wheel where it went through the hole. Can't find any bolt end of the broken piece if indeed that is how it is attached. Just know it was a distinct metal snapping sound when it broke. Is this bar all one piece? Any leads as to parts? Appreciate any advise, Doug.
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