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  1. Jerry, I'm no expert with electrical but it sounds like you might have a wire that is grounding somewhere and draining the battery. Where that is becomes the big dollar question. Others that are more proficient in this area on how to check things will chine in here but from experience........ get this checked out very soon! My 58 Buick had a short somewhere which made the running lights come on as soon as the car started. I kept driving it thinking (stupidly) not a bad thing, WRONG! Turned out it dead shorted at a friends one day, burning the engine wiring harness and under the dash but the c
  2. I noticed that too. Sorry to hear this as I have attended as a (potential) buyer for the past 10 years and looked forward to it. I did however notice that last year sellers seemed less and fully understand about no one offering to take over. No critaiszm intended here. I sat on a Car Show committee with the Club I belong to here in Canada for 8 years with a great group that had more years than me but it had taken the enthusiasm out of them all those years. The Show exists today but by a smaller group and is a bit smaller event but struggles the same issue, to get more new people to volunteer.
  3. THAT IS FUNNY !!!!! We were in Europe two years ago and on the Autobahn doing 228 kms with traffic passing us and saw those machines when near major cities where the speed is regulated except........... never saw one that turned around HA HA.
  4. Posting a photo of my 1951 Nash CANADIAN STATESMAN. Really not much visual change from the US model, just fender badges stating Canadian Statesman. Mine has the flat head 6. A friend of mine has his fathers original purchase 1960 Monarch which is distinctly Canadian. It has been published in many times and yet I can't find my picture of it. When I do, will post one.
  5. So Bill, Any success with the deal on the bus? Just curious to see a thread on Me and My Buick or Our Cars and Restoration Projects. Doug
  6. Adam, now that I have a digital picture of this lens/chrome might email the shop up here and see if they will give me some kind of estimate and see...... otherwise I'm not sure replacing them is going to be easy or cheap either so....... one step at a time. My outer taillight bezels fortunately only have a few bubbles yet the trunk handle/bar is bubbled all across (go figure). Don't imagine finding another good one will be easy for these model specific pieces. Think the shop that did your bumper wedges would be able to quote based on a few good pictures? Fellow Canuck Rob DEI Just happens to
  7. Here is a shot of what I have to work with on my Limited, hence my question about pot metal re chroming. Anxious to see how yours turn out Adam. Doug
  8. I sort of remember Blue Coral also but......... Dad bought the less expensive Vista Wax for the Limited. Here is a picture of the ad I bought. I'm bias as it shows a red 58 Buick (Special) convertible just like the one I own. Now, if I can just put my hands on that can around here somewhere I just might recreate that same picture. Doug
  9. Geeze, was that you that robbed the Bank here recently? Good one Stealthbob! Especially with the question I'm about to ask Adam. About your chroming, do you have a good shop to do your pot metal repair / chroming? My Limited & Roadmaster trunk pieces will need rechroming and while I have a shop up here in Canada, have heard that work (pot metal) is expensive. Have you had yours done yet? If so how did it turn out? Looking forward to seeing pictures of your tail light bars. I would appreciate contact information and see what I can afford. PM me if you like. Doug BCA# 35039
  10. Tell your son he is not alone on liking the Packards! I saw the pic of your 160 and had I not become so car owner heavy could be convinced to own one too. Being 6ft 4inch I like big cars. Good to here you might have some children with an interest in the hobby.
  11. YES, THAT IS THE BUS! Don't know who filmed the video but as you can see by the license plate it is registered in (Southern) Ontario, Canada and is the very bus I posted on your other thread that I knew the owner (Mr Maurice Ricard - now deceased) back in the early 70's and rode this bus along with other Car Club members before it was restored. I do not know the exact details of the restoration but do remember the very comfortable wicker seats. I also remember the roof had a very distinct drop in the middle which made it look like a sway back horse. I'm sure that was due to age and not a plan
  12. OK, Have not posted for awhile so....... Dad came over last weekend and brought in some boxes (my wife was thrilled with more car stuff). It was mixed with auto books, an Operators Manual for the 1920 Overland, Nash tune up sheet, a couple of old Car Club monthly publications, lots of Car Event dash plaques dating back to 1967 and a few loose pictures. Found one of the 1928 Whippet a few years after he bought it showing some progress and if you look behind it is a 1958 Buick Limited 2 door that he bought as a used car to drive daily in 1969. The picture was in 1974 and I had my drivers license
  13. OK, A more current picture of one of my other treasures (car that is) 1928 Whippet Cabriolet coupe, same wife (married soon 32 years). At 5 ft nothing she makes the car look big WHICH IS NOT. It is all I can do to get all 6 ft 5 of me in the car let alone drive down the road. What one would call a compact of its day.
  14. Here is another shot of the Bus. Not as clear either but backs up my claim as to riding in it. The year was 1974.
  15. While not a current picture, does show both of my treasures. Taken at my parents back in 1984. Dated her in this car in 1974.
  16. bikrbill, Here is a photo (not very good) of a Buick Bus I personally rode in when it was in the hands of a fellow Car Club Member. It currently is owned by a bus company here in Canada who fully restored it outwardly including the wicker seats but believe they had to change the motor to a more modern unit. I'm pretty sure it had air brakes also. If you Google Chatham Coach Lines you will see more info. You might even contact them to see what info they have on Buick Buses. Good luck with yours. I think it is a great piece of automobile history! You know you will have lot's of friends when you
  17. Boy do I love this thread! TG57Roadmaster, You say you were there in July 1968. I was there in July 1969 at the age of 14. Not only do I remember it as thrilling and awestruck but Dad just gave me a box of some of his auto material collection last Saturday and while going through it all, found the same admission tickets you posted. Mine has a date stamp of July 13, 1969. Of possible interest is the ticket numbers on the adult tickets being a year apart. Mine is 414766 and yours is 321924 indicating 92842 paid adult admissions in one year? At $1.50 ea this would be $139,263.00 gross income no
  18. John, Just wondering how you made out with your upholstery issue? Did the pictures clarify for you the pattern and dimensions for your car? I have to check the year but the Club/Museum I belong to has a Studebaker touring that was donated (among 40 - 50 other cars) and in our 25,000 square foot museum. If it is a '13 I could measure and take more pictures for you. I have known this car since 1967 and can verify it's originality. It participated in the 1967 Canada Centenial Celebration when I was 12 by driving from Windsor, Ontario to Ottawa, Ontario. The owner at that time (Pop as he was know
  19. Thanks everyone for offering to help. Thought I would post my progress to date. With more than a few discussions with mechanics and a couple engineers took the replacement steering ball to a grinding wheel and without over heating the metal, ground it down to fit the tie rod bar enough to let the nut tighten and put a cotter pin through to prevent the nut from backing off. With temps near 50 (so unusual for my area) and no heat in the uninsulated garage, will reassemble all parts today and then...... on to diagnose the lack of firing up. Need to check wiring, coil (spark), points etc. Dad th
  20. Glenn, The short answer is yes and no. After much discussion with my local car club people have determined it is the STEERING BALL that broke at the threads. Acquired a bar with two steering balls that appeared to be the same size but when I tried to insert one into my tie rod bar. it would not go in far enough to allow the threads to project out and let the nut catch. It has been suggested that I grind (carefully) the taped portion enough to let it set in deeper, hence catching the threads to tighten. Being the is / has stress put on it with steering, should this be done? Any thoughts, part
  21. (Pete, when looking at Dei's picture of his spare blown up, it almost looks like the black paint has a texture / wrinkle finish to it.) Pete & 1957buickjim, Just to clarify, this piece is a well used one and what is perceived as a texture finish is just well worn off paint. I tried cleaning it up a bit before shooting the picture and while it was faded some before I did that it ended up removing some additional paint. If you look at the end formed section where it has been under the license plate trim, the paint is solid and while not a high gloss still just black paint. It's my humble op
  22. Pete, Here is a picture of a spare I have showing the widths of the stripping. Hope that clarifies for you. Doug
  23. Don't know who built it but that truly is some special work. Anyone recognize the plates as to what State or Province? My monitor just isn't clear enough to make them out. That might help with club affiliation as a start.
  24. Hmmmm....... realize this is the Buick Forum so bringing it back. There is this fellow car enthusiast out in the County that has so many old cars on the farm property the Township got after him to clean up or cease as an unlicensed auto wrecker. He builds this huge pole barn, puts a second floor balcony on three walls and buys out several parts guys and two dealerships of NOS parts, then moves what cars he can't get inside behind the building and puts up some fencing. I need ball joints and tie rod ends for my 58 Buick and after an hour going through unmarked boxes find some. After paying a v
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